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Largest Conservative Seniors’ Association Praises Trump Administration’s “American Patients First” Blueprint

drugs seniors Trump American patients firstAMAC President Dan Weber applauds President Trump and Secretary Azar; says reforms to lower drug prices are long over-due for millions of seniors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the Friday announcement of the “American Patients First” blueprint from the Trump Administration, AMAC has begun mobilizing its 1.3 million members to get behind the most comprehensive, innovative, and bold reforms in American history to lower drug prices.

Dan Weber, founder and CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), issued this statement today: “Under the direction of President Trump and Secretary Azar, the good people at HHS are making seniors’ concerns a top priority in this Administration. Not only is President Trump delivering on campaign promises to bring down the cost of drugs, he’s re-inventing the whole system to make sure seniors get the most out of their health plans.”

“AMAC has long-believed that health care costs and drug prices are out of control. By targeting the middlemen in the drug marketplace, improving industry competition, changing the negotiation process, and bringing commonsense reforms to a confusing market, millions of seniors will benefit from cheaper, more affordable drugs. AMAC applauds President Trump and Secretary Azar’s leadership on one of the most important issues millions of seniors deal with on a daily basis.”

For more information on AMAC: Dan Weber is the CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), the largest conservative due-paying member association in the United States with a membership of over one million seniors. Weber founded the organization in 2007 as an alternative to AARP.

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Carol J Godsey
4 years ago

Thank goodness this President takes things seriously and acts on them. I am behind him 100% and appreciate all that he’s already done for America and all that he’s planning! Thank you, President Trump and thank you AMAC for keeping your readers informed!

4 years ago

So I guess the membership survey response where nearly two-thirds said they needed more details before they could properly assess the proposal was just filler for the weekend edition. Good to see nothing has changed at AMAC.

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