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Kellyanna Brooking: I Really Hope That My Courage and My Standing up for Things Will Rub off on People

Peer pressure, in this day and age, can drive young Americans to rebel against the so-called establishment, and Kellyanna Brooking is no exception. However, her gripe is not aimed at the adults in her life—it’s aimed at America’s Leftists, including her fellow teens who embrace today’s “woke” culture. It’s not easy for a teenage girl with conservative values to go against the prevailing trends in today’s schools, but Kellyanna is determined to do the right thing.

Rebecca Weber says 14-year-old Kellyanna is the youngest president and ambassador at Turning Point USA, the largest and fastest growing youth organization in America. Turning Point describes its mission as “to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.” When Weber interviewed her recently for her Better For America podcast, the CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens introduced her as a “courageous source of enormous hope and promise for the future.”

Kellyanna is no shrinking violet. When Weber asked her why, at her young age, she decided to stand up for a conservative viewpoint, the youngster didn’t hesitate. She said “if I don’t speak up now at 14 years of age, I’ll never have the opportunity to do it in the future. Because as we see now with conservatives, especially on social media, there’s so much censorship, there’s so much canceled culture. So, if I don’t use my opportunity to speak up for my values and freedoms now, then when I’m an adult, I’ll never have the opportunity. So, my biggest piece of advice to people who are too scared to speak up, especially at my age, is to just go for it … I lost a lot of friends and even some family members when I started on this journey. But people will show their true colors because if they stick by you when you start speaking up for your beliefs, it will show who they really are. I think it can definitely be hard because I get lots of hate messages, I get lots of threats at school and it can be really difficult. But I just definitely try to keep the future in mind.”

She recalled that during the pandemic, many of her classmates at school began defacing their lockers, drawing pictures and writing their thoughts – things such as “stop Asian hate” and “Black Lives Matter.” Kellyanna went on to say that it was a “most concerning moment because nobody questioned it. Everybody just went along with it. This was during the time when everybody was trying to be a social justice warrior. And nobody questioned it. Teachers didn’t say, no; they just went along with it. And that was so concerning to me, and that really was my breaking point.” She said she felt the “need to start speaking up for this because nobody else is and nobody else will.”

Kellyanna hails from Seattle, WA – one of the first cities to defund the police – and it triggered a hateful reaction at her school. Lots of students began talking and posting in support of the decision, saying so many hateful things about our police officers, she said. “Growing up, I was always taught to respect people who serve, to make our life safer and America safer … when I heard all this talk in Seattle and at school about defunding the police, I realized how wrong it is that this group of people that are trying to serve and make our community safer is getting targeted this much. It was really sad to see it and it still is sad to see it. And as I said before, nobody’s questioning it. And I wish more people would stand up for police officers.”

Kellyanna also chimed in on Leftist educators and their focus on the Critical Race Theory. “It’s slowly being slipped in with everything. All of the LGBTQ posters we see on the wall, all of the BLM things, and the paintings I told you about on lockers, it’s in our curriculum and quizzes. Sometimes we have to take these mental health surveys [and they] ask us questions like, what percentage of black kids do you hang out with? How do people treat Asian students at your school? That is critical race theory.” She went on to identify a school board member who denied teaching the critical race theory or CRT in our schools. “We are having CRF, critical race facts,” he said.

The school board member gave it a different name, “but really, we should start calling it what it is, which is racism. They’re trying to pit black kids against white kids, the masked against unmasked. They’re just trying to create more division in the name of unity and in the name of equity. It’s so sad to see that.”

She said that a lot of people don’t like to speak up about their opinions, “especially modern-day conservatives [who are] called the silent majority for a reason. A lot of people have their opinions, and they like to keep it that way. I, however, I’m not, because if I just keep it as my opinion, then nothing’s going to change because nothing can change if you don’t speak up.”

Kellyanna concluded the interview saying, “I really hope that my courage and my standing up for things will rub off on people. Sometimes it can be really hard, especially for the majority of students.” But she quickly invoked the late Reverend Billy Graham who once said, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.“

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Robert S.
1 month ago

I know exactly what Kellyanna is going through. I have been a Conservative since I was 9 when the Democrats and Adlai Stevenson showed their true colors after loosing to Eisenhower. I am 74 and have been a “Truly Conservative” American ever since. I know what Kellyanna is going through because I volunteered for military service in the Air Navy when I was 16 and qualified for their delayed entry program, reporting to Aviation Boot Camp in 1964 the day after I turned 17. Life was a bit more difficult for me in my Senior year of high school as classmates could not understand why I would do this when there was no Draft to fear. The summer between high school graduation and freshman year in college, I spent at the Naval Air Technical Training Unit at Naval Air Station Pensacola studying my chosen Navy specialty at Photography “A” School. when I returned home and went to college in September of 1965, I learned the hard way about the bias against the military from my professors and classmates. I debated professors and local newspaper writers daily about the U.S. Military in Vietnam which cost me heavily in my studies, so at the end of my freshman year, crushing my parents dream about my college education, I chose to be activated from my reserve unit and volunteered for a combat duty station with the Navy’s Combat Camera Group. It was not to be however, because the Navy though I would be a better fit in a two person photography lab on an Admiral’s Flag Ship. When I returned home, I found no Photo/Journalist jobs and not much appreciation from my fellow citizens so I used my G.I. Bill to train as a Corporate Sales Professional and spent the next 46 years building my life and retirement dream. This is the long way of me telling everyone, that the corruption of the American way of life by Marxists disguised as Socialists, Democrats and Liberals trying to save America didn’t start 20 or even 30 years ago, it started more than 70 years ago. In that 70 years they have been successful at corrupting education, business and politics and if “WE” here and now do not stand up to this Evil Empire within our midst, the light of Freedom held up high by Lady Liberty for the world to see will be extinguished here and possibly the whole world. To quote Abraham Lincoln at a dimly lit time in our history said, “…that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not parish from the earth”. I stand by the military recruits oath which I took some 58 years ago and has no expiration date.

I put all of my hopes, dreams and prayers for this nation in the hands of the youth of this nation that stand with Kellyanna in defense of the still Great American Dream. Which I realized thanks to the dreams that my grandparents realized after seeing Lady Liberty’s Torch from the ships that brought them from oppression and death to Freedom and Liberty in America.

David Lyday
1 month ago

Kellyanna is doing exactly what every American MUST DO. Stand up for your values and beliefs. Keeping your opinion to yourself may seem like the dignified way… and maybe it used to be… but today, it will kill America. Every one of us must do what this wonderful young woman is doing.

1 month ago

you’ll never know if you quit.

1 month ago

BLESS THIS YOUNG WOMAN AND MAY GOD PROTECT HER ALWAYS!! She is doing what most adults will not and that is remembering the First Amendment!!!!

Deb Rockwell
1 month ago

Courage is contagious indeed. May this be the next pandemic that sweeps across conservative America. It’s time. You outshine people with a lot more years, but far less courage and wisdom. You go, girl! So very proud of you.

1 month ago

All Dim. Squash it. Don’t only talk and complain. The object is to silence you by intimidation. Will you let them silence you? Parents and grandparents get you boots on. You let this happen to your kids in school. March on these reprobate stinking asses!

1 month ago

What a brave you doing woman, and very smart

1 month ago
Reply to  Martha

What a brave young woman, and very smart

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

Wonder if they ask the black students, “How many whites do you hang out with?” Seems that CRT is all about re-segregation!

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