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Justice Department Expands Probe of New York Nursing Home Deaths

justiceThe Department of Justice demanded detailed data from hundreds of private nursing home facilities in New York on Oct. 28 as part of an expanding investigation into whether the state is undercounting nursing home deaths from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the coronavirus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has faced criticism for months about the states official tally of 6,722 nursing home deaths, which is off by thousands because the state is one of only a handful that count only people who die on nursing home property. The counting method enables Cuomo to claim that New York has a lower percentage of nursing home deaths than other states.

The governor has repeatedly denied access to the relevant data to lawmakers and the media. Cuomo signed an executive order on March 25 sending thousands of recovering CCP virus patients into nursing homes at the peak of the pandemic.

The governor’s spokesman said the DOJ’s latest request is a “sham” and a “scummy abuse of power” due to its timing right before the election.

New York appears to be undercounting nursing home deaths by the thousands, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

“In this hyper-political environment … everybody wants to point fingers,” Cuomo said in an appearance on CBS’s “This Morning” earlier this month while promoting his new book on his handling of the crisis. “New York, actually, we’re number 46 out of 50 in terms of percentage of deaths in nursing homes—46 out of 50. So, yes, people died in nursing homes. Yes, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, but 46 out of 50, it’s not a predominantly New York problem.”

The Department of Justice’s civil rights division sent a letter to the state demanding a breakdown of hospital death data, which the New York Department of Health has been collecting since at least April but has never made public. The letters to the private nursing homes, in the meantime, are a vast expansion of a similar request in April that was aimed as several dozen publicly-run facilities.

Asked about the delay on Wednesday, the state health department repeated what it has been saying for months: that it needs more time to doublecheck the figures for accuracy.

Separately, the Justice Department also sent a letter to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey questioning his state’s nursing home death count while announcing that it is launching a formal investigation of the state’s veterans homes after receiving what it described as incomplete answers to an earlier request for data.

The Murphy administration wouldn’t comment on the substance of the investigation. It called the new inquiries politically motivated.

Spokesman Michael Zhadanovsky said: “The fact that this request from the Department of Justice was announced a week before Election Day speaks volumes about the nature of the review.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Ivan Pentchoukov

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1 year ago

It is amazing the degree of willful ignorance exists in our country as state after state continue to elect Democrats. One would think it logical to give the other guys a chance once in a while. California, New York, and New Jersey are losing tax paying residents by the droves. If people in those states do not wake up soon, their tax burden will overwhelm them. This being said, I am fine with whatever any free person does when they vote for their future.

Danny Estridge
1 year ago

After reading these ya-hoo’s it’s all political, well, fine, the people are already dead, so start the investigation after the election and see what else they’ll try to use to block the truth. Election is over, now I want to see their next excuse. I live in the Southwest, so I know what bull %hit smells like. Hope their little noses can handle the smell. Me, I been here so long cow $hit is almost like perfume to me. I want to see these high and mighty say eeeeew and hold there noses. Too much B$ for me to deal with, but I’ll be happy to take them to a farm where cows are either slaughtered or milked. Stuff always smell the same. They’re so full of B$ they should just take a bath it it, after the election of course. After that, no excuse. Can’t blame anybody else, they were in charge. And making fun of the China Corn Hole Virus won’t help him or his brother this time. I could go on and on, but nothing will happen, they’re rich, they don’t have to be around the rest of us.
Hey AMAC, you have my permission to block me, when I write stuff, I just don’t like BS artisits blurring the truth and then lie about blurring the truth.
Thanx, Danny

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Both the DemocRat Party and the National and International News Media belong to the One World Government/Communist Machine!! Turn them all OFF!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

What is happening today is exactly why OUR Founders wrote and passed the 2nd Amendment!!  If we are not willing to fight for OUR Country, we do not deserve to have it!!  All Patriots MUST be ready to Take-Up arms an FIGHT when their invasion begins!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

As a trained Scientist and Analyst, there is a 95% chance that Covid-19 is a designed virus!! It was intentional for political gain!! The DemocRats and the CCP, all all Communists, place Human Life FAR below the importance of THE CAUSE!!! And, they will do “everything” they can do to get OUR President out-of the White House, as hewing the 2020 Election!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Blue Snail
1 year ago

Did anyone think the real reason for them to look into this is maybe they want to get the Chinese take out with wuton on the side death count as high as they can incase President Trump is re-elected. I don’t imagine that any numbers woild come out if V.P. Biden is elected. The left never gives up! Attack, attack, attack is all they know.

