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I am a vet and have flown the Flag since 9/11, 24 hours a day, lighted at night! Flying the Flag should not be outlawed no matter what.

Please answer this.. Why has obama not been impeached for violation of the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. 1. Refused to enforce Federal law….immigration. for or against is not the issue. The LAW IS THE LAW. 2. Freedom of Religion. obama has supported muslim activities costantly, yet does all posible to stop Christian faith. Simple solution ..allow anybody to display any religious symbol or display on their car or home. 3. Right to bear Arms…obama signed on to the UN effort to ban arms. Look at history, countries that gave up their arms, in most cases don’t exist anymore. 4. Now the effort to control Freedom of Speech is under attack. Lets get all talk show hosts to pull together to create a petition for his impeachment. Lets gey all talk show hosts to pull together to petition all elected officials more come under any law they pass.… Read more »

Courage at it’s best.

You can be sure B.O. wasn’t born in this house.

Boy, you can say that again!!!

I love to have my house painted the American flag colors. I love my country and will defend our country. Thank you, whoever painted this house and standing for what is right.

I like it!

I would love to see every house in America painted red, white and blue… How beautiful it would be!!! We need more gutsy people, like this person.

@ edward: That was the whole point. I read the story about this house. The man was a veteran who wanted to put a flag pole in his front yard. His HOA said absolutely not. I think it finally went to court. So he did the next best thing. He painted his house in patriotic colors. He would have been happy with just a flag on a pole, but they wouldn’t let him. I think that HOA should be ashamed!

Love it!!!

Everyone needs to be advised I I am a disabled Marine and servec in Vietnam. If anyoneI attempts to remove my flag will be dealt with accordingingly. My property is cleared NO TRESSPASSING .STRONGLY BELIEVE IN THE 2 AMENDMENTNG AND WILL PROTET MY PROPERTY AT ANY COST..

If you cannot even own that peice of land, Freely, without huge property tax, do you really own it?
Or are you just signed up to pay “rent” to the government.

This Government is TRESSPASSING on your land by stealing your money without having to step foot on it!!

I love this American’s bold, beautiful stance. Too many hide and don’t have the courage to stand tall for their values and their beliefs……..that’s why we are in such deep trouble today and are being ignored by our so called “leadership”. We need to stop sitting on the sofa and let them all know that we aren’t quite the idiots they think we are. We understand where they are leading us and the country and that we don’t agree with the way they are handling those we have sent to represent us that believe in standing up for the conservative values as they represent us. We will remember in November how they threw all we believe in “overboard”.

If we had more patriots in this country like this we would not be so divided

@Lucy, If I recall correctly the owner’s HOA would not allow him to fly a flag. The house was painted this way in protest

@Elliot..Being a Realtor for over 20 years, I doubt they have a homeowners association in an older development like that…and a Victorian home? He’s just a patriot who deserves big kudos.

Carol, I know there have been HOAs since at leats the 70s and I did work for many of them in the early 80s. I know in many areas of tract homes in the 50s had HOAs also. Some HOAs were formed long after neighborhoods were formed. Mostly to preserve the heighborhoods and maintain property values. Seen rules like no chain link fences as only picket fences were allowed in a front yard., hedges could not be higher than 3 feet, etc. Even rules like could not have vegetation that grew in front of the glass of a window. Another that olny allowed pastel paints to be used on the exterior of homes.

Carol, I live in a gated community that has a HOA and it has rules on what color to paint or side your house, but there are no rules about displaying the flag. I have mine flying since i moved her 25 years ago.

Carol…they do have HOA’s in older developments like that and he IS a patriot who deserve big kudos.

Sorry that should have been@ Ed

I think this is a great web site. The above picture of the house with the colors of the American flag is over done. A flag on a pole outside the house would have looked better.

Beautiful! Bold statement! Speeks for its self.