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All senators and congressmen have the privilege of “franking” mail – sending with their signature replacing the stamp. I don’t think it’s illegal for your representative to be using it to send campaign materials, but it certainly seems unethical!

That’s it, we can train all the Jedi Knight squirrels, give’m all lightsabers and let the loose in the democratic Senate, and the White House, they’d take care of those NUTS!

We are heading towards the next American Revolution—– A CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION!

Who wants America to be Socialism? I don’t need the government in my business.

I am receiving material from a Democrat Representative (Ed Perlmutter) which is basicly campaign material. The mailers have printed on them states (mailing was prepared,published and mailed at the taxpayers expense). I don’t no the legality of this, but it seems that this should be illegal?

Call him up and give him a piece of your mind. If he’s a Demon-rat, I’m sure he can use it!!!