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Killer Party: Dems Stand Alone on Infanticide

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Years from now, when history looks back on the Democratic Party, one date will almost certainly stand out: July 25, 2016. That was the Tuesday, in the capital of the Revolution, when everything changed. For the first time in America’s 240 years, a major political party threw its full support behind one of the most savage and violent practices of the modern age: full-term, no-apologies abortion.

It’s just a party platform, some said. It doesn’t mean anything. Try telling that to Americans today, who watched in stunned silence last night as a leader of the U.S. Senate walked to the same floor where giants of freedom have stood and defended the killing of a perfect, fully-born child. It was not just a party platform when another senator, Ben Sasse (R-Nebr.), looked at the other side of the aisle and saw a group of men and women willing to “betray the universal truth of human dignity and [turn] the stomachs of civilized people… in every country on earth.” And it wasn’t just a party platform when, the only other time this issue came up for a vote, every Senate Democrat agreed: infanticide is wrong.

The moment Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) rose to her feet and objected to protecting the survivors of abortion will be a defining one for Democrats. It should have signified to everyone that the radicalization of the party that started in 2016 is now complete. And like so many others, Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) could only look on in horror. “This is the world’s greatest deliberative body,” she said. But “there is nothing great, there is nothing moral or even humane, about the discussion that we have before us today.”

New Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) stood in disbelief. “Is this really the extremism of the Democratic party?” After decades of proving that there was still some scrap of moderation in their abortion agenda, liberals have thrown off any pretense of solemnity or restraint. And just like the Brett Kavanaugh debate, they’ve significantly overplayed their hand. “I can’t imagine a vision less just or less consistent with the goodness and compassion of the American people,” Hawley argued.

He’s right. “Gallup polling from 2018 found that only 13 percent of Americans favor making third-trimester abortions ‘generally’ legal, and only 18 percent of Democrats shared that position,” Alexandra Desanctis warns. Less than a quarter of their own party is willing to follow them into the most radical terrain on abortion ever broached. “Women reject late-term abortion at an even higher rate than men. A Marist survey from earlier this year found that 75 percent of Americans would limit abortion to, at most, the first three months of pregnancy, and majorities of Democrats and those who describe themselves as pro-choice agreed.”

With almost an eerie detachment to the issue at hand, Murray tried to frame the bill as unnecessary. “We have laws against infanticide in this country,” she claimed in her brief justification for stopping its passage. But, as so many have pointed out, only 26 states have “affirmative protections” for born-alive babies. Even if all 50 did, what’s the harm in reaffirming the Senate’s commitment to protecting these innocent survivors? Surely a party that can eat up hours of the legislative clock with a passionate plea to save the Delta Smelt can spare some sympathy for endangered children.

Even after yesterday’s disgrace, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has no intentions of walking away from survivors like Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen, who wouldn’t be alive today if Democrats got their way. Before the vote, McConnell cautioned that if the other side stopped the bill, it “would make quite a disturbing statement.” If they do, he vowed, “I can assure them that this will not be the last time we try to ensure that all newborns are afforded this fundamental legal protection.”

To almost every American, “health care” does not include the killing of innocent newborns. “But in defending bills that expand the right to abort [living children], Democrats are giving away the game,” Desanctis predicts. “Most people, even those who favor some abortion access, instinctively recoil from what they see. These late-term abortion bills do more than reveal Democratic radicalism. They draw back the veil of euphemism to expose abortion for what it is: At every stage of pregnancy, it is the taking of a human life. For the anti-abortion movement, it is a pivotal moment to insist upon that truth.”

That’s where you come in. If you haven’t contacted your senators about the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act, make sure you do today. Let them know that extremists like Patty Murray stand alone!

From – By Tony Perkins & FRC Senior Writers

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Phyllis Poole

A woman teacher in the 40s told our class as she wagged her forefinger toward us. “women can be much more cruel than any man ever was!” It’s being proven now when a woman can feel her child within her move around and then let it happily be killed ! And the women’s movement happily creating these children and asking and paying for them to be killed! That is inhumane. -animals die to protect their young! These women are not even as humane as a pig!!!
And writers please go back to school and learn the difference between democrat and democratic. These democrats are NOT democratic!!!


Who ever said the Democrats couldn’t go any lower? They have found a way, I guess there is no
bottom to their low!!!


But wait, aren’t these the same people who push gun control, “If it can save one child”?

Michael Robertson

I am unsure if the Dims have any idea that the actions they allow/encourage are in fact murder. If they do, it appears they care not one wit about the lives these actions will take. Of course, so long as they are for open borders, why shouldn’t they agree that killing infants is legal also. Shameful.