Robin W Boyd
1 year ago

Hopefully the “justice” department will actually do diligent justice for a change. Tom Wolf of PA needs to answer for his role in the deaths of thousands of PA senior citizens in such facilities as well. Killing off our elderly is not an acceptable thing.

1 year ago

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is promoting his new book on his handling of the crisis so there is no need to investigate this great and honorable untouchable racketeer.

1 year ago

I was with my mother when she passed away, not from Covid, earlier this year. I can’t imagine the heartache felt by family members who were prevented from being with their loved ones as they became ill and suffered their ultimate fate. So, I hope the DOJ also considers the stories of those families who were subjected to this barbaric separation.

1 year ago

In other news today Joe Biden was seen today wandering the streets of Scranton PA looking for the debate with his current opponent George Bush who by the way is not running for anything and hasn’t for almost 12 years.When asked about this Joe said “What do you mean this is not 2008 ?” Joe was immediately whisked away by his Handlers and returned to His basement at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane.He was later visited by his son Hunter and the Chinese President who presented him with a large bag of cash to split among family members.Who says crime doesn’t pay?

1 year ago

I have been a Republican for a long, long time but I cannot believe how GOP has changed in four years.

1 year ago

Is this really the most pressing issue facing America today? And actually is now history, so what is point of investigation.

Veronica Storey
1 year ago

This man Governor Cuomo if you want to call him that, it was shown on TV that he put so many in his nursing home and a lot of them dies from COVID19. I feel he needs to be held accountable and have some prison time for killing those people. He might not have held a gun to their head, but he put them there knowing they had the Coronavirus to die! I am in a state across the map from him. That poor excuse of a so called man better be glad I didn’t have anyone in there and he does need to spend some time in the slammer as they say!

Dino Deplorable"chump"
1 year ago

What is it with the cuomo’s and the truth.It must be a dense oc RAT thing,if things work out for them,they take credit.If things don’t work the way they want them then blame the Republicans.Two faced at the least.

H W Barbarick
1 year ago

All democrat governors have senior blood on their hands for their inept policies regarding senior facilities. We must make them pay a price at the election for this and their dictatorial shut down actions. I hope the investigations bring criminal charges against them. The SHUT DOWNS are costing lives too from other ailments because of neglect! Please vote for Donald Trump and Republicans for US Senate and Congress. We must defeat the democrats and socialism! God bless you all!

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

What a double standard is being weaved! When someone doesn’t get what they want, they make up lies and expect the rest of us to accept what they say. No thank you!!

aluminum head
1 year ago

He should suffocate in a ‘nursing home.’ Hope he does and real soon.

1 year ago

All of the Democrats and corporations who think that by backing Antifa and BLM and toeing the party line they will be safe, I think, will be in for a rude awaking. Walmart was in PA, the others will too. The are not safe even if big tech, the media, China Communist Party bail them out for now, blocking news of their corruption, criminal acts, treasonous behavior, all for filling their bank accounts. They pay for protection, when you do this, someone always has more money to buy your info, or perhaps you develop a conscience or find you cannot stomach the lies and such anymore. The fact that you have betrayed all of America to the CCP and you will also loose everything in the end because the people you are in league with have no honor and are much more concerned with covering their own backsides than worrying about yours. I have faith that if they escape judgement here, they will not get by Good Lord, may he have mercy on their souls.

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

gov. coma thinks he can stall till after the election because this moron thinks chinajoe and cameltoe will win and help him bury these murders, LETS PROVE HIM WRONG! VOTE TRUMP!! R.E.D., KEEP AMERICA FREE!!!

Patty deBingo
1 year ago

I would like Gov. Whitmer of Michigan included in the probe. She did NOT count the deaths in all of the senior facilities… only about 1/4 of them. Come on Gov. Gretchen, give us the real numbers. What are you hiding? And, quit telling lies about President Trump. la la la

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