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All leaders are placed over any country by God. We must accept this as God’s judgment on a morally declining America. We waste our time on political power struggles. We should be setting a good Christian example for ctizens of our country. We should be witnessing to and evangelizing our people. If God caused a revival in our nation where people were changed within, we wouldn’t have to worry about politics. Just as in early years of this nation, it would straighten itself out.

You are right goldenboy there isn’t anyone in DC that has the guts to stand up to OB!!!!!!!

This (man?) is most certainly a muslim leaning president if we ever had one. He kotows to any and all muslims everywhere and a president who says “the most beautiful sounbd in th eworld is th emuslim call to prayer in the evening is th emost beautiful sound ever” is definitely a muslim leaning sort of person. No muslim can do any wrong in his eyes I think and this is not good for America. His views on americanisms are bot what we expect in a president and we do not know a lot about him as he has sealed all his pertinent records.

In God (only) I still trust. Pray, people.

From what I understand, BO’s bowing to Muslim leaders was a signal to the others that he is Muslim. His wife has never travelled with him to any of the Muslim country’s either…

Do you offer discounts on cruises?

Great cartoon but we need to keep N. Korea’s “Sexiest Man Alive” on a much shorter, tighter leash.

Ive said this along about BO, even when he was first running in 2007. The only “change ” he was talking about was making the USA a 3rd world country for the one world government can take over. As you see Europe is in deep financial trouble and we’re headed that way. He was to supply arms to the mid east, Turkey is getting missles, and Egupt to get Tanks. The end of this world as we have known is about to change. Why do you think He bowed to King of Eugpt and cow-tow to the rest of the muslim countrys?

That says what is happening in a nutshell! Obama’s America! :(

It seems ironic that a person who is so irresponsible can get the people to believe everything he says, even though they can see he doesn’t do what he says. Maybe it is the 51% of people who are living off the taxpayers that have kept him in office and this percentage is only going to get worse until the country is officially bankrupt. Soon many people will find that they can live off the government, maybe less flamboyantly, but without any work, so they will join the taxpayer subsidized population. It seems incredible that our media is so liberal that they ignore what is obvious, such as the 51% on the taxpayers dime, and ridicule a person like Romney who said the truth. It is time that the media be restricted to telling the facts & no opinions, because their opinions are so biased they cannot be relied upon… Read more »


Try to put a frog in hot water and he will fight it. But you can put him in cold water and bring it to a boil and he will never budge. This is what is happening to the american people. They are slowly being destroyed by putting greed and politics before what is good for the country.


I agree whole heartedly with H.E.Pals remarks. America is sliding fast and the majority of Americans don’t take the time to read or learn about what the liberals are doing to the USA. We must push for better controls -IDs – on voting for the good of America. This President has accomplished staying in office on the give aways and class envy/class warfare. With half of Americans not paying anything in income taxes he has gotten the votes. We need a Ronald Reagan to bring the people back to the true “American Way”. Every child and adult should see “Rendezvous With Destiny”.

The most serious issue we are facing is our President is a Muslim — socialist – communist. — i’m convinced of this.

It is pretty obvious, that any issue where Muslims are involved, in another country or ours, he pretty well has a

“hands off” policy I believe he is setting things up so he will get changes made so he can rule another term (s) ..

dictator of the USA. its its it is important that you talk openly about this as the majority of the people in the

‘u s a have their eyes closed. we are going down the silppery slope fast!!!!!

I think MANY Americans agree with you and there is plenty of evidence to impeach, but what is our gov’mint doing about it?