It’s called Population Reduction and it is the goal of the One World Government to reduce the population of planet earth to 500 million (easier to control). See “georgiaguidestones” for more documentation. Always follow the money. Senator Murray was also paid over $500,00.00 by the drug companies to vote AGAINST lowering drug prices, which she did. She is just a pawn being paid by Satanists.


We can not justify murder.


Whether or not you are in support of the right to choose, facilitating the death of a full-term delivered infant is TRULY BARBARIC. I don’t think Roe v. Wade will be overturned even by a right-leaning Supreme Court, but there will be a challenge to late-term abortions. It’s incredible to me that some of these United States have passed laws protecting the right of the pregnant woman to kill a viable fetus—right before, during, or after birth. A relative suggested giving the knife to the mother, who can then do the deed herself. I wonder how many will change their mind. Seeing all those “women in white” at the SOTU address sit in stony silence as President Trump spoke of this practice favored by the new socialists makes me think that they should never be given the responsibility of making ANY laws in this country…for they clearly are out of… Read more »


Killing convicted savage criminal murderers: Inhumane
Killing viable 9 month innocent babies : “Right to choose”

Elizabeth Misa

It’s just murder to me. If a woman doesn’t want her baby when it is born, what happened to adoption? It makes me physically I’ll even to think about it!

Mort Gutman

All of this is about the Democrats “protecting women’s health”. Then what about the female baby about to be aborted? Doesn’t this “woman” have a health issue to be protected? I can’t imagine a worse effect on “health” than death!


Maybe we should stop sanatizing the words that so often fool people and lull them into a state of mind that shelters them from all reality. Pro life is exactly what it means, you stand for life. Do we call pro choice standing for life? No, in all reality pro choice stands for the right to decide to terminate the life of an innocent baby. So let’s call it what it really is and should be called, pro choice =pro murder. Perhaps if we start calling it pro murder it might shake the conscience of someone contemplating abortion or better yet those that we have intrusted in making sure that all children are precious and have the right to live. Please instead of being offended by this comment take a few moments to look at your children and grandchildren, see their potential, see their desires and see their love then… Read more »

Robert J. White

All you have to do is look at the Germany of 1930-1933 and the parallel between the Democratic Party and the “BROWN SHIRST AND THE NAZI PARTY” they passed laws to allow the taking of human life for Birth defects, religious hate and non Arian birth.

Iris Aschenbrand

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I realize this is the Declaration, but isn’t it sad that our founders saw so much more to the station of life than some do in our “educated and advanced” civilization. We are beginning the repeated slide of many civilizations before us, when they reached the lowest of moral crimes, such as the sacrifice of children, and the feeding of Christians to wild animals in the areas. Perhaps it is because our nation is removing history from our public schools? “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. -Edmund Burke” The preamble of Constitution also addresses the care for freedom and happiness for our “posterity.” “We the People of the United States, in… Read more »

Irv C

I’m confused or am I just not savvy? Murder is against the law in America correct? If the victim is 9 minutes or 90 years it’s murder. How can a State within the Union day murder is ok? Seems like the Feds could arrest and prosecute someone who commits murder. Now I get it that if the murdered baby’s parents are democrats it’s ok according to democrats? I mean WTF Is going on here? I feel like I’m in a Twighlight Zone movie but have awoken to realize ITS NOT A MOVIE!!!
What’s happened to decency and Love?

Burton pauly

The whole deal on abortions is atrocious , and shows just how inhumane the jackass party is. They have truly shown their real feelings toward life of the unborn, and now the life of even the born. Yet they don’t want individuals to protect themselves with arms. They have been responsible for millions in child deaths.

Courtney Olson

It is in relation to God as our Father and Creator that gives our lives value. Without this point of view, all of life has no value. I fear we are now murdering babies, then toddlers that cry too much, then teenagers who rebel, then sick and disable, elderly….




Too bad their mothers didn’t believe in abortion.

Dianna Penwell

My question to them is “Where will it stop”? When will they decide what to do with children that are born with mental and physical problems? There will be no
need for places like Shriners Hospital, St. Jude Hospital for children. They will take a look at the baby and say sorry but this one does not live up to our standards
so it is to be eliminated. Therefore, the hospital, will only need to set up a morgue next to the delivery room. Maybe I am looking at this wrong, because they
are trying to save me money and I won’t be donating to these hospitals, after that. You know just a thought. God help us all !!!


These folks are sick and evil