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Joe Biden’s Son Resigns – Creating Massive Ripples

Biden CIA Trump UkraineMark Twain is famous for lots of reasons. One is his timeless quote: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” The bizarre story of Joe Biden and his increasingly ignominious family makes the point. Sad, but true.

Even retelling it, a writer is hard-pressed not to choke on barely digestible facts. Allow me to set them forth, then draw your own conclusions.
In December 2013, sitting Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, flew together on Air Force Two – to Communist China. By itself this is odd, but not unprecedented.

Ten days later, the younger Biden had a contract with a Chinese firm. That contract was to perform work which, by every appearance, the younger Biden was unqualified. Nevertheless, the deal was worth one billion dollars, later increased to 1.5 billion.

A billion dollars would buy the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Marlins, or Toronto Maple Leaves. It would buy a country like The Solomon Islands, or five F-35 state-of-the-art fighters, or Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral Castle. It is not small money.

Hunter Biden’s firm is controlled by Biden and a stepson of John Kerry. Kerry served as Secretary of State after Hillary Clinton. A third partner was nephew of organized crime boss Whitey Bulger, convicted in 2013.

Ukraine facts surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden are well-known. The elder Biden, as Vice President, went to Ukraine and threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid if they did not fire a prosecutor who had his son’s Ukrainian company – a company on which he was a board member – under investigation. The firing occurred; money was released.

Add the latest. On Sunday, October 13, Hunter Biden resigned a board position with a Chinese company, from which he profited mightily – during his father’s vice presidency. The younger Biden announced he saw a conflict of interest with his father running for president.

In the interests of – fill in the blank – the younger Biden resigned from the profitable Communist Chinese company with considerable fanfare. Candidate Joe Biden announced he heard about it in the press. Take that one to the bank.

Since character is king, research is needed to understand the Biden clan, specifically Hunter Biden. Who is he? First, he was booted in February 2014 from Navy Reserves for cocaine use, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That raised eyebrows, even in the Biden fan club. That occurred three months after young Biden’s billion-dollar deal was inked with the Chinese company, and after that trip with his father to that country.

Within months, the younger Biden got another deal, this one with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian company at the center of questions about his father’s curious conduct. Looking after your son is fine; doing it in this way, well, not so much.

What else do we know about the sought-after son of Joe Biden? According to a global news report, an April 2017 divorce was wrenching to his wife and family. Reported facts are arresting. Biden’s wife of 24 years “wept” in court, as offenses were chronicled.

They included spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds,” on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he had sexual relations,” then becoming lover of his recently deceased brother’s widow. Enough said.

We return to judgement of the elder Biden, what the weekend revelation means for Old Joe the presidential candidate – and for President Trump’s shaky impeachment inquiry. Mark Twain would, by this time, be howling.

Here are the implications of the resignation by young Biden. They are five.

First, this makes plain Joe and Hunter knew their behavior was unethical from the start. Why? If unethical to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars – or a billion – from a foreign company while your father is running for president, then it is surely so when he is vice president.

Second, since Hunter and Joe traveled together to China when Joe was Vice President and ten days later young Hunter’s ship came in, an inference is unavoidable: Joe allowed his son to profit from a view that the older was influenced by the younger. That is, of course, patently unethical.

Third, the son’s resignation confirms the father’s poor judgement. Why? Because helping his son win business in Communist China makes more likely his corrupt intentions in Ukraine, interceding to get a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son.

Fourth, and most significantly, this gives the lie to the Trump impeachment. Admitting a conflict of interest in China, odds spike that Joe Biden was involved in public corruption in Ukraine.

That justifies asking facts supporting a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation by a former government official, even a vice president – even a candidate. If a president or AG does not have that authority, presidential candidates become free from investigation for past criminality – by announcing.

Perhaps the biggest impact of young Biden’s resignation is that average Americans – Democrat and Republican – now understