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Kamala Unleashed; Biden Picks Her for Another Foreign Mission So He Can Make Excuses for His Afghanistan Debacle

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 25 — She made her first official trip abroad in early June when she visited Guatemala and Mexico; it was decidedly forgetful except for a gaff or two. So now, when her boss flails about trying to keep order in the wake of his failed attempt to safely extract innocent civilians and our troops from Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris is off to contain forces of evil in Southeast Asia. She waved for the cameras as she boarded Air Force 2 for her trip to Singapore and Vietnam like a starlet of yesteryear off to another exotic movie location.

It was reminiscent of how she shunned the opportunity to head straight to our southern border and deal with the unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants seeking to enter the U.S., having been picked by President Biden to be his “Border Czar.” When a reporter asked her why she chose not to visit the border, she smiled and said, “and, I haven’t been to Europe.” She finally got the message and visited El Paso, TX, later in the month.

Her newest trip triggered a Twitter storm of criticism.

One of the more tasteful messages on Twitter read: “The largest airlift in American history is going down right now. Reports of Americans being attacked by the Taliban. And you post a picture of yourself waving from AF2 on your way to SE Asia.”

It’s hard to tell what she hopes to accomplish in Southeast Asia, but the Wall Street Journal may have uncovered the reason for her trip, it “will give the Biden administration an opportunity to put the focus back on countering China at a time when the U.S.’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan is raising questions about Washington’s reliability as an ally.”

The Journal’s report suggests that Ms. Harris will have to use her untested diplomatic skills to convince the governments of Singapore and Vietnam that the U.S. is a “reliable” partner and not currying favor to use them as “pawns in a great power struggle.”

But perhaps she is making the trek across the Pacific so that she can have Air Force 2 make a stop in California on her way back.

Why? So that she can campaign for Governor Gavin Newsome, who faces a recall election on September 14. Enough fed-up citizens of the progressive Golden State signed a recall petition to remove Newsome from office. The election will determine whether he stays or goes. And, if the majority fires him, they’ll have a chance to pick his successor.

It’s a challenging moment, replete with a slate of wannabe governors including some 24 Republicans, 9 Democrats, 2 Green Party candidates, one 1 Libertarian candidate, and 10 “No Party Preference” candidates.

One wonders if Ms. Harris is willing to reimburse our government for her whistle-stop in California. It would appear that she would be liable for the cost, according to Federal Election Campaign rules.

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1 year ago

I am amazed that this street whore can talk so well from her kneeling position with her mouth full!

1 year ago

Joe Hidin’ Biden would get more our of picking his nose than he would get out of Camel Hairs.!

John L
1 year ago

So where is the Senate stopping this disaster in Afghanistan and our own borders. The RINO Senate is out to lunch with the liberal progressive left DemoRats. Maybe we can fix these tragedies with the 2022 and 2024 election if it is already not to late. What puppet Biden and his puppet masters have done in 7 months to America will take a loyal patriot conservative constitution loving Americans in office years to undo.

1 year ago

Personal opinion…Kamala’s trip is to get her as far away from the current disasters in DC as possible so her hands can (perceivably) remain “clean”. The framework for Biden’s removal from office has started and they want Kamala to be as much removed from his incompetence as possible, thus allowing her to take over without all the Biden baggage.

1 year ago
Reply to  FedUp

I wonder if the same bunch of DemocRats will run Camela Hairs as were pulling Hidin’ Biden’s strings?

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

They’ll try but she doesn’t take orders too well…. She certainly does not get any results from her actions.

1 year ago

commie harris on another mission of failure for joebama and the useless socialist democrats!
Sad to think,but probably true,that Afghanistan’s tragic and horribly botched departure,the lives it costs, abandoning of people who assisted us that will be slaughtered, is just another distraction so the anti American party can destroy Our Country!
When will Citizrns wake up to the fact that these democrat politicians are evil,self serving immoral scum!!
They don’t care about people at all, and DESPISE Citizens who love freedom and America.
They ALL must go, Real Americans must daily expose and reject their hateful,destructive policies, save Our Country and Freedom.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 year ago

NOTHING can be done from the top-down. The RESISTANCE has to begin at the bottom, in small communities, cities, and local governments. If we cannot stop the spread of corruption and evil right where we live, we will NEVER succeed in stopping the D.C Socialist Circus. Start taking them down in YOUR Counties, the School Boards that are pushing CRT and Liberal Education, the takeover of small town boards by Democrats, etc. Get involved, stay informed, and speak OUT against what you KNOW is unconstitutional, tyrannical, or oppressive. These low-level politicians are the Congress members of tomorrow

I am Getn PTSD, thx Joey!
1 year ago

ALL that is said on here gets us no where – what has it changed??
but getting us all bent out of shape.
It is what it is and the two impeachable dimwits have shown what they are. USELESS
Someway – IF we all want to hurt em good!!! there has to be a way to get all of the people to NOT pay taxes on April 15th till these Morons fix the system. And Voting I hope when its due.

This will do IN the tools of the evil thats there and get the system somewhat fixed ?? maybe?

SORRY to say – But reading AMAC and EPOCH get me nowhere – All it does is get me royally
bent out of shape and depressed. So I quit. Will only read whats doable.
Joey has proven what a TOTALLY incompetent fool he IS !!!!! Scumalla just runs away. heehaw
Imagine her as the prez. Save us from that Nero.
Trump shud of never left office – shud of told them to stick it – He is NOT going to let this
basement dweller run this country. A Totally Fraudulent election indeed.
Now it may be AZ prisoners may have been voting, but the system is hiding that fact. Figures.
I AM a DAVet and I am shocked by what this Demander and Thief is doing to the US.

Joe M
1 year ago

AMEN !! You covered it all !!

