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Concerned Compassionate:

I hear you talk about all the taxes you pay. If you are on SSI (which around my parts we call “Crazy Money” and Medicare. Guess what (!!!!!!!!!) the only taxes your are paying is sales tax.

Concerned Compassionate..irrespective of your beliefs, over-taxing the ‘rich’ simply eliminates jobs in America and transfers them appear to be intelligent, surely you grasp that this administration is hell-bent on destroying the country, and excelling at it, I might add.. As a single man, I paid horrific taxes all my life..and yes, we do subsidise others, just the way life is..the way the electorate allows politicians to waste our taxes is self employed, I pay virtually no taxes, instead benefitting the country by spending money on ONLY AMERICAN and CANADIAN MADE GOODS and SERVICES and donating my OWN money to charities I believe in..libralpolicies simply do not work,period..if you are on this site, surely you have enough life experience to know this..

I am still trying to find out why we still have a president that thinks it is alright to ignore the constitution ,and our elected officials CONTINUE TO ALLOW IT TO GO ON. Our president is to be a natural born cititzen and to be one both parrents are to cititzens at the time of birth. check it out.

This is part of a larger cover-up than we can even comprehend. I truly believe the UN is behind keeping Obama in power, and that people from other countries are now not only controlling our elections, they are controlling our media. We may not know what terrible agenda is awaiting the American people, and yes the 47% of the GIVE ME, GIVE ME’s were no help. Until something bad happens in this country, will we see the real reason that this terrible president is in power. God help us all.

There are a lot of reasons for Obama still being in the White House, but the main one is FRAUD. He literally stole the election. People know it, but do nothing about it,
George Soros is another reason, Muslim leaders and their money are another.
The UN hates America, but Obama buddies up to them.

The sad part is, these were NEVER meant to be paid positions. They are supposed to be public servants and (gasp) SERVE the public.

When did we give our “elected representatives”???, Congressmen and Senators permission to give themselves raises and unlimited benefits, usually unearned without requesting same from their employers who we just happen to be.?????!!!

They should give back ALL unearned raises. They havent helped the country in 4 or more years and they certainly aren’t helping it now.

you can’t help the poor by robbing from the job investors. I soemtimes fell as if we are as financially ignporant as the people we are electing.

When did the party become more important than the country.?????????????

Ronald E. Mohr …member#322095-1

Congress and the president should have their lifetime benefits eliminated, they were elected to SERVE the people not secure a lifetime endowment from WE THE PEOPLE! What happened to the constitution? Shouldn’t they all be indited
for failing to pass a budget,and passing Obama Care a tax that originated in the Senate instead of the House as required by the Constitution.

An insighful Political cartoon airm at those who should know better. A revolution is coming and I suggest that all the libtards and Dumbocrats flee to the EU to save thier sorry asses!!

Anger is a wasted sentiment. Calling the folks on the other side of the aisle as ‘libtards’ and ‘Dumbocrats’ does nothing to show them the errors of their ways. We should leave such a strategy to them as they are quite competent in coining better phrases and/or scenarios to describe the GOP/Conservatives/Tea Partiers. Witness the claim that rich folks kill peoples wives with cancer and rich people want to ‘put people in chains’ and rich people do not want to kill babies who survive an abortion. The best course for members of the AMAC is to come up with ideas that would change the conversation. I propose all members pay attention to their children’s/grand-children’s school – the posters and ‘art’ work displayed in classrooms. In our high school, there is a poster that proclaims the ‘Party Guys’ complete with images of Stalin, Lenin, Marx. Very unnerving to say the least.

First they came for the rich, but I was not concerned because I was not rich; Then they came for the—-
Well, I don’t know yet, but I am concerned about the class warfare, and the inference that the wealthy
are the cause of all our problems. Just reflect on the origin of the first line, and ask if this is where we
are headed.

Once again, as in Hitlers day, someone will come and decieve millions and they will bow down and worship him and be led into destruction! One world government, so went Europe so will go Ameria. It will be known as USSA. (union of socialistic states) .

We are toast.

Anyone here old enough to remember Russia in the 70’s when nobody there had luxuries like fresh bread and vegetables……..other than the party hotshots who had everything. It was called socialism and that is what Obama is gunning for. The only way he was re-elected was the welfare vote, the black vote, the ignorant vote and the illegal voters. There is nothing honest about him or his ilk!!! He will do a lot of damage in this next 4 years.

You forgot the UNION vote. Between the union organizers making sure that the vast majority of their members voted for Obama and running a huge, efficient get-out-the vote campaign in the public arena the unions practically guarenteed a victory for the Democrats. Personally, I think it will come back to bite them in the ass, as more companies follow the Hostess example and either shut down completely or move their productaion facilities overseas.

After what’s happening with Hostess, it will be interesting to see what the commentary is. The baker’s union just cost 18,500 people to lose their jobs. How did that help their own people? Unions should be gone. They started for a legitimate purpose but, like everything else, they’ve gone too far the other way.

To me, it doesn’t matter if Concerned Compassionate pays taxes now or not, it doesn’t matter if he or she sees the truth or not, and it doesn’t matter if he or she thinks this cartoon is off color or politically incorrect, they miss the point. The point being when the man with the wallet either leaves the country, or gives up and jumps into the wagon with those that believe they are the concerned and compassionate, it will be all over for those concerned and compassionate folks. Their government will fall into the ways of all socialist governments of the past.

