Leading Seniors Group Predicts Graham-Cassidy Passage

seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidiesGraham-Cassidy is Congress’ last attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Republicans are meeting this morning to discuss the future of the Graham-Cassidy bill, likely the last legislative effort to repeal and replace Obamacare in the foreseeable future. Senate Republicans need 50 votes plus the tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence in order to pass the bill through reconciliation.

Dan Weber, founder and CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and a key member of the Obamcare Repeal Coalition who has consulted frequently with Trump administration officials and senior members of Congress, today predicted that the bill would pass, offering a key victory in the President’s effort to fully repeal and replace Obamacare.  Weber stated:

“After their embarrassing failures on repealing Obamacare, despite years of promises, this is do-or-die moment for Republicans in the Senate. The Graham-Cassidy bill is the last chance to keep America from descending into Bernie Sanders’ single-payer socialized healthcare system that Democrats are lining up behind. Congressional leadership knows that victory on Graham-Cassidy is the only option. Fair-weather Republicans like Lisa Murkowski who oppose the measure will face primary challenges and early retirement. Those who vote for Graham-Cassidy will have the unqualified support of our organization, 1.3 million members strong, and I predict that by the end of the month, a bill repealing Obamacare will finally go to President Trump’s desk for signature.”

For more information on AMAC: Dan Weber is the CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), the largest conservative due-paying member association in the United States with a membership of over one million seniors. Weber founded the organization in 2007 as an alternative to AARP.



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Tom Wilde

A GRAHAM sponsored bill is the last stand of the GOP on PPACA Repeal? Are you kidding me? SCREW THE GOP!!! I refuse to support those knife-in-the-back assassins any more. Sick and tired of their LIES and if anyone in this country is guilty of COLLUSION, it is the GOP guilty of colluding with the Democrat/Muslim/Globalists to destroy America. PATHETIC excuses they spew. They hold a majority and this REPEAL issue as PROMISED should be a slam dunk! Instead we get assassinated by Limply Graham, Mitch the Switch McConnell, Hanoi Johnny McCain and the likes of Murky Lisa. Don’t forget what damage is being wrought by RINO Ryan and his gang in the House! Repeal does not mean patch up and continue. Little by little, here a bit there a bit, they clamp Communism down on us. Gradualism is what it’s called and they’ve been working it for a hundred… Read more »


I hope this bill does not pass! This is just a band aid on Obamacare. I believe Senator Rand Paul is right to oppose this bill. Washington
needs to totally repeal and replace the horrible Obamacare. Get rid of it!

Jim Davenport

I would not support any bill Sen. Graham brings to the table. It has a smell of a RINO.

Wayne Peterkin

I have had a major issue with any healthcare bill that makes no attempt to reduce real medical costs. I believe the best an most lucrative means of reducing those costs is serious, major Tort Reform which costs taxpayers and our government exactly nothing, yet it can dramatically reduce the expenses of every single medical care provider by allowing big reductions in their liability insurance costs. Therefore, Tort Reform must be vigorously pursued whether as part of this bill or after. The only people who would be expected to oppose reform are the lawyers who are the primary benefactors of lawsuit abuse. Like Obamacare, this bill does little to improve healthcare and is an insurance bill. While I think we could and should do better, it is a start at least.


This should Not be “the do or die moment” for the Repubs to undo Obama Government Run Healthcare.
Years of promises. Months between election and inauguration
The Repub majority in Congress have been MIA in using
this rare opportunity to actually govern for a change.

Maybe they want the prestige of their jobs but
don’t want to do the work for the American people instead
of doing the bidding of the high flying lobbyists.
Maybe more than a few of them should be primaried


I do NOT want a repeal and replace! I want a strait up REPEAL! This massive redistribution of taxes MUST be stopped! I want government out of my life… ESPECIALLY my healthcare!!

Patricia Westall

I agree with Rand Paul – this is not a repeal! It is just a transfer of existing taxes and mandates to the states


I am not in favor of this. It is NOT a repeal. Why bother. Just a new way to redistribute taxes.

D B Cooper

It appears AMAC is not fighting this bill therefore they must be for it.
I will not renew my membership if this is true.


The republicans need to repeal Obama care in it’s entirety first then talk about replacing it with something getting government out of it.


AMAC is ignoring their membership. I won’t renew!


I can never tell the difference between all this health care business. First, it’ll be mccain, or paul, or who ever saying how good this deal is, or how bad, either way, I dont understand what the hell they’re saying. And it just goes on and on and on. Seems like the dems are still in control of the big picture, and the repubs are just a bunch of fools. Even with the repubs in charge, obama got everything he wanted. Does anyone remember that? Health care? As much as I hate to say this, single payer bernie will get in the picture. Does anyone remember bernie back in the 70s? He was a demonstrating, afro haired, communist getting arrested. I saw it! Geez, its exhausting thinking about a guy like bernie getting anywhere in this country.


Ya well I guess your wrong again. This is one subject i don’t keep up with much. It just must be a really bad,bad bill. Im set with my medicare. My bills average around 250,000 a year and i endup paying about 1% out of pocket. How could i complain about that? Except this year i fell into the donut hole “ouch”

Gary E Nyhus

I agree with Ryan Paul, that this bill is still Obama Lite. It still does not stop Federal control or spending of our Healthcare system. We need straight repeal and private group insurances established with Both Parties.

Cherie Lynn Davis

Thank you AMAC for taking this battle to fruition. Hopefully, if things go as expected, the scourge of Obamacare will no longer plague hardworking Americans with burdensome requirements and exorbitant costs and the greedy politicians who thrust this behemoth upon us will soon find themselves without a job! They had a nerve to push this legislation on us and exempt themselves in the process. Our next objective should be to get legislation passed stating, specifically, that they are subject to any, and all, legislation they pass in the future!!

Diana Erbio

The “Affordable Care Act” is collapsing…as it was meant to. The ACA was built to pave the way for Single Payer ( Remember Jonathan Gruber? ) This “repeal” may not be perfect, but giving more power back to the states is a good thing IMHO. I hope it passes.


The whole problem with Obamacare was that it took medical coverage away from sometimes-greedy insurance companies and put it in the hands of an utterly corrupt government system. We need medical decisions to be primarily between a patient and their doctor!