Leftists Expand Their War Into All Corners of Society

protest student campus Antifa protesters violence supporters Trump war“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” 

Although ironically spoken by communist Soviet Union founding father Leon Trotsky, that observation is one that contemporary conservatives and libertarians in America would be wise to heed.

The simple reality is that from judicial appointments to pop culture, from schools to restaurants, from sports to internet searches, to nearly everything in contemporary life, the political left is waging an ideological war.   So conservatives and libertarians may not be interested in the politicization of all things, but the left’s politicization of all things is interested in them.

Last week provided yet another tawdry textbook illustration, when a last-minute allegation of teen sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh — an allegation that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – California) apparently felt happy to conceal for months —suddenly interrupted his confirmation process.  Keep in mind that Judge Kavanaugh has been nominated to fill the same Supreme Court seat for which the late Judge Robert Bork was nominated in 1987, when the left commenced its infamous ruthless effort to stop his confirmation, for which conservatives and libertarians were wholly unprepared.

The previous week, the sports world endured yet another flare-up of the Colin Kaepernick saga, when the washed-up former quarterback who remains a hero to the left despite his habit of wearing socks depicting police as pigs and praising actual oppressor Fidel Castro, appeared in a Nike commercial.  One can’t even watch a football game or select shoes anymore without descending into the politicized swamps.

More ominously, that same expanding leftism has entered social realms of greater consequence to everyday Americans, including internet searches and banking.

Silicon Valley titan Google constitutes perhaps the most negative corporate force in American politics, from its constant efforts to undermine intellectual property (IP) protections (unless someone is allegedly infringing on Google’s IP, of course, such as with Uber’s self-driving automobile program) to pushing so-called “Net Neutrality” during the Obama Administration.  That latter effort led to the first decline in private broadband investment outside of a recession.

More recently, Google has endured justifiably withering criticism for appointing itself gatekeeper of the internet, by filtering what American consumers can and cannot access on their supposedly “neutral” sites.  As just some recent examples, it banned The New York Conservative blog, it lowered sites supporting Britain’s “Brexit” and expressing skepticism toward the European Union in its search results, it blocked the Gab free speech social network from its Google Play Store, its YouTube censored mild-mannered conservative commentator Dennis Prager and his “Prager U” video primers and it even excluded Donald Trump from searches for “presidential candidates.”

Back in July, Google also directly targeted the firearms industry by revising its Google Pay policy to prohibit apps that sell firearms and related accessories.  Given Google’s sheer market dominance, that ideologically driven new policy doesn’t just artificially limit consumer choice, but also targets an entirely legal industry that manufactures or sells firearms and related products.

A month after Google’s new policy took effect, GunBroker.com CEO and CTO Steve Urvan was informed that the company’s app had been blocked from Google Pay because of an alleged “Violation of Dangerous Products” policy.

And now, video has surfaced showing Google’s leadership expressing disgust in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory.  Google founder Sergey Brin even proclaims, “I certainly find this election deeply offensive.”  Clearly, one of the world’s most powerful companies now disfavors entire portions of the American population, along with entirely legal commerce and Second Amendment rights enshrined in the very text of the Constitution.

Google’s longstanding negative influence in American politics is obvious, but a disturbing number of other large companies have joined its crusade to interrupt consumers’ ability to purchase perfectly legal goods.  This past April, for instance, Bank of America abruptly discontinued banking services to manufacturers of immensely popular and effective AR-15-style rifles.

Similarly, Citigroup imposed a nationwide policy precluding its commercial and institutional clients, small business clients and credit card partners from selling firearms of any type to citizens under 21 years old, even though the legal age remains 18.  The company also now refuses to serve any business that manufactures magazines exceeding ten rounds, and is considering monitoring consumer gun purchases through its internal payment mechanisms.

Hello, Big Brother.

All of this illustrates how leftist politics have increasingly contaminated the private economy, where politicized and powerful businesses target First Amendment, Second Amendment and other rights of everyday Americans.