R U the same person that wants the constitution thrown out because it states 1/5 a person?

To Concerned Compassionate: Are u the same person that wants the constitution thrown out because it says 1/5 a person?

It may be “politically incorrect” (there is too much worry about that subject) but it certainly feels like the truth – and I am not any where near “rich” but I feel there are too many give-a-way programs with too little monitoring.

Concerned Compassionate

And of course it is off color and politically incorrect. It paints the Democrats as theives and the rich as “victims”. I rank it with jokes that bash race and ethnic origin. But, what else should we expect from a site like this.

Then don’t go to sites like this and stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong!

First, please be compassionate with your own money, not others. I’m astounded by how little the Al Gore’s of the world give of their own money to help others. It’s always in the form of OPM through the government. Second, Bashing because of race and ethnicity? The rich includes people from all races and ethnicity. They would be greater in number if we followed Free Enterprise Capitalistic systems as the early settler’s learned in the Bay Coonies in the early days. Socialism makes for more equally miserable people, thus creating more victims. Sadly, this seems to affect those whose education came after the US adopted a centralized Department of Education most. Free America!!

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

Compassionate is obviously an AARP lackey.

The cartoon is hilarious, though understated. The comment from Concerned Compassionate was the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day, but it’s early. Are you an academic, a student or just plain ignorant?

I don’t know why you think this is off color, it’s exactly the scenario that the current resident of 1300 Pennsylvania Blvd. ran his entire election on!! I call it socialism, some call it the Robin Hood Syndrome!

Just want to point out to J Cooper it is not 1300 Pennsylvania Blvd. it iis 1600 Pennsylvaina Ave.

Robin Hood gave the money back to those who had it stolen from them. The Government were the ones stealing it and giving it to others. Obama could learn a lot if he spent more time at a Reagan Building, though not sure 1300 is the place, since it is a government building. Try the Reagan Library in CA.

Umm, not to be too critical, but…… 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW – Ronald Reagan Building


I would suggest you avoid this site if you can’t see the truth.

You obviously do NOT pay taxes!!!

Concerned Compassionate

And YOU obviously do NOT have a clue.

I have been a single tax payer my entire life, with an upper middle class income and I have averaged 35% taxes for all those years. And, I am STILL paying taxes.

If you are married and have kids, I am the one that has paid for YOUR tax deductions, and medicare, and SSI and kids educations.

And, now YOUR people want to take away MY SSI and Medicare rights.

Take a lesson from dogs who do not bite the hands that feed them.

I’m not sure how you think you’ve paid for my tax deductions, my medicare, or my kids’ educations. I can honestly (and gratefully) say that I’ve done that all by myself. I’ve worked, I’ve paid taxes. You have, too. I’ve owned a home so I have a mortgage interest deduction. If you own a home, you got that, too. I’ve paid into social security all my life. My kids went to school on our money – not government grants or student loans. My house is in the red, just like a lot of people. And SS probably will be broke by the time I’m old enough to retire. So HOW am I taking YOUR SSI and Medicare while getting something from you? I think you’re talking about those looking for the handouts, so go yell at people on a different site as this one is mostly responsible Americans looking for… Read more »
Concerned Compassionate
My comment was not directed at you. It was aimed at the ONE non thinking dolt who declared that I did not pay taxes. I could not let that slide. I did not buy a home until I could pay cash unlike many who got us into our current economic disaster so I did not get the mortgage tax deduction. I know other people also pay taxes. But how much? They complain long and hard and people like Mr. Romney cry suffering at 14%, According to my H&R Block returns I have consistently paid taxes at more than twice the national everage for people who get the “family” tax deduction. I am not complaining about taxes but I DO want the right to BUY my own health insurance policy and get a return for all I have paid into SSI and Medicare. And, if others have paid less, then yes,… Read more »
Concerned Compassionate has put down parenthood and children. That is pretty low. He talks like an abortion doctor. If we didn’t produce children to stock the grocery store he shops at, builds the computer he uses to get online and bash freedom lovers, cook and serve his meals when he visits a restaurant that was build by yet another person’s child. Our children drill for oil, build cars and roads, make his medicines and repair or build his appliances. He paid us nothing for producing those children, nurturing them, providing for them, taking them to school, helping them with their homework. Above all, it is our children who defend this nation, police the streets and are on call 24 hours per day in case he has a medical event, accident or a fire. What an unappreciative snob. Probably someone who has enough money to burn that he wasted it on… Read more »

You may pay taxes, but you aren’t too bright. Obamacare is stealing from SSI. Medicare has become another welfare program for illegals and every devient in the country. If you can’t recognize the need for reorganization of this out of control government there is NO hope for you.

Perhaps the House should start many small spending bills covering one department at a time. No more omnibus spending. Start with Defense end with all the unconstitutional Czars = $0.25 ea. Education = $0.25, Appropriate no more huge sums for the tyrants to spend.
There is so much unconstitutional involvement of the Federal Government in State, local and individual citizen business that we must roll it back. The U.S. Constitution is only 37 pages and written in English, so we don’t need some tyarant in a black robe or a three-piece suit to tell us it says something that it clearly does NOT.