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Latest California Killing Puts Light on Congress – End Sanctuary Policies, Fund Wall

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Last week, in a senseless tragedy repeated too often in 2018, a police officer was killed.  California law enforcement officer Corporeal Ronil Singh, 33, was shot and killed during a traffic stop.  The death of this naturalized American, who leaves behind a wife and young child, at the hands of a known illegal alien – one who could have been stopped – puts the bright light on “sanctuary” policy, congressional inaction, the on-going shutdown, and “the wall.”  If we do not fund it now, when?

Somehow this particular killing is filled with ironies that demand notice – as well as action from those who are in a position to act, and should care about the future of this country, rule of law, respect for those who risk their lives every day, for us.

First, this murder occurred not far from a sanctuary city, San Francisco.  The city declared itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens in 1989, doubling down on that policy in 2013 with a “due process for all” ordinance. 

The 2015 shooting of Kathryn Steinle propelled San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy back into headlines, as she was killed by an illegal alien while walking with her father.  The illegal alien killer had stolen the gun from a law enforcement officer days earlier.  Notably, today not one of California’s 58 counties reportedly “complies with detainer requests from US immigration and Customs Enforcement.” (ICE).

Second, perhaps not coincidentally, the killing of California law enforcement officer Singh is alleged to have been at the hands of an illegal alien, Gustavo Arriaga, found 200 miles south of where the shooting occurred.  He was apparently shielded by seven others, also all arrested. 

The irony deepens when one considers that he entered illegally through Arizona, where a wall or virtual barrier might have blocked entry.  And then there is California’s new sanctuary law. 

According to law enforcement, Arriaga was arrested twice before on DUI charges, “had known gang affiliations” and “was trying to flee to Mexico when officers apprehended him.”  California’s so-called sanctuary law, Senate Bill 54, was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2017, and it blocks authorities from reporting a misdemeanor DUI arrest to immigration agents.

Then add one more horrifying irony.  This officer – who was protecting the rest of us – had come to America from Fiji, become an American citizen, and had volunteered to risk his life as a law enforcement officer, for us.  He joined the police force in 2011.  He died on duty, reportedly “truly loved what he did,” and leaves behind a wife and five-month-old son.

Some stories are so heartrending, so obviously unconscionable, and so innately disturbing that they require little further comment.  This is one such story. 

The questions that remain unanswered are compelling:  How can we continue to leave our borders so under-policed, and in places wide open to tens of thousands entering illegally per week?  How can we continue to counsel “sanctuary cities,” which self-evidently attract, shield and prevent punishment for illegal aliens?  And which so clearly endanger those who live in and near them? 

Finally, the five billion dollar question:  Under circumstances such as these, how can any member of Congress place naked political gamesmanship above proper funding for a barrier –whatever you choose to call it – that President Trump advances as a “wall,” to protect all Americans? 

That is a question we should all want answered, immediately by our members of Congress.  And one to which Officer Singh’s wife and five-month-old son … also deserve an answer.  For them, the answer comes late.  For America, the answer is due – now.

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Claudia Pedersen
4 years ago

It is funny that they were willng to give obama and clinton money for the border but not this president. The difference is the hatred they have for our President. He has done nothing to deserve the hatred they feel towards him. He has done nothing but try to help this country. The past has put so many people on food stamps and encouraged them not to work. I think they want socialism so bad they are willing to destroy this country to get it. Makes no sense if you know what socialism is. I don’t know if they understand that it doesn’t work. The only thing that could make them change their minds on immigration is if something happened to their family. Maybe then they would understand how having open boarders hurts us all.
Then for New York to put in the last second abortion law is nothing less than murder. God Bless America because I believe he is the only one that can make this right but I just pray that satan doesn’t win this fight.

Victor Houston
4 years ago

The president is not in boy z the club .

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