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Larry Elder & the Left’s Crusade Against Black Conservatives

AMAC Exclusive – by Seamus Brennan


For a party that claims to hold concepts like “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “racial equity” as their most sacred guiding principles, Democrats’ sneering contempt for black Americans with whom they disagree has proven particularly hypocritical in recent years. Nowhere has that been more clear than in California, as Larry Elder, a black Republican gubernatorial candidate, continues to surge in polls and threaten Governor Gavin Newsom’s bid to remain in office. But Elder’s unusually hostile treatment is only the latest in an alarming trend of figures on the left trying to “cancel” black conservatives.

Nearly all leading black voices on the contemporary right—including Justice Clarence Thomas, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and political pundit Candace Owens, just to name a few—have seemingly been scorned for their political views by members of the media and others on the left.

Most notably, MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently referred to Justice Thomas, the Supreme Court’s only black justice, as “Uncle Clarence” (evoking the racial slur “Uncle Tom”), while Amazon, without explanation, removed a documentary about the Justice during black history month. Following Senator Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress, the phrase “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for hours. Rapper Cardi B accused Candace Owens of having an “identity crisis” and subtly characterized Owens as a traitor to her own race.

Unsurprisingly, Elder has found himself at the center of the latest series of race-based attacks from progressives. In August, the Los Angeles Times published a column castigating Elder as the “Black face of white supremacy”—a slander that has since been repeated at Newsom’s campaign events. Elder, the piece contends, has resorted to “willful blindness” and “overly simplistic arguments” to “whitewash the complex problems that come along with being Black in America.” Out of an “insatiable need for attention,” the piece continues, “Elder opposes every single public policy idea that’s supported by Black people to help Black people.”

The piece goes on to quote several California-based activists and politicians on the supposed danger Elder poses to the lives and well-being of black Californians: activist Najee Ali, for instance, argued he would be a “disaster for Black voters,” labelling him as “the Black Trump.” Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, went so far to claim that “everything that he’s pushing, everything that he stands for […] is advancing white supremacy.” In an especially lamentable statement, California State Senator Sydney Kamlager, in reference to Elder’s candidacy, remarked that she is “not interested in going back to Jim Crow.”

Despite the column’s attempted fearmongering and Democrats’ frantic push to establish Elder as an existential threat to black America, his platform is hardly radical, and instead contains common sense policies likely to be popular with most Californians – exactly the type of reasoned, level-headed approach Democrats fear most. His campaign strategy is primarily rooted in reversing many of Governor Newsom’s radical policies that have led to what Elder calls “the decline of California.” Among his top priorities are easing Covid-19 restrictions, reopening schools, cutting spending, cutting housing regulations, and clamping down on crime. Yet, according to the left, these policies ought not be taken for anything other than an advancement of “white supremacy.”

His views on race present nothing particularly out of the ordinary, either. Rather than blaming issues that disproportionately affect black Americans on “systemic racism,” as much of the left does, Elder points to reduced police presence in high-crime locations and disproportionate black-on-black crime. “Rising crime? [It’s] because of this phony narrative that the police are engaging in systemic racism and cops are pulling back,” Elder noted. “When you reduce the possibility of a bad guy getting caught, getting convicted and getting incarcerated, guess what? Crime goes up.”

Whether or not Elder ultimately prevails in the September 14 recall election, he will almost certainly not be the last to face this tired and overwrought sequence of attacks from progressives. But in their unremitting campaign to discredit Elder as a “face of white supremacy” and somehow racist against his own race, Democrats have shown their true colors: race only matters to them when it can be weaponized for ideological and political purposes. “Diversity” and “equal representation” only matter so far as the left’s extremist agenda is adequately accounted for; but when it is not, black Americans like Elder become both their biggest threat and their biggest target.

As political commentator Heather MacDonald writes, the reason progressives are so vehemently opposed to an Elder governorship is that “he’s speaking the truth.” And as the truth continues to reach more and more black Americans whose votes are taken for granted and who are being abandoned by the left, progressives have every reason to be frightened.

Democrats, the liberal media, and every other institution of power hijacked by progressive activists know that these great Americans have proven themselves time and again to be champions for average Americans and traditional American values. Left with no other options, they shamelessly resort to the very type of disgusting race-based attacks that they falsely accuse Republicans of engaging in. For the sake of California and the country, we can only hope voters see past these lies.

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1 year ago

NO CHEATING ALLOWED! Then the republican party will be fine.

1 year ago

Historically, the DemocRats have regarded people of color as slaves to be used for the Party’s benefit … and they have supported people of color so long as they do the biding of the DemocRat Party hierarchy. If they encounter people of color opposing DemocRat policies and prejudices, they will demonize them with zeal and nastiness … sometimes even worse than they would with people of noncolor. The DemcRats still believe in slavery in a subtle form … that form being most easily controlled in a Communist control political environment.

1 year ago

This is an important election…its the turning point of insanity…if he can win…Larry Elder is a good decent man…keep the Faith…Pray…

1 year ago

The Headline Title for this article is ambiguous. It could imply that Elder is acting opposite what is really meant in his actions. Go Elder … win, win, win!!!

1 year ago

Well, look at it this way. The commie Dems just lost the Black vote.

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

I hope Larry Elder wins. His ideas are well rooted in conservatism and libertarianism without even a hint of wokeism. However, he will face an impenetrable wall of opposition from the Democrat majorities in Sacramento that consider it their right to own the governorship. He find it almost impossible to apply common sense to California. Ask Schwarzenegger.

1 year ago

The DemoncRat Party has a self-image of being GOD! They believe that they should RULE not govern the Nation and its citizens, not follow the precepts and laws built in to Constitutional Democratic governance. In other words, they believe if the laws don’t serve the best interest of the DemoncRat Party, they have the right to ignore them or replace them with actions that are a plus for their party. And they have specialized in seeding the Major News outlets with personnel that will carry the DemoncRat propaganda. In other words, the DemoncRat Party operates on a Communistic basis, not a Constitutional Democratic basis. Mao Tse Hidin’ Biden is the symbol of what the DemoncRat Party is politically, and that is dangerous and disgusting to the governance traditions and laws since the founding of this great Nation. The greatest danger to our great Nation is not the China or Russia or Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran … it is the Democrat political party.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

I am amassed how many Americans don’t see this…so many are living in their little world…not realizing…that if this insanity of evil continues…they want even have an Earthly home…there is no Heaven on Earth…
Keep the Faith!

Sally Duncan
1 year ago

Let’s face it, they are not progressive in any shape or form, but Marxist in every shape and form. I pray ALL Americans wake up and see them for exactly what they are, as enemies of Americanism at every turn. Obama for eight years and now Biden and his handlers for eight months have done so much damage to this country, I can only pray we can recover from it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sally Duncan

Your post is spot on!!!

1 year ago

Larry Elder is an educated man who can turn California around. San Francisco, once a beautiful city, is now a wasteland of homelessness, human waste, drug use and rampant crime. Strong leadership may be able to reverse this trend, but only with prompt action. Every major city under democratic leadership suffers from the same problems. Wake up America! Throw those bums out of office and install competent leadership before it is too late.

1 year ago

Larry Elder is the best chance the state of California has to recover and be the great state it once was and could be, again. VOTE for Larry Elder!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  BAE

Amen!! Common sense is something the left fears most. I’ve already sent my ballot in. Yes to recall Gruesom Newsom, yes to Larry Elder to replace him. WIN/WIN

Dave Smith
1 year ago

Always fun to have the experts in “Jim Crow and racism” democrats showing their true agenda of “We support negroes as long as they don’t think for themselves!” I mean really, how dare someone “of color” work hard, better themselves beyond the need for monthly government handouts and earn what they get including respect! How dare they realize handouts are chains attached to a government party that uses them! The audacity to not believe the democrat mantra that they are pathetic victims…can you imagine someone having self-worth, honor, dignity and pride in their work and achievements, becoming an example for others to follow? What a horrific concept! Democrats were, are and always will be the slavery party of America and an utter disgrace to humanity!

Marie Patterson Rogers
1 year ago

TRAITORS Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and this administration needs to be IMPEACHED

Sherry Derrico
1 year ago

I SO AGREE WITH YOU! I do and have felt the exact same way. They all 4 need ran out NOW.

1 year ago

Larry Elder knows he has got a fight on his hands…but he is quick and sharp with his answers…I feel God… is with him…
He could use prayer!…

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  Raes

While winning cases of Defamation or Slander, Larry should sue every liberal who defames or slanders him with racial slurs and jam up the courts. That should keep all of them busy defending themselves.

1 year ago

California needs a governor like Larry Elder to drain the swamp in California… they need a strong person to lead California back to reality….ELDER FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago

We need to keep it simple here. ( D ) = communism. It cuts
down on their trickery and confusion that they TRY to employ.

1 year ago

Your headline could be confusing making people think Larry Elder was crusading against black conservatives. I had to start reading the article to make sure that wasn’t the intent. LOL

1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

A comma can save a life (or at least, make a headline make better sense!)

gerald serlin
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

I am not an expert on English usage, but the headline seems straightforward to me. Perhaps it could have been said better, but I think it is clear.

1 year ago

The problem with the ‘INSANE’ Left is that we can’t just ignore them because they are a level of Sociopaths who are dangerous! Like walking down the sidewalk wearing a MAGA hat and one of them verbally attacks. Ignore them and they strike out violently in one way or another. Our entire government is filled with these Sociopathic individuals. Anyone who hates what the ‘core’ of America stands for is an enemy of this country. Granted, over the past few years our ‘failed leadership’ have made such poor decisions and judgement calls as well as sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong, but we as concerned Americans are supposed to be able to make things right by voting the trouble makers out.
We see how that went in 2020. We’ve become too self absorbed and complacent to grasp what’s been going on. With President Trump it was obvious what was finally being revealed about the once Democrat Party. They have evolved into the ‘CSMP Party. Communist, Socialist, Marxist Power Party. In truth, if our country as a whole, a nation of people who understand what we have to do, know that our only hope is the God of all Creation.
We must humble ourselves before Him, acknowledge our sin and repent.
He has told us that if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and repent of their sins, I will hear from heaven and forgive them and heal their land. Who does not want this to happen?? Answer, God’s enemies!

Maureen Edmond
1 year ago

I much prefer Larry Elder’s calm, conservative, rational demeanor to what I’ve seen of the progressives mentioned in your article. Larry is much more intelligent than Gavin Newsom and the BS bunch. His critics don’t grow brain cells as big as his. And I LOVE Candace Owens!!

Ghislaine Rodecker
1 year ago

Save California Elder for Governor!

David H.
1 year ago

God willing Larry Elder will replace the soon to be exgovernor of CA. Larry will win unless the cheating is allowed. The CA swamp urgently needs draining!!!!!

1 year ago

Leftists and the mainstream media are more racist than the most diehard white supremacist. Their claim to be so tolerant is nothing but a huge pile of cow crap. Their attitude toward POC’s is so condescending and elitist that it makes me want to projectile vomit.

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy

Let’s keep it simple here. ( D ) = communist.
Always did, always will.

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