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Lawsuit, Santa, Veterans

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First up in a bombshell lawsuit, the State of Texas has moved against four other states suing them over the election rules claiming that they violated the Constitution. Next, we thought the left could not get crazier, but now they have found a way to ruin Santa. Finally, this week as we remember the tragic events of Pearl Harbor, AMAC has committed to launching the Veteran 2021 project; we are joined by AMAC’s Bobby Charles and Gerry Hafer to tell you all about it!

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Holly Nicholson
1 year ago

Very interesting about that mean Santa-it’s unbelievable that anyone could do such a thing and/or would do such a thing. I’m so glad that little guy’s Mother told him that this isn’t the real Santa, and how she was going to get all of those nerf guns sent to little kids from Santa! She saved the day for him and many others!

1 year ago

Thank you for censoring my comments, obviously you are in the tank with big tech or you would have printed it the way I wrote it. This only reinforces my comment about what they (and you) want people to read. I thought we were all adults and could handle a little cursing but you apparently thought differently. So, I will no longer comment on anything and as soon as my membership expires you will no longer get ANY of my hard earned money…
Good Bye and Good Riddance!

Dr. C
1 year ago
Reply to  Eric

Same here.

Barney C.
1 year ago

Throat Punch that Santa!!!!!!!!

Danny Estridge
1 year ago

This stuff is getting really stupid. I have to accept Biden because of the chinese. I can’t forgive Santa for screwing a kid. I still only have 1 vote versus how many chinese votes, a billion or so? I think I’m just too old because I can’t believe Rump lost, I could only tolerate him for another 4 years, then I’d have to vote Dem, I like being objective and really at Trump’s rate, even I couldn’t keep up and would need a break.
Guess that’s why the gooks decided this election. We are governed by law and they ain’t. I’m not anything other than a person who votes for the best qualifed, not who gets paid the most from a foreign country. And if you think I’m weird, yes I am, according to the shrinks, I only see things in black and white. But when it comes to color of skin, I could care less, the question is, at that point, are you qualified and can you help improve what we’re doing. Nothing more, these “good old boys” or any of the other organizations that are purely conservative needs to be non violent and just vote. Yes, I’m old, in my younger days, these people that are violent conservatives, well, I wouldn’t kill them, just remind them it’s a free country while doing a curb job.
Laws are meant for us to be above the rest of world. chinese do not respect us, that’s why they steal and mess with us. If they’d abide by the law this would be so much easier for the chinese. Try and remember Korea, yes they came to help the North, but that when we were on their doorstep. Now the rolls are kinda reversed, they’re not protecting their own, but screwing with us directly.
And yep, it’s getting closer and closer to the end of days. Just sayin’, can’t understand why AMAC lets me speak my mind, but has long as they keep screwing up by letting me talk, I’ll keep screwing up. Don’t know how many chinese there are, I figure a billion, compared to what? 600 million US citizens, but at least I still have one vote. But being retired military, I’m tending to get a tad pissed. Just not violent, that’s up to the gooks.

1 year ago

Its finally time for a pause. I will focus on Christmas and get back to being a Biden badgerer in January.

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

Where did this nutso anti-gun Santa work? Was he fired? If not, why not?

T. Anderson
1 year ago

So disappointed that the video was not there. Even went to YouTube, but only the older videos were available. Perhaps if I try in a few days it will come through on YouTube, if not this sucks because I look forward to these. As I quit FB, where it used to show up there, that is out as well and I will not rejoin FB just to get the video when I should be able to get it here.

1 year ago
Reply to  T. Anderson

I viewed it on the AMAC site with no problems as I never do, would never trust that worldwide sham known as Facebook

1 year ago

It is outrageous that even a news service like Salem which caters to Christians is mute on this massive election fraud. That is more serious than the legacy media’s reticence or denial because our guard is down for salem.

1 year ago

If Lin Woods report is true, our troops, aircraft carriers, etc, are being sent to cover the east and west coast. All this massive movement and deploying our ships makes him wonder if our military is preparing for an invasion, China perhaps???? Also, if Trump can overturn this election, the Democratic Party plans to ask the UN to invade to overthrow Trump as a dictator. TO INVADE!!!!!! We all better stock up and prepare for the worst and pray for the best. They all are rotten enough to do something like this on our biggest holiday of the year, Christmas or Christmas Eve, when we all are trying to forget this for awhile and spend some time with our families and find some pleasure if only for a moment. Democrats have the blood of every Covid death on their hands for their deliberate release of this virus. There used to be punishment for treason. It’s time to hang the democrats. This country is in deep deep trouble. People better wake up. Get prepared.

Tracy McKeon
1 year ago

I love Ben Ferguson. Look forward to seeing his reports.

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

SCOTUS needs to stand up for the constitution, if they allow this voter fraud to win, they will be CRUSHED BY THE SMALL ARMY OF SOCIALIST JUDGES ADDED TO SCOTUS BY THE PUPPETS chinajoe and cameltoe, if our nation falls it will be SCOTUS THAT IS RESPONSIBLE, if your “afraid” for your families, failing to do your job will be even more dangerous, they will take revenge
on you just because they are EVIL!

1 year ago

Couldn’t watch AMAC weekly news video today. Hoping something went wrong in sending out video rather than youtube censoring one of the few sources of news we can trust. Let us know please.

1 year ago

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH PRINTED REPORT? WHY CANNOT SOMEONE TRANSCRIBE WHAT YOU SAY INTO PRINT FOR US? We are paying members (some of us “lifetime”), and the weekly news is part of the package. Give me the news and opinion, and skip the email ads! I have enough discernment skill to conclude what is truth and what is not. If the effort is not made to present the information, then why should I not cancel my membership?

Larry Dietz
1 year ago

How did AMAC allow themselves to be censored by the scum bag left?

Mary Minshall
1 year ago

I was able to watch the weekly report on AMAC’s Facebook page just now (1:34 p.m. PST).

1 year ago

No video. What’s up??????????

1 year ago

AMAC can you send us another link to this video?…and what are you doing to go against this?

1 year ago

we True Americans and yes I said True Americans, aren’t going to put up with or listen to what these dumos want anymore! we are banning together to just do what we have always done thru out our lives, no one and i mean no will will take our values, our constitution, our love of country, our freedom, our holidays or our celebrations. you dems can go eff yourselves

F. Beer
1 year ago

This beautiful country is in dire trouble!

Mary Minshall
1 year ago

I am a member of AMAC. I clicked on the link to the weekly Saturday report and was told that the video is “private.” At first, I thought that this was because my AMAC membership had expired, but no, upon reading the comments, found that other people were denied access as well. Perhaps something could be done to correct this situation by posting the video on another platform as some of the posters suggested.

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