Hugh Wright
1 year ago

Double AMEN! I wish somebody with clout would do something. I’ve burnt all my bridges. Not one of my “friends” will talk to me any more. I cannot deal with the wait much longer. As Gary Larson said “Patience my ass, I’m going to kill something.” Patience is running thin.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  Hugh Wright

Guess they aren’t you “friends” anymore and never were. There are those in your area most likely who have your same values. Look for them.

1 year ago

Start by contacting the representatives who work FOR You!
DEMAND that they expose,and reject ANY/ALL proposals these communists force upon freedom and American Citizens.
To quit,become frustrated,or accept these slime is what they want you to do.
That alone drives us to remove these traitors from. OUR COUNTRY!
Fight,reject,expose,deny,and throw them out!
We the People, together, can and will prevail!

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  Garye

I agree, that is at least one step to take in trying to improve the situation, but I also agree with what I am Gettin PTSD, thx Joey! had to say. Most AMAC articles are based on telling us about all of the bad things going on in government, big tech, etc., and we need to be aware of those things, but most of that is also available from other sources, too. What is needed most, and is not being offered in ANY of the sources I read, or am aware of is doable, practical suggestions and how to go about it. The Democrats have formed and developed a huge and successful program aimed at controlling and destroying America as we know it. They have done so by colluding with all of the owners of mainstream media, big tech, and social media, all of whom preach the same scripted false narrative. That narrative is full of omissions of fact, manipulated fact or truth to result in what they want you to know or believe, and absolute lies.

Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, all censor free speech, ban books, videos, and articles not inline with the Scripted False Narrative. All of these things we know. BUT WHERE ARE THE DOABLE, PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO DO, AND HOW TO DO IT?
Why do only Liberals own newspapers and TV stations? Is it that Conservatives feel all people are moral, and there is no need to reach, and influence the public? Where are all of the constitutional lawyers, conservative foundations, law suits, members of the Senate, or others who can actually file charges or claims against those in office for violation of their oath of office, violations of the Constitution, unjust prosecutions? The Progressive, Socialist Biden Administration and their entire organization is filled with same anti-constitutional corrupt people who used the same fake evidence and tactics to try to prevent President Trump from winning office, convict him of collusion with Russia, impeach him, that are heading all bureaus, departments and cabinets today. The Justice Department and FBI are now going after all Conservatives instead of Donald Trump, The the Constitution is being completely ignored as if it is just an insignificant piece of paper. Prisoners of Jan. 6th are being improperly treated like political prisoners in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Many of the knee jerk suggestions of what to do from most commenters to the articles are impractical to impossible. Yes, we need to be made aware of all of the bad things going on, but much more importantly, we need practical, legal suggestions on things we can all do. or assist in, to make speedy, effective changes, with instructions on how to do it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Howard

Amen brother

1 year ago

Just change your W-2 form so your employer will no longer hold out Federal taxes.

Jay A.
1 year ago

She’ll get to the root of it………on her knees!

1 year ago

She never answers a question until after she she breaks into an evil laugh-fest….which is so “telling” of her incompetence & lack of decorum….. HIGHLY “UN-vice presidential.
A “hyena” should never be off-leash, but rather “on” an extremely SHORT one!.

Nick Patriot
1 year ago
Reply to  Patty

Right you are, Patty. I call her “the laughing commie’!

1 year ago

She wasn’t in Vietnam long enough to do anything as she is already heading back to California to “help” poor Governor Newsom, whose aunt is married to the brother of Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

1 year ago

make her pay and her visit of no consequence. We need a new Governor in Ca

1 year ago

She is a disgrace to our nation, an embarrassment to womankind and a waste of oxygen.

1 year ago

She never went to our southern border. and instead went to Guatemala. I guess she wanted a vacation rather than face the serious immigrant problem. These immigrants carry diseases, probably like we haven’t seen before, yet they are allowed to enter our country. She will not comment about Biden’s decision to stop the evacuation of many Americans who will be left behind and eventually murdered. She is a waste to the office she holds and should be removed from office. She thinks she is some kind of Important person but she is a disgrace to the United States of America. She is just another rotten Democrat trying to allow Socialism into our country.

1 year ago

Joe doesn’t like to leave home. What kind of guy is this to be president?

1 year ago

My My how she’s destroying the earth’s atmosphere with the private jet! Hypocrite!

1 year ago
Reply to  MJC

Isn’t she traveling on AirForce Two, why would she use a private Jet to travel?

1 year ago

What a joke!

1 year ago

So I’m curious… just what do they think camela can possibley do?? Stand there looking like a deer in the headlights while cackleing like a hyena? Or is she simply there as a mobile “receptacal” for every “randy” leader? Personally, I don’t see her value in any possible way..

Jay A.
1 year ago
Reply to  LoveMyNation

She’ll give the leaders a piece of her mind…..on her knees!

1 year ago

Remember when Hillary was Secretary of State and all she did was run from one country to the next? Never in one place long enough to answer questions. Just so busy. I think that’s what the powers that be are going to do with Kamala. Keep her out of sight because she’s a disaster as VP.
I loved Carly Fiorina’s comment, “traveling constantly is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

1 year ago

Biden got confused. He heard someone say, “Kamela Harris is a broad!” instead of “Kamel Hairs is going abroad!”

Al Wunsch
1 year ago

As has been said, we are witnessing the most unqualified admin in my lifetime at least, if not in U.S.A. history. The feckless congress is no help. They should be busy putting in place a process to fire President Biden, VP Harris, Blinken (SecState), SecDef and the National Security advisors to Biden. America cannot tolerate 3 more years of this group.

1 year ago
Reply to  Al Wunsch

You forgot pelosi and a few others

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