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The actions of both parties has driven a large contingency to third parties such as Libertarians! Anyone know what the total of combined other party voters amounted to?

sounds like your out of touch SANDRA IN NEPA with your KISS METHOD ….it’s a RUMBLE NOT A RAMBLE!

it would work right IF we had a conservitive media, IF we had a conservitive president, and IF the conservetives we do have acted upon their words.

You are absolutely right!! The only negative criticism I have is that you spelled conservative wrong. You got to watch it “cus” in this” modern” world that can have a negative effect on your credibility with these supposed “super smart” Liberals we have to deal with. Hang in there, I am! ……………………….Mike

too many “ifs”. we must get back to basics and the KISS principle…keep it simple stupid!.

My usual comments on postings such as this. Your comments are all on target, but what is your target? What do you hope to accomplish on this venue? Have you sent the same comments to you legislators? It is easier than ever to contact congress and the Whitehouse. Find your local officials contacts and let them know what you are thinking. Make them respond to you, and please, don’t just be politically correct in your statements. GET MAD DAMMIT! DO SOMETHING!

I agree with your point. I only wish I lived in the part of Our Country where my vote means something. Here in California every one of my political reps from Mayor on up to Senators leans so far Left they could care less about what I have to say………………

Get on the bandwagon to reform the electoral college. With all of California’s 55 electoral votes going left every time it is near impossible for a rep. or ind. to get elected.

Which electoral college? Does Calif. have one? If you went to poular vote or anything like it California and New York would do all the electing and to heck with the rest of the country!

You know I mean Popular!

Returns Lady, “Sir, it is working perfectly fine….it never works right.”

Right on…….

We need term limits for the Senate and the House. They perform as if they have attention deficit disorder. They wait until the 12th hour and then rush through legislation that has not even been read. I wonder how America got to the point of being led by incompetent, corrupt individuals. “They work for us?” Haha. We can say that as often as we like, but the truth is, we work for them.

…they do need term limits.but we’ll never see them because these worms protect each other no matter what party, they come first and the rest of us dead broke last. Look what is happening in New York in the wake of Sandy. A big zero. They got to Haiti in hours and it took a week or more for any response for New York. And they got into office because WE sent them there. Time for a change.

Yes, the response time for aid to the storm victims in the northeast was not good, but when the Senate sends a bill to the house for the proposed aid that is 64% pork (nothing to do with with aid to the victims), I can see why the bill was held up. Of course now it will probably will be signed just the way it came, because of the uproar.

Yes, I think we’ve found that THE UPROAR gets results, especially when amplified by the MSM. In a way, you can’t blame Republicans for being cowed by the loud voices of The Left, always ALWAYS met with approval by the MSM, never any objections (except from Fox News–or Faux News as it’s called by The Left), of course.

It would be very nice if the Rs would get a louder voice, a more assertive voice, and explain to the voters the rationale behind any action or inaction. Until that happens, THE UPROAR will win. And the American people will lose, whether they know it or not.

I think the Republicans should return to conservatism instead of being the “Democrat lite” party. The Democrats of the sixty’s were more conservative than the majority of Republicans today!