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Larry Elder, Giant of Conservative Radio, Hopes to Save California as Governor

AMAC Exclusive

Conservative talk radio giant Larry Elder recently announced his candidacy for Governor of California to replace Gavin Newsom in the Recall Election on September 14.

Born in Los Angeles in 1952, Elder has all the makings of a strong candidate. As a graduate of Brown University and Michigan Law school, no one can dispute his intellectual prowess, and indeed Elder has, over the course of his career, solidified his status as a leading conservative thinker. But what is perhaps most appealing to long-suffering California Republicans is Elder’s reputation for dismantling Democratic arguments day in and day out on his nationally syndicated radio show.

Undoubtedly, the Democrat attack machine – which loves to leverage a candidate’s racial identity against them – will also find it particularly difficult to slander Elder, an African American who happens to be incredibly intelligent, charismatic, and conservative. In California, the “woke” capital of the world, Elder’s life defies the liberal narrative on race. Rather than play the victim role Democrats would prefer to cast him in, Elder has risen through sheer hard work and determination from a modest background to become, in addition to an accomplished radio host, a bestselling author and recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Elder has frequently told the story of his father working hard in various janitorial positions to make sure his son could enjoy opportunities he never had. He believes that is the essence of the American Dream: freedom to work hard and benefit from the fruit of your labor. As Elder himself says, “My two brothers and I were motivated by the dreams and goals of my mother and my father—who always taught us this great truth: hard work wins. You get out of life what you put into it. You cannot control the outcome, but you are 100% in control of the effort. And finally, my parents taught us that no matter how hard we worked, how good we were, how we deal with bad things that happen will define our character.”

That used to get you places in California. The “California Dream” drew many to the West Coast. But that dream is increasingly out of reach for the average Californian—and Newsom’s policies have only made it worse.

That’s why Elder has had enough. As a lifelong Californian, he loves the state, and has seen how it has been run into the ground for decades, but especially under Newsom and his COVID regime. In many ways, Elder presents a formidable challenge to Newsom. And it seems Newsom is aware of this, because after Elder announced his candidacy, there was a last-minute attempt to remove him from the ballot by California’s Secretary of State that was eventually denied by a judge. In a statement following the incident, Elder said, “We fought the shenanigans of Sacramento’s politicians and we won. If elected governor, I will fight every single day for this state. This is just the beginning.”

Elder provides a clear contrast to Newsom on a host of issues—beginning with Newsom’s COVID response. Despite some of the most draconian measures in the country, California does not have significant better case or death rates compared to states like Texas and Florida, which allowed individuals and businesses to operate with far greater freedom.

California was also one of the worst three states for small business closure, with the number of small businesses in the state decreasing by nearly half since last year. To add insult to injury, Newsom was spotted eating at fancy restaurants with lobbyists (many of whom he’s awarded with juicy no-bid contracts) while regular Californians were on lockdown. And while everyday citizens couldn’t send their kids to school, Newsom’s were enjoying in-person instruction.

Conversely, Elder believes parents should be able to send their children to school, and that the schools themselves (which are among the lowest performing in the country) need to be amply reformed, including extending school choice to every Californian.

Newsom has also continued and expanded policies that essentially allow illegal immigrants to receive the benefits of American citizenship more than many actual citizens. Elder believes California needs to stop welcoming illegal immigrants who undercut California jobs and who studies show have contributed to a rise in crime and poverty.

Newsom’s crime policies have been particularly disastrous. He stands by a “no cash bail” system that has allowed countless violent criminals to return to the streets. Conversely, Elder has unashamedly voiced his opinion that violent criminals need to be in prison, not on the streets.

Elder has also repeatedly called for a shift in regulatory policy that would help alleviate skyrocketing housing prices in California. Under Newsom’s environmental policies,  the average cost of purchasing a home in California is now 150% higher than the rest of the nation.