It hasn’t worked out well for Dick’s Sporting Goods, whose sales and market value fell after targeting Second Amendment rights earlier this year.  And it hasn’t worked out well for the National Football League, whose ratings continue to drop as fans lose interest and avoid the increasingly politicized spectacle.

But hey — perhaps the third time’s the charm for Nike.

As private businesses, these market giants are free to pursue their leftist brand of politics.  But they should at least acknowledge their efforts rather than attempting to conceal them.

And more importantly, American consumers should remain aware of what they’re up to.

Reprinted with permission from - CFIF.org - by Timothy H. Lee

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Gillyanne j. Baker

Look, folks — We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong, or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become just as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, not only to preserve our Constitutuion but also to preserve America at her very greatest and her very best, and here’s the MOST important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and the “last chance” this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence or, frankly, the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and… Read more »


For both your education and amusement of how your tax dollars are being spent to further the leftist agenda, I recommend you all take a look at the three recent videos put out by Project Veritas. They cover how pervasive the reach of the socialist movement, specifically the DSA, has reached into various federal agencies of our government. I would provide the link, but AMAC doesn’t permit the posting of links. So you will simply have to go to the Project Veritas site to view them. If you have any real interest in trying to preserve this republic of ours, you should take a look. They also have done a series on the social media companies and how they manipulate search criteria to promote the left’s agenda and flag “hate speech”. Understand that “hate speech” is defined as anything conservative in nature or anything that opposes the current views of… Read more »


As far as Google goes, stop using them for search. I’ve used DuckDuckGo for over a year now and don’t miss Google search at all. DuckDuckGo is privacy oriented (doesn’t track you) and non-biased in its search results (do side-by-side search comparisons with Google to prove it to yourself). They also have a plug-in for popular browsers that helps to stop Google from tracking your movements through the web. Don’t like what Google is doing? Then stop funding them by participating in the their ad revenue generation.

*I’m not affiliated with DuckDuckGo in any way, they’re just the best alternative search I know of out there.


The problem IS the colleges. They have been taken over by one world socialists. The graduates have now infiltrated every single part of our society. It’s almost to late, and may come to the point of Civil War 2. ret us army.

Martin Steed

The saddest part of this whole circus is seeing how many people believe this crap. I told my girlfriend, who is not particularly political, that I felt sorry for Judge Kavanaugh because the “left” would not be content to just stopping his appointment; they would try to destroy his entire life. Yesterday, she asked me how I knew this would happen.
I simply told her they’ve been doing this same thing for many, many years, going back to Judge Bork and probably before. How naïve must somebody be to see this and not see it for what it so obviously is.


This is socialism ,communism slowly taking control of everything. America the greatest country ever formed is being taken over and a large amount of the population do not have a clue . If more people don’t start paying attention and stop this there will come a point in time that it will be too late ! WAKE UP AMERICA Parents LOOK at what your CHILDREN ARE BEING TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS IT IS NOT WHAT OF LOT OF YOU THINK IT IS !!!!!!!


I have to say I no longer have any confidence or any respect for politicians in general. They have let us down too many times with lies and deliberate deceit in writing and in talk and speeches. This whole circus of lying politicians and accusers is communist and they are after power. No conscience and no integrity. Evil demons. Is that what we want running our country? I don’t think so. Vote out the ones you know for certain are corrupt. Vote anything but demoncrat if you want to continue in freedom. God bless our President and God bless our country.


IF you have any Love for this country and your Freedoms, you will get out there and vote for it. Right now the Democrats are controlled by the “Commie style” Socialists, they do NOT believe in the Freedoms we now enjoy. Socialism is not Freedom. In a Socialist State your life will be “Controlled’, believe me, Been there, seen it !! You better listen to Pres. Trump, he is standing up for OUR Country, we are surrounded by these parasites that want to take this country from YOU!

Bob L.

