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A fair tax or national sales tax would tax those with more money, they would pay higher taxes on their toys, summer homes, etc., cut the taxes for the middle class. No more I. R. S.!!! This is a fair solution!

Radfox61 The government does not create jobs just beaurocracies, then we have the lazy ass federal employees, which if you have to deal with them you know what I mean. People like my husband and myself create jobs. We pay good wages, treate our employees well. If a union came in we would have shut down the business immediately. We are the ones who took the financial risks to create a business and provide work for others. I know that years ago unions were necessary, they have gotten out of control and are run by crooks, cheats, and greedy people. We have a private pension, lived in a small house, had one used car for years. Later we had two used cars, a slightly larger house, our money went into our business. I had friends who bought mini mansions, new expensive cars and complained all the time about having no… Read more »

Please tell me Donna, are you always this self rightous??? While you state you didnt go to college, you failed to mention that you didnt learn the expression ” if you cant say or text something nice then please dont say anything at all” oh by the way , I added the word please. Do you really like the intent or are you just reminding yourself how great you are??? Have a blessed day.

While I agree with most of the comments above (at least the intent), I am appalled at the misspelling, grammar and misuse of words. This is a very poor reflection on our educational level in America. By the way, I have no college education. I just made the best of my high school education and continued reading and learning throughout my life. You can learn a lot by observing what happens around you.

Please excuse me,Gail. I hope I’m not being self-righteous but you omitted the apostrophe in “didn’t” and “don’t” and spelled self-righteous incorrectly and left out the hyphen.

Btw, why didn’t you follow your own advice–if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?

Begging your pardon, but kindly get off your high-horse and have a blessed day.

Tax breaks to large cornoratiops to keep them from moving have an extremely poor record of actually preventing job attrition, Sam. There’s also a big difference between loans which must be repaid and tax breaks which represent revenue gone forever. Even aside from those factors, though, completely equivalent programs targeted toward small businesses rather than large ones would be preferable because that’s where most job creation occurs.As I seem to find myself saying often nowadays, the status quo also represents policy decisions that require as much justification as is commonly demanded of proposed alternatives. If the current race to the bottom system of corporate tax breaks and free infrastructure (as so ably detailed in David Cay Johnston’s Free Lunch) were proposed anew, any respectable advocate of small government would find far more to dislike in that than in any small-business loan program.

Flat Tax No One is exempt!!!! Slice the federal Jobs by a third across the board. All senate & house reps have to be on Medicare health benefits period. The cap on ALL PAYROLL for the Senate & House CANNOT EVER BE HIGHER THEN 90 Grand Top out which has to include all there perdiems,housing etc. included in the 90 Grand a year. With a budget mandatory for the country or automatic 10 % decrease of pay per wk. If no buget ALL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES HAVE A FURRLOW. UNPAID ( except military) mandatory at end midnight washington time zone at the end 4th (Friday) wk of No Budget. Oh they have to actually show up and work for us Americans. They also have No More then 4 wks off a year. Which is more then most Americans get. They also have to actually vote A BIG YES OR NO ON… Read more »

Not Wal- mart Dear, They had to fight off the Three Stuges, Nancy, Harry, and last but not least Barry, or Barrack, or that doesn’t matter. No one really knows his name, or where he was born. But they call him Mr. President even though he is always bowing to everyone where ever he goes? Unlike Reagan, Kennedy, Eienshour, Bush 1 and 2 even William Jefferson Clinton did not bow down: He may of had other people bow down- if you know what I am saying! This was not said to the little one.

But the President of the United States of America should bow to no one!!! Not even Patton or McAuther


The problem we have is the presidents excutive order which he can pull at any time on any issue. He doesn’t need congress to pass any bills. Yes that is dictactor ship! I under stand that is what he’s doing with the guns people own in in this country. Remeber , Hitler did the same thing, regestor guns, then call them all in or face imprisonment. He’s trying to get the gun law international through the UN. Hilary started it before she blew in Lybia!!

Excuse me but I am a union worker but I don’t blindly adhere to the democratic viewpoint. I believe in fair living wage for fair work in fair working conditions. I should also add that as a woman, I would have never been paid fairly except for the union. Most places would give less pay because I supposedly have a “male ” person in my life to support me. I had to raise 2 children without financial aid from my spouse now ex-spouse. Yes I agree that the middle class is over taxed, I myself pay a 35% tax on all my earnings because as a non- house owner, I have no deductions plus my children are older than 25. I was unable to save properly for my eventual retirement because my earnings just made my essential bills. And it didn’t help my budget when my company asked for a… Read more »

Government does not create jobs they take money from working people and then distribute it as they see fit.

Small business and individuals create jobs. The more the government takes from the people and business the less we have to spend, grow jobs, and increase the tax base.

I agree with the flat tax idea if it is flat and everyone top to bottom pays it.

