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Mitt doesn’t lie……he just changes his mind…..Mitt was interrupted because he constantly was going over his time limit and wanting to always get the last word in. It didn’t take just a few years for the economy to fall. Doesn’t it always take longer to build something than to tear it down? Democrats did a good job of screwing it up and then blame Obama for not fixing it in 4 years. Real stability takes time cuz its the foundation that needs to weather the storm

Mitt Romney is a gentleman and I’m sure it was difficult to remain so while facing such a dispicable liar as the president. Obama had certainly done his homework and had his lies down pat. The left refuses to read anything that paints Obama as a trained and schooled socialist/communist.I hope and pay that we don’t learn about him the hard way. Another four year of him would just about do in our democracy,

I feel Mr.Romey did a good job sounded more like our president should with wanting to run the country and let the american people be who we are without abunch of goverment. Sure gov is ok if we need a helping hand. But right now we are being crippled by our gov and it’s outrageous. I was raised to stand on lmy 2 feet and work and jobs are what we diffently need more of we all have talents and can be great just have to have some organizers to set up new businesses and be create new ideas.

I just cant understand how any true American could think about supporting Obama. I understand that democrats and republicans have a different opinion on politics but Obama is not republican or democrat. He is a communist.

Yes I can’t believe what is happening in America either it like every one went asleep and half are waking up . Your right we either want freedom what alot of our soldiers died for or we want dictatorship to disgrace our falling soldiers. I want to have america back with better than what we had with out be a prisoner with in our on country. Free is good but freedom is better.

The monitor should be an independent and should have a gavel to signal the end of the persons time,and get them back on line of the question. And have backbone enough to utilize it on both parties.

How about having Rush Limbaugh as moderator? Maybe we would get some REAL meaningful questions!

I don’t see much humor in this; maybe women do. I don’t see the candidates as kids for one thing! Democrats see women as being focused on birth control and abortion rights. Republicans see woman as being focused on economic issues; having lost ground in the job market and strapping their kids or grand kids with a huge debt. My guess is that women, like most people, have a broad range of issues that concern them just like men. This cartoon could just as easily portrayed minority votes and union voters. None of it is funny to me. Next time, try an animal driving them to Lynn University or something. Animals have more universal appeal in humor.

In the second debate “Candy” interrupted Romney 28 times and Obamie 9 times. One time Obamie was on the ropes and “candy” stepped in to help Obamie. Which was completely bad to take sides. Course we all knew who shes with before the debate. If you want this country to go socialist (Marxist) then you’ll vote for obamie.

The monitor should be an independent not right or left leaner and should have a gavel to let them know when the time is up. And use it potus or not.

Patrick, I would prefer the gavel each time they interrupt each other (similar to a court proceedings) and a loud buzzer to let them know when the time is up.

Romney is much more of a gentleman than Obama. He needs to bring out facts about Obama and it would take much longer than an hour and a half to bring out all the wrongs and false promises. For instance, when Obama says Romney should show income tax, Romney should offer any truthful papers from birth certificate on as long as Obama shows his also–“I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” I noticed in the second debate, when Romney brought out true facts, such as the pipeline and offshore drilling that Obama stopped with ‘executive privilege” that never should have been allowed, Obama interrupted with “That’s a lie!” Biden was obnoxious with his interruptions, snide remarks, and eye-rolling grins as Ryan spoke. We don’t need these types of people in the highest offices in the land. No wonder we have become a joke to other countries. Unfortunately too… Read more »

The monitor cannot be biased and if it is displayed corrected also have a gavel to signify the end of time for an answer or off topic President or not.

Obama has no chance by running on his record these past four years, so he and his minions come up with everything they can to distract voters. Obama and the left calling Romney a liar has proven the needed fire in the belly of Romney we really needed to see! Anyone who watched the last debate saw this and understands what I saw? Honestly, these debates have shown the MSM’s attempt to run cover for Obama! However, during these debates I am happy Romney has shown he understands more than just the economy. The last debate I believe showed frustration on Romney’s part because Obama has shown he will flat lie to the American people to get re-elected. I’m sure most Americans would have something to say to anyone calling them a liar as Romney has been accused of? At least this shows all of us Romney isn’t some rich… Read more »

All politicians have mastered the art of public speaking without saying anything. Having been through similiar training you are taught to respond to a question as if it were the question you wanted asked instead of the real question. You are also taught to add the point you wanted to make regardless of the question.

Both followed the format well.

If you want to know how they will govern in the future look at their past behavior. It’s probably the only real predictor of future behavior.

I don’t expect the next debate to be any more revealing than the past two.

MEJ . . . which first debate were you watching to call it a draw ?? Get back to your popcorn !

Thre comments by the president show the short attention span of the American public. This do9es not portend well for the future of out country. Google Greece.

While the first two debates seemed to come to a draw….I was very disappointed in how the first 2 debate monitors did little to keep them to the debate format (watching time, making sure questions were answer). I hope the next debate they stick to the questions and not throw barbs. I want to hear answers not rhetoric.

MEJ, you’re right in that the debates should involve sticking to the questions and reasonably answering them. That, however, is not how these political debates are, where obfuscation, lies, half-truths, deflection through constant interruption, etc. seem to be the norm.

Did you watch the first debate??? That certainly was not a draw, even by liberal standards!

The debate did look like a couple of kids fighting over their toys. Not future leaders of large amount of people.