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Left’s Latest Attempt to Play God Denied in Major Win for the Vaccine-Remnant

In a major win for human rights, the New York State Supreme Court has ordered the reinstatement of employees who were terminated for refusing to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, with back pay. For over a year, many New York workers were faced with choosing between staying grounded in their beliefs about their own health decisions, or caving to tyrannical government overreach. When put in those terms, the choice may sound obvious. But when choosing to stand for what is right could result in losing the job you love, or more importantly the ability to support your family, it is not such a simple choice. But ultimately, God provides for all.

Here are a few key points from Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio’s statement:

  • “Public employees should not have been terminated for their noncompliance. Unvaccinated employees were kept at full duty while their exemptions were pending. “

Justice Porzio recognized if these employees were such a significant health threat by denying inoculation, allowing them to continue working throughout the appeal process was contradictory on the part of Mayor Eric Adams.

  • “The Mayor’s Executive Order granting exemptions to certain classes of people, and the lifting of the private sector mandate, … this Court finds the Commissioner’s Orders as well as the Mayor’s Executive Order No. 62 to be arbitrary and capricious. If it is about safety and public health, no one would be exempt. It is time for New York City to do what is right and what is just.”

Arbitrary and capricious indeed. The mayor’s Executive Order No. 62 expanded vaccine exemption to professional athletes and performing artists, but not to non-elitist members of society such as cops, firemen, sanitation workers and so on.

  • “This Court agrees that the Commissioner cannot enact a term of employment on City employees and has exceeded his scope of authority based upon the separation of powers discussion above.”

Much like Governors and Secretaries of State unconstitutionally changed election laws leading up to the 2020 election under the guise of COVID-19 safety precautions, the Health Commissioner does not have authority to determine terms of employment, or termination due to COVID-19. (However, the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper may finally put to rest the argument about the constitutionality of these changes to election law.) This trend indicates leftist attempts to hide behind a health crisis to clear the path for government overreach are failing. It has been exposed time and again since the pandemic began, these are just the latest examples.

  • “Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.”

It goes without saying that government forced coercion in any form, let alone the injection of substances into one’s body, is one of the actual threats to democracy.  But finally, a judge said the not-so-quiet part out loud. For one to even suggest that the government has the right to force inoculation on its people, it better have a bullet-proof defense. But there are now numerous reports stating contracting Covid is very possible even amongst vaccinated individuals. Even the CDC website admits “People who are vaccinated may still get COVID-19.” This is fact, it is not an inflammatory statement, nor is it a conspiracy. Most Americans know somebody who contracted Covid after vaccination. This isn’t new, people who have received the flu vaccine have contracted the flu. It is okay to admit, it happens. What cannot happen is what has been taking place before this recent ruling.

The Left’s most recent attempt to erode Americans’ God-given rights (or any mention of God at all) is far from new. They are always quick to dog whistle and perpetuate false narratives to scare the masses into submission. But when that doesn’t work, they resort to force, hoping American citizens will allow their lives to be controlled by government.

The Left has strategically hidden their hatred of the existence of an almighty God behind the so-called separation of church and state. But for anyone who searches even haphazardly, their true intentions are easily found. Without God on the minds of Americans, the devious actions of our leaders could go unnoticed, which is why they continuously try to remove him from society. The Left does not deny the role of God. In fact, they may be more aware of what that means than the most practicing Evangelicals. The issue is that the Left wants to be God. God is the final arbiter. His methods are inarguably correct. What He says is indisputable truth. He has the final say. Does this not sound like the desires of the current Democrat party? Of those who stood their ground, many likely were rooted in faith. While stressful, perhaps that time allowed them to spend time with their loved ones as opposed to serving their false masters. This latest victory is a great win for the righteous, here’s to many more to come.

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7 months ago

Thank you for this article Matt Kane. I am impresses and may the God of Heaven bless you for it. I also want to thank AMAC for the forum to be able to speak and not be kicked off. I don’t have internet except my phone and even if I didn’t have it I would still feel the same way. Don’t have TV either but all that is another story. What is most important is that I have a relationship with Jesus and He points the way even today with all of hell breaking loose upon the world. It’s a great time to be alive. But it gives us all a time in life to make a stand. And it’s that stand that is important because when you do all that you can do, stand. But one of the most important things to do is pray. Because… there is a promise. My people which are called by my name shall humble themselves seek my face pray and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and heal their land. That is what we need to do and He will do what He says He will do so because it is written. He is the same today yesterday and tomorrow. But it’s the stand that counts. Thanks again.

Patriot 2024
7 months ago

Keep Justice Ralph Porzio on the bench – and other judges like him. Thank you, Judge, for your ability and conviction to follow the law. Thank you for standing behind what is right. You give us hope!

Mario Capparuccini
7 months ago

The Democrats worship the god of political power. They will do everything, including killing, lying, intimidating, cheating, and stealing to obtain & keep power. May Almighty God crush any attempts to steal this election. May He bring catastrophic loss to the Democratic Party!

7 months ago who have family members who died from Covid or now suffering from Long Covid Brain strip all the wealth, power and pensions from the decision makers who approved and or created these damning shots.
Spouse died last Fall after taking shot and I am now continually suffering from ill effects getting covid from spouse shedding. Been a year and still ache, breathing at night can be rough. I pray for retribution on those evil demons. May they be judged by all the dead in Heaven when the demonic evil pass.

7 months ago

My husband got the two shots but refuses to get any boosters. I did not take the killer shot. I did some readings on how to get rid of these toxins in your body. I saw this ad from the late Dr. Zelenko and I ordered the Z-Stack and Z-detox. Both my husband and I are taking these supplements. It helps and it might help you too.

Gail Tubbs
7 months ago
Reply to  Dee

I am with your husband. My two grown children and I have the two shots and NO booster and are NOT getting it.

Robin W Boyd
7 months ago

Allowing the degree of control that Progressive Democrats want to have over citizens is a thing we can’t do. The more control government has over citizens, the more citizens are enslaved by government, giving fascist control over US.

Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Have 2 get 5th to save mom, otherwise No

7 months ago

Finally! We have been saying this from the beginning and how sad so many believed the hype and had bad outcomes from the vacinne.Grateful God is stepping in and revealing the lies!

7 months ago
Reply to  Kathy

Amen! Pray for quick removal of them all and meet our Creator with swift judgment!

David Millikan
7 months ago

Excellent article.

7 months ago

Very uplifting article. It proves that there is a God, and it’s not the government!

Gail Tubbs
7 months ago
Reply to  Laura

There is no King Biden either, no matter what ‘they’ think.

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