Unions suck. The main reason for unions is to make the union bosses rich and to be Obama’s “army”.

Give it a rest. I am a woman that worked all of my life and I didn’t work with in unions. I worked hard and did well and made pay hikes because of my hard work not because someone had to dictate the rules and regulations to me, I just worked hard and did my job great. I do agree that a flat tax that hit that was for every one would work better because not just those that are working to make a living would have to pay some tax. I don’t feel it is fair for those that work pay taxes for everyone when there are people out there that quite capable that want to sit on their bottoms and get free money from us that do pay taxes. I don’t like union because they seem to only cause discourse and prejudice against those that want to make… Read more »

So did you vote for Romney or Obama? The first one would have done what you wanted the second will just keep giving away your hard earned taxes as spreading the wealth around.

The republicans should walk away from the negotiating table. Adamantly oppose tax increases and raising the debt ceiling! Adamantly oppose giving the Pres authority to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval! Why is no one talking about limited government?!!?!###
Adamantly oppose giving our money to foreign govts, money that we borrow. Let them borrow their own money!


The unions have taken over the government local, state and federal. Prevailing wage, and mandatory union affiliation is required in every government job. Every union hall is full of Democrats slogans and Obama posters. You have to be a union member to have a government job, and the union requires you to be a democrat or subscribe to the principles of the democrat party. So to be a government employe you have to be a democrat. So we will never again be able to have fair representation for a conservative view. The unions and the democratic party one and the same champion higher wages for the working people a noble cause and is well received with most of the population. This is how they hold all of the power. One way to gain that power back is to make the minimum wage what ever the negotiated wage the unions have… Read more »

Not all government employees HAVE to belong to a union. I’ve been with the federal government for 25 years, and have never had to belong to a union. I am a white collar worker, and even the blue collar workers don’t HAVE to belong to a union. If you pay union dues, you belong, if you don’t pay union dues, you don’t belong.

Damn the unions especially the SEIU and its affiliates!!!!

God survives on 10% (actually less, since not everyone tithes) Why should our government get more?

Easy. 1. Congress proposes the budget. 2. All representatives and president approve and sign budget. 3. The spending identified in the budget is split amongst all American citizens. For example, suppose the budget is $3,834,000,000 (3 trillion, 834 billion dollars). The youngest citizens (under 16 years of age) are assessed a flat portion of the total, let’s try $600. suppose there are 62,155,000 (62 million, 155 thousand persons) in that category, each pays 600 total is $37,293,000,000 (37 billion 293 million dollars). The remaining balance ($3,796,707,000,000) is assessed to all citizens age 16-65. suppose there are 204,775,000 (204 million 775 thousand persons) each pays $18,540 (18 thousand 540 dollars). If we don’t like paying $18540 each, we complain to the government to trim spending. Taxing business, and abating taxes from anyone, indirectly effects our share of the bill. What could be more fair? If the government can’t show that what… Read more »
Steve Fraas / Peachtree City, Ga

I know this is a “radical” idea, but how about FLAT TAX….10% across the board… no itemization… no tax credits… no nothing. Just flat 10%. And the Federal government gets no other tax revenues… No federal sales tax… nothing. AND they must live within a balanced budget based upon that tax revenue.

Then let the states figure out for themselves what they need. Giveaway states like New York and New Jersey would see a mass exodus of people and business to places offering a more favorable environment.

I like it. And it is absolutely fair.

I think we need to go to a flat tax with no deductions. Once the percentage is set it cannot be raised except for an emergency and then by a recorded vote of our representatives and the added percentage is good for one year. Each year it would have to be voted on again. Then we would know how our representatives are voting.

Just remember, the burden would still fall on the people who are actually working and paying taxes. The people who are earning far more then they claim or who are being paid under the table still won’t be paying anything. I would bet that a lot of folks who are getting welfare have other unreported incomes. National Sales tax is the way to go. Then everybody pays, everything everybody buys will be taxed.

I agree! National Sales tax after we do away with ALL other taxes.

Lets just eliminate Income tax and not replace it with anything

That sir is as shortsighted and dumb as you can get. If we were to do as you proposed. Where then would the government get any money to keep the government operating. The real thing to do is radically reform our tax system & get rid of maybe half of the government workers who are just there because they can be and not providing anything useful.

I would recommend a national sales tax and do away with our present tax system. This way everyone has to pay, food, clothes, homes, cars etc. Then the illegal aliens would have to pay. This would stop all of this tax cheating.

I agree, National Sales Tax. This way everyone who is not paying income tax would be “taxed”. This would include drug dealers, pimps and their girls. welfare cheats, illegals, people being paid under the table, etc, etc, etc. The gov’t would be overflowing with revenue.

Republicans should remain firm on the issue of cutting spending and not raising taxes. I think we need to go to a flat tax with no deductions, etc. just a flat tax for everyone.