Perhaps worst of all, Newsom has strengthened and given no-bid deals to lobbyists and cronies in the Sacramento pollical class that have only increased the vast income inequality in the state and led to scandal after scandal. Throughout his career, Elder has called out that very behavior, and has no connection with any of the existing elites. Under Newsom, the big corporations (including big tech) have only gotten more and more powerful, while millions of Californians, and thousands of small businesses, have been impoverished.

But can Elder really unseat an entrenched Democrat like Newsom? The political establishment in California would like voters to believe that because there are so many candidates running, it will be impossible to beat the current governor. And that might very well be true if Newsom were running against every other candidate individually – but he isn’t. Every voter will have to respond to two questions on the ballot. First, should the governor be recalled? Second, who should replace him? If more than 50% answer yes to the first question, then whoever gets the most votes on the second question wins, even if that person gets far short of a majority. However, if fewer than 50% answer yes to the first question, the second question is moot, and Newsom remains in office.

This means it is actually easier for Newsom to lose than most people realize. Recent polls show that Californians are now roughly split on whether he should be recalled. Just a few months ago, he was ahead in those same polls by almost 20 points.

If that momentum continues, someone other than Gavin Newsom has a real shot of becoming the next Governor of California. And it might just be Larry Elder.

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1 year ago

Don’t let the demoncracts steal this election. We need an honest election. CAN WE GET IT!!!!

Debra Lynn Heckert
1 year ago

This man is beyond qualified in terms of education and character to help us get this poor State back on track. I love the fact that he is a self-made man who understands the “working families” plight here!

1 year ago

Good luck to Larry Elder, he is a good self-made, smart Man and could turn California around for the better.

1 year ago

I tell everyone I know to vote for you, if they’re from Cali. I haven’t lived there e 60’s but you need to help. All I can do from here! Lotsa luck and keep up door-to-door!!

Kareolynn Jewole
1 year ago

Good luck Mr Elder Praying you will win

1 year ago

We left California 3 years ago because of traffic, taxes, and politics. I might move back just to vote for Mr. Elder. Sadly, common sense is no longer a factor in the process of too many Californians

1 year ago
Reply to  P2burner

California is so corrupt all you need to do is look at whos in office there at the top pelosi and waters the districts they dont represent are disgusting then of course Newsom pelosis nephew next harris who couldnt get but 1% of dem support during the presidential debates somehow is our v.p. now shes a whole separate dirty story in fact i just read the other day a comment from a guy here on AMAC who told a very detailed corrupt history of her involving guess who obama and how the CCP is deeply embedded in California politics…..

aluminum head
1 year ago

There is no saving CA let alone this country. If a civil war breaks out in the metro areas THEN America has a chance. THEN and only then can anti-fuh be wiped out. And THAT needs to be accomplished.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Larry Elders becoming California’s next gov. is precisely what needs to happen & I agree with others commenting on this article, Elders will be in a constant battle with a crooked Democrat machine currently running the state whom will constantly attempt to undermine his efforts just as Donald J. Trump experienced in his entire 1st term, but like Trump, I believe Larry Elders has the fortitude & the intelligence to work his way through this. I further believe under Elder’s leadership, it will be shown that CA. did indeed go RED in 2020…Watch the machines closely, if they have Dominion’s name on them, throw them in the trash can…
Bill on the Hill…:~)

1 year ago

The CCP purchased Dominion in October 2020 right before the election imagine that…..TRUMP WON ????????????

1 year ago

I fear if Larry does indeed win, he will experience much the same fate that Mr. Trump experienced during his Presidential tenure. The Democrats will go to extraordinary lengths to smear, discredit and outright lie to undermine his efforts at reforming California. The Democrat dirty tricks playbook is loaded with useful plays. His only hope is the election of more Statewide Republicans in 2022 and 2024.

1 year ago

GOD bless Larry Elder and I hope he becomes the next governor of California!

