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Karl Rove Focuses on Senate GOP Takeover in Fundraising Email

By Michael Mullins – Newsmax

Can the Republican Party pick up six Senate seats in the 2014 election and in the process retake the majority in the U.S. Senate? Republican strategist Karl Rove thinks so.

Rove, a Fox News contributor, is using the possibility of a Senate takeover as a fundraising tool in his latest appeal to GOP donors.

A former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, Rove sent an email to donors on Sunday citing favorable polls and remarks from former New York Times numbers-cruncher Nate Silver as leading indicators that the GOP has a chance to take back the Senate in 2014, so long as the monetary support is there.

“Washington is buzzing with the news! Even liberal prognosticators now admit Republicans can pick up six seats to take the U.S. Senate in 2014,” Rove’s email reads.

In his email suggesting a Republican majority in the Senate is possible, Rove noted that six of the seven Democratic Senate seats up for re-election are in states that were won by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 race by a margin of 10 percent or greater.

Rove also highlighted the recent announcement by former Montana Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer that he will not run for the state’s open Senate seat in 2014.

“The GOP can win a Senate majority, but it won’t be easy. Your support is vital to ensuring Republicans have the resources necessary for victory,” Rove’s email reads. “Early fundraising is key. Harry Reid knows that: That’s why he announced he’ll try raising $125 million to beat Republicans.”

In his attempt to convince GOP donors to make a contribution to the Republican initiative some 16 months before elections are held, Rove also cites the “Obama campaign’s favorite number cruncher, Nate Silver.”

In a New York Times “FiveThirtyEight” blog, Silver wrote: “Best guess, after assigning probabilities of the likelihood of a GOP pickup in each state, is that Republicans will end up with somewhere between 50 and 51 Senate seats after 2014, putting them right on the threshold of a majority.”

“Not only is Republican candidate recruitment going well and Democratic recruitment badly, but issues are helping,” wrote Rove, “with Obamacare, the sluggish job picture, scandals and an incompetent and out-of-touch White House shaping the political landscape.”

If Republicans are able to win back the Senate, it will be the first time since losing the majority in 2006.

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9 years ago

Karl Rove is probably one of the biggest threats to the Republican Party at this point. All he wants is to put up RINOs who won’t rock the boat, so he can continue to collect consulting fees. The country needs a strong fiscal conservative to get the country back on track. We don’t need any more of Karl Rove’s suggestions. He’s done a great job of helping the party lose the last two presidential races.

Keith Otis
9 years ago

Someone needs to tell McCain to pack up and go back to Arizona. He and his ilk are taking us down the path to non existence. I also agree with those who recommend that Karl Rove retire from public discourse. He is and has been a negative influence for some time now.

Mike White
9 years ago

Mr. Rove is arrogant & misguided. He doesn’t seem to understand that real values & the truth will win elections. To follow him would insure losses in elections. We can’t play politics with Democrats, but, we can beat them with honesty & the truth of what they have wrought. We need mentally strong & articulate people on are side, not the same old bull!

Mike White
9 years ago

Mr. Rove is a negative force & doesn’t seem to understand that “real values” & the truth will win elections, not pandering to anyone. I believe that he is arrogant & missguided. To follow him will insure losses for any candidate.

David Cooper
9 years ago

Karl Rove lost a lot of his credibility in my eyes in the last presidential election. His constant negativity and lack of accuracy gave the impression that everything he said or did was desperate wishful thinking, which turned out to be true. Karl needs to step aside and let someone who is more objective take over. He is far too rigid Republican establishment at a time when the party needs to be more inclusive to fresh ideas and younger conservatives.

Palladin 12
9 years ago

Bad as they are, the GOP is our best defense against the Communist Threat of the Left.

9 years ago

If Carl Roveand his ilk keep promoting Progressive GOP….we will never get anywhere. They need to start listening to Constitutionalists and stop trying to destroy them….example Sarah Palin! I have no room for Rove’s opinion or advise on anything….he is a destructive force the GOP.

9 years ago
Reply to  lorben

I agree with you…we need to vote the RINO’s out of office and replace them with people like Ted Cruz who truly represents the people. Once in office they then need to stay away from the outside influences that clouds their judgement and helps them to make poor decisions, just like the current RINO’s now in office. PROTECT our constitution.

9 years ago

NO! The Republican party is distroying itself with it division, different division leaders and no accomlishments. The Democrates and the President every week laugh at and make a mockery of the republican party. The Republican party is lacking strong leadership and uniformity. The Republican party is divided with it’s own ideas and leadership. Until the Republican party UNITES AS ONE, it is doomed. Both parties need the independent voters to win. The Republicans have not had the independents on board in over 5 years. Obama is doing the talking and they are listening, he is making a mockery of the Republican party, and they are listening. Wake up GOP, Republicans, Tea Party, Rove & Huckelby, Cantor, Christy, Rubio, Boehner & McConnell. Unite the party or face continued DOOM as the Joke of Washington DC and the PRESIDENT.

9 years ago

It should be possible. But, the Republicans actually have to come up with some decent candidates and then follow the 11th commandment. Until, Republicans quite destroying each other and go back to core values rather than running folks like McCain the party is going no where but down and probably out.

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