Just For Fun Video!

Remember the Jitterbug? Well, so did these seniors. Very clever, and it’s really fun.. watch video here.

Thank you to AMAC member Edgar Smith, a Georgia boy (73 year old one), for submitting this video!

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9 Comments on "Just For Fun Video!"

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Wish I could do that. Thoroughly enjoyed this. thank you for sharing. :)

So much fun to see – wish I could move like that now – they’re just great…..

Absolutely fabulous, thanks for the Sunday morning smiles, so much fun…………………Priscilla

Absolutely more fun to watch than simple jitterbug. Thanks.

This is so much fun to watch. I wish kids now a days could really appreciate this. It really put a smile on my face all 3 times I watched it. I mom used to tell me she did the jitterbug! I could see her doing this :-)

And the kids say “Mom & Dad are Old and Boring; they never have any Fun!”
That was Awesome !

In all my years on this planet, I’ve never seen any dancing like this. It’s absolutely awesome. Great job.

What fun!!!

Totally CREEPY!