Kamala Harris Assures ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’ With Medicare for All

KAmala Harris doctor keep medicareDemocratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris made a familiar promise Wednesday about Medicare for All, assuring voters that “you can keep your doctor” under her plan.

“People think, ‘Well, maybe is this going to mean that I need to, that I’ll have to worry about not being able to see my doctor,’” the California senator said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Ninety-one percent of the doctors in America are in Medicare. And those that are not are mostly pediatricians, the 9 percent. And you know why they’re not in Medicare because Medicare doesn’t cover children. But when we have ‘Medicare for All’ that will not be any longer the case, which means that the vast majority of doctors will be in that system, and you can keep your doctor under that system.”

Former president Barack Obama made a similar promise, pledging that “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor,” under the Affordable Care Act, his administration’s signature piece of legislation.

Harris originally said she would eliminate the private health insurance market should she become president, but she has since backtracked those statements, saying instead that “it has to happen over a period of time.”

“There’s no question, we would have to go from the current system into a Medicare for all system and transition into it,” she said last month. “But the idea there would be any substantial difference in terms of the health care people receive — it’s just not accurate.”

The former California attorney general, who is a co-sponsor of Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation, also said the transition would be “seamless” from private health insurance plans to a single-payer healthcare system plan for Americans whose private plans would become illegal if the U.S. adopted Medicare for All.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Mairead McArdle

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James McCrory
2 years ago

In the old days they would hang a horse thief. Today they have been elected to the Democratic Party. Something for nothing just does not work. No one owes no one anything. You have to work to earn what you want and need. That has always been the path to the American Dream. We help each other because we care. And we don’t aid and abet corruption. We need prayer now more than ever. Heaven help us.

2 years ago
Reply to  James McCrory

You said it better then I could.
God Bless the USA
Judy H

2 years ago

Keep your doctor? Why do we need a “doctor”? I thought Kamala was posing as a FAITH HEALER blaming all her “symptoms” on her “political” foes…When you find the appropriate scapegoats… and you have the AMA behind you.. Maybe they’ll dream up some new diagnosis to fit your political agenda…

Edward D
2 years ago

Heard This lie before, no thanks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Edward D

They specialize in rubbing salt in people’s wounds.. SADISTIC A TO Z START TO FINISH.. sun up to sun down and all through the night.

2 years ago

So she is going to be Biden’s Vice President.

Gloria Rose
2 years ago

I would like to see POTUS go silent on Twitter for 2 days. In the interim, take notes on what he needs to acknowledge, but save them until after the silence. #1) This would drive Dems & media crazy trying to figure out what he’s up to, and #2) this would provide POTUS time for rational thinking before just delivering knee jerk reactions

Gary L
2 years ago

Who is naive enough to be duped again by these same lies from the same party all over again?? It wasn’t truthful before and it’s the same lie now just with different mouthpieces spewing S#i+!!

Steve Mishler
2 years ago

It is the younger generation, those with the idea that the government should provide everything “free” that scares me. I see many who just don’t seem to understand that nothing is free.

2 years ago

We’ve heard this before. They must think we are completely stupid.

2 years ago

Where have we heard that before? She wouldn’t lie to us too, would she?

2 years ago
Reply to  Don

Yes! They all have and they all would lie to us. I agree with these comments. They (the liberal democrat candidates) must really think we’re stupid.

2 years ago

How stupid would the American public have to be to believe anything coming out of the mouths of the various Democrat candidates for President? Seriously! For that matter since virtually every Democrat in Congress is parroting all this same garbage, they can all be lumped into the same bucket of congenital liars and frauds. Every word out their mouths is a lie being uttered to achieve one purpose: POWER at the expense of the American people.

Whether this nonsense it uttered by Harris or any other Democrat, it is all complete BS. Plain and simple. Single Payer, which is what they are all pushing while calling it “Medicare for All”, will deliver NONE of the benefits these politicians claim and will lead to the same dysfunctional health care system enjoyed by the U.K, Canada and the other countries where the people were dumb enough to buy into this nonsense. All while bankrupting the country. There is a reason why world leaders and those that can afford it ALL come to the United States for major medical procedures and state of the art medical care. Think people. Don’t buy the BS that the Democrat Party is shoveling.

Enjoy the weekend.

2 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

They’re being deliberately sadistic.. My take is they’re trying to make it look like “race war” is inevitable but we must “take the first punch but it’ll be our last”.. They are SO warped my only wish is that someone find the means to start suing them for their mental cruelty which is absolute HELL ON EARTH.. they’re just insubordinate, and obstructionist defeatist.. pleasure seekers…filling their days by schemes to liberalize their vices and they’re doing a bang up job at it with total loss of credibility.. SADISTIC.. nuff said..

2 years ago

Medicare For All is just a means to require all doctors and health care facilities to provide abortions and contraception at the expense of the taxpayer.
The government will also regulate how much a doctor can charge and what procedures a patient will be allowed to have, even if he/she is willing to self-pay. Doctors are in short supply already; it can only get worse.

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