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I just luv all animals, could hug and rub their little noses. They are so much more nicer than some people I know, and they never ask to borrow your car, money, clothes or your food. All they want is loving, fresh water and their own food and you get a wagging tail, purring (from the cat) (low sounding from the dog) and lots & lots of love.

All creatures great and small.

Tra la la la la…….these are few of my favorite things…………kittie, doggie and love.

All Gods creation are beautiful ‘

George, you is my bestest friend.

Meow really loud & see what happens.

Makes me contemplate: “our refuge is found under the shelter of the wings of the Almighty. (Psalm 91) Thank you Almighty God that you care so for me/us.

Amen to that!. The Lord has never, ever let me down. He has protected me & brought me through many difficult situations.

I’m so glad we’re together.

Be-e-e-a-u-u-t-i-f-u-l !!!!!!!!!!!

“Lend me your ear”, is this what Brutus meant? Ummmmmmm!

Just true friends…It makes no differencs who you are what color GOD has made you or what you are , love and respect is what is missing in our human world for just too many of us …But I must say THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS for giving me an other DAY……

I’ve been dog eared and dog tired

Can you hear me now?

that is really geting a ear full

Cat hear.

Happiness is a roof over your head.

Peace, what a beautiful thing.