Just For Fun – How Observant Are You?

Just For Fun – How Observant Are You?  You will never look at these logo’s the same way again!

Do you see the arrow between the “E” and “x” (in white)?

The 2nd and 3rd “T’s” are two people sharing (or fighting over) a tortilla and a bowl of salsa.

The world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist.
The yellow circle is the front wheel of a bicycle, the “O” is the back wheel.

The arrow means Amazon has everything from A to Z.

The gap between the “K” and the “I” is a sideways chocolate kiss.


There is a dancing bear above the “ble”.
Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland , whose symbol is the bear.

See the ” 31″ embedded in the ” BR”?
Thirty one-derful flavors!

Northwest Airlines. The circle is a compass.
The arrow in the upper left corner is pointing..?


See the gorilla and lioness (in white) facing each other?


The smiley half face is also a ‘g”.

The emblem for the Milwaukee Brewers.
Baseball glove forms an “M” and a “B”.
This Logo was designed by a college student.

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8 years ago

This article was meant to be fun and informative. Some of you have decided to make it a “rant” forum. For those of you blaming Obama for everything, you better look again. It took a lot longer than the time Obama’s been in office for our Country to get as messed up as it is. Put the blame where it belongs and stop making it all his fault. No President can fix what is wrong and has been wrong for years and years and years and years.
And until those of you who think it’s only Obama’s fault wise up, things will continue in a downward spiral no matter who’s in office.

Mike Wynkoop
8 years ago

Shows u everything is not what it seems sometimes there is hidden or unrecognized meaning.

Carol L
8 years ago

Cool logos! Thanks for sharing.

8 years ago

The lies continue to grow every time obama opens his trap. He continually puts down the veterans who have made this country what it is by sweat and blood yet he has never and will never even break a sweat ever defending our great country. Disrespect for the constitution and those who wrote it show everyday. He obama continues to praises and kiss ass of every enemy ever known to our soil, paying off our enemies with jets, helicopters and promises of better things to come to them. Empeachment is not nearly good enough for a two faced traders like this. Other presidents have been removed with far less betrayals and unethical conduct in that office, where’s the back bone of those responsible to see justice be done. I,m beginning to believe the whole god damn bunch needs to be run out on a rail. Get out the tar an feather crew. Obama care good for one good for all bullshit who was the first group to bow out congress and the big shots, americans pay for there health care any way. An any big money supporters of the president they got excused from having to enroll in oboma care, right down the line dirty back door tricks to dump on the American taxpayers the few that do work and pay taxes. Every week the rules change to try to make him look good, sorry we can see through your inability to manage.Why are we broke because you let all and any free loading want it for nothing, non english speaking scumbags suck off those of us who have worked our asses off for our entire life and now comimg up holding the bag. IN GOD WE TRUST.— can’t trust gov—- AMAC lead ON

Gary Ford
8 years ago

It’s AMAC and people that support their philosophy’s that will help turn this country around. Thanks AMAC!

Gary Ford
8 years ago

We were AARP members until two years ago and refused to be a part of what they are doing and the things they stand for and have made our point with our retired and non retired friends as well. Our country is rapidly going to HELL and it’s Obama, AARP, the Republican Rhino’s and non conservative spend thrifts that are causing the damage. What happened to our Constitution and the leaders that stood by it? I am a native of Colorado, a home owner, have a high school diploma with a coupole years of college and an honorably discharged combat veteran, and have had my own business for 35 yrs.and it just gauls me to see what is going on in this country. I strongly support ANYTHING THAT IS ANTI OBAMA or any of his Croneys or policy’s! As I tell my friends—There is one way you can tell if he is lying. Just look him in the face and see if his lips are moving! If his lips are mmoving he’s LYING! I am an avid listener and supporter of Mark Levin and strokngly agree with his philosophies as well. It’s really nice to see an operation like AMAC to surface. We look forward to being part of AMAC.

Wanda Thrasher
8 years ago

This was fun and interesting! I learned a lot! Thanks.

Gayle Ebel
8 years ago

love this ! have to tell my friends to carefully look at the emblems from now on !!
love amac !!

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