The “war” we are seeing escalate at an alarming rate in the closing months of this year and especially before the critical upcoming elections in a few weeks hold the survival of our sovereign Constitutional Republic in the balance. The stage started being set more than 100 years ago during the Wilson administration and slowly and quietly crept forward, gradually picking up speed over the decades. Infiltration by unaccountable “agents” of globalist revolution into every bureaucratic corner of our government has gained a massive foothold on bringing down the U.S. as we have known it. We are now governed more by unconstitutional rules, regulations and mandates written and enforced by unelected people who don’t answer to the American voters for their actions. They are wrecking havoc while our politicians hold impotent hearings, at best, and allow the radicals to go about their destructive business. I’ve learned some of what has… Read more »


Well, hello OPPRESSION! The New World was founded why? For the purpose of Freedom?
I see it coming folks, avoid civil war and tell these companies NO! Don’t buy the products, do not attend the sports venues. Do your research first and seek to buy the non-leftist products. Then when it hits their purse, they will see that it IS all about MONEY! THEIR MONEY!
I am sick of it all.
Watching baseball, I see all of the attendees, the coaches, the umpires and the players stand with their hand over their hearts for OUR National Anthem!!!! Love to see that, but how soon will the left notice and work to get that changed too?
So much mental illness in the world!

Sam Campana

Google. Facebook, Twitter, most MSM, Newspapers. Et al are not neutral sites for the exchange of information or impartial reporting if the news. They need to be treated like utilities or monitored by a federal agency. And the cost needs to be paid by the companies to be monitored.

Thomas H

Patriots: Remember this November!

Rexford O Ames

My thoughts and opinion! At one time, this country had a law , that dissolved large Corporations and to prevent multiple corporations from merging . Example, Ma Bell was the only phone company America had. That company changed it’s name to.You guessed it- A.T. & T. Over the years we have had so many mergers since then , and have been approved by our Government . ( Strip the Powers of the SEC and Gee we get depression’s) Then, as an Example. We now have: Google, Facebook , Microsoft, Amazon to name a few of the ( Big Corporations). There was a law on the books , had the power to eliminate, what we are witnessing, and it worked! Then Congress sold out it’s powers, as given by the Constitution. Why? To became agents for those powerful companies, and the Money they provided, through their Lobbyists, and in turn, assure… Read more »

R. Kelly

It reminds me of the revelation that the Al qaeda attacks on the World trade Center and others, that ‘We didn’t know they were at war with us”. The Democrats are at war with the rest of the non-believers, but we treat them as fellow citizens. Do we have be as ruthless?


The left wants a war , I am ready . I have my gun and willing to use it.


It’s time for conservatives with money to counter these biased institutions. Why not a conservative leaning search engine, why can’t Beck, Hannity O’Reilly, all multi millionaires, launch there own cable network. Fox has systematically eliminating solid commentators with bogus slander. They are gradually joining all the other networks. Once that transformation is complete, we might as well join the socialist EU by replacing England. I’m sure they will let us in, it’s just a small ocean that divides us. We can make Obama king.


What other email account can be used that is NOT google, Yahoo, or MSN. I want to get away from Google and go to a more conservative and safe site. Please let me know. thanks.


I no longer watch NFL games (50 year fan) and have stopped buying Nike products. Now we need actionable advise on how to fight Google.


How correct this great article is. I am currently enduring President Trump bashing, get this, on a Stamp Collecting site ! The owner/moderator refuses to act. AmeriKa is crashing into….you fill in the blanks..


The character assassinations that come about by the Democrat/Progressives every time there is an open seat ANYWHERE, be it for the Presidency, Supreme Court, a seat in Congress, or a governorship somewhere, these people manage to scrounge up women who are willing to lie about a candidate, if they happen to be a Republican. The accusers do not care that the allegations are not true. They will say or do anything, for the right price, with no regard for the damage they do to the person under scrutiny, his family or career. The Left’s goal is to win at any cost and to Hell with anything else. In Democrat/Progressive minds, the end justifies the means and their insatiable quest for power has become their false god!! These women disappear from the public eye almost immediately after their lies have destroyed a candidate’s character and reputation with no adverse consequences to… Read more »