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Eliminate ‘tax day’ and support the “FairTax” legislation. It fixes much that is causing the economic weakness and simplifies so much about the taxation of citizenry.

Our president has spent his life living on other people’s money. He didn’t get the American way was to earn your own. Put some away an use that to live on when you are older. We didn’t appear to incultate that thought in those who were living on the dole.

My feelings exactly…and the mail box should be up a little higher and
included in the list..

We get what we vote four, 4 more years of the second coming. When we have more people that are takers and not providers we will continue down this destructive path of our country. What has happen to common sense and God fearing values this country was founded on?

Oh, I forgot the country has voted for the second coming again with less votes that the first coming. Sad situation our country and children live in, please pray for our leaders.

When does the Washington craziness stop? We HAVE to vote in better people to represent us. I feel just like this guy.