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July 22 Coronavirus Update from the Trump Administration

Trump“As one family, we mourn every precious life that’s been lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine, and we will defeat the virus.”President Donald J. Trump

  • President Trump has aggressively responded to growing cases in hot spot states, surging personnel, testing, and therapeutics to areas in need.
  • The Trump Administration currently has zero unfilled requests for equipment from governors.
  • Nearly 7,000 National Guard and military medical personnel are deployed in Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona.
  • Fatalities have fallen 7% since mid-April and the case fatality rate is now lower than Europe and much of the world.
  • Multiple vaccine candidates will reach the final stage of clinical trials this month – a record timeframe.
  • All the top vaccine candidates are being mass produced simultaneously with trials to ensure their distribution to Americans as quickly as possible.
  • The President has urged Americans to continue wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and protecting the vulnerable.

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2 years ago

It is going to get worse before it gets better, but a National plan was missing today.

2 years ago

But news media is showing a shortage of testing, long lines waiting to get tested, and 1-3 weeks waiting to get results of tests. It is hard to believe that not even one state is asking for testing help from WH. And why cannot all states get the same 1-3 tests that WH & pro sports teams are getting???

2 years ago

Press secretary said earlier that Trump tested several times daily, and when Trump asked today he thought about every two days?? And I assume the 1-5 minute test.

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