1 year ago
Reply to  BAE

Me too!! And as a Californian I will be casting a yes vote to recall Gruesom Newsom, and a vote for Larry Elder to be our new governor. And as governor, I will pray for his protection and success. ????????

1 year ago

I read an article by an LA Times writer, warning about the dangers of what could happen if the recall is successful and Larry Elder wins: he won’t be able to get anything substantial past the Dems in the legislature, or likely override a veto, but he could put conservatives in positions where they could stand in the way of the left’s agenda. That’s correct to a degree, and that’s exactly what I want him to do. But a Gov. Elder could do much more than that. He would have a national stage to promote his common-sense conservatism, show the Dem’s narrative that GOP voters are racists to be a lie, and prove to minority voters that the Republican Party is a welcoming home for them. It would help energize the conservative base. It’s a wonderful prospect. And, thank God, Larry is no Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Ian

Great comment Ian… Larry does indeed have the capacity to make those things happen as he is a true conservative, something CA could surely use a good dose of!
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

Thanks, Bill (and I’d much prefer to have you on the Hill instead of what we have there now)!

1 year ago

I live in California and I will definitely be voting for Larry Elder!! Common sense is in short supply in this state. God bless America!

1 year ago

The dems are starting to sound desperate with the LAT now calling for changes to the recall process and demonizing Elder as an enemy of democracy in order to “scare” people into voting for Newsome.

Edna Gorman
1 year ago

Mr. Elder, I have been listening to you on the radio for years. I find your views & experience exemplary. I wish I was able to vote for you, I strongly hope CA makes the right choice. All the world must strongly, firmly, openly, “peacefully & patriotically make our voices heard” & we must support everyone who is fighting for the entire world’s Freedoms.

May God bless you always Mr. Elder,

1 year ago

“Woke” up to the the best news…Larry Elder has Defeated Gavin Newsom.
Theres’ hope for the Golden State.

Henry Crum
1 year ago

Save California, I don’t think he is God. If he could make it just a little better it would be a great accomplishment.

1 year ago

Larry, I’m prayin’ for ya. There should be more Republicans like you. Sure we would be in a better place.

Ed J
1 year ago

I currently reside in the Peoples Republic of ☭alifornia here on the Left Coast.
We are hopeful that Governor Gruesome will be recalled, and the greater the landslide vote, the greater to message to the Libtard mob. Recent letters to the editor in left leaning newspapers (sorry, Fake News-papers) from several left leaning liberals state they are getting on board the recall because of Governor Nuisance’s failings in so many areas that adversely affect our citizens. Gee! A novel concept! Democrats FOR Recall!
This recall will be successful if a lot of the “woke” folks do, in fact, WAKE UP! It will take a wide coalition of citizens across the political spectrum to make this a successful recall.
There are so many wannabes running to replace the Gov. A good number are doing it for their own ego trip, others for the opportunity to get visibility before the voters for their possible future political ambitions, and refreshingly a few like Larry Elder who would be a genuine “solution” to many of the “problems” here in our State.
I did not know about Larry Elder until his court fight to be placed on the ballot was publicized.  Thank heavens a judge saw through the politics and directed California’s Secretary of State to place him on our ballot.
I will be voting for the recall and for Larry Elder to become our next Governor.

1 year ago

Go Larry!

1 year ago

If i lived in California , i would vote for Larry Elder. Larry has plenty of common sense . He has great memory . He’s on the right side of the moral divide . He would definitely be better than Nuisance .

Dail Jordan
1 year ago

Letter to Mr. Larry Elder,
Although I’m a Nevadan, it is so refreshing to find that you will run for governor of California,
I am truly hopeful that you will crush Newsom as he is a loathsome gangster and kin to “the joker” Poor California has the possibility of being a great leader among the states, again; but not with current leadership,

Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  Dail Jordan

Use of the word “leadership” when referring to Governor Gruesome must be prefaced by the adjectives “dysfunctional and dystopian” to put his shortcomings in true and proper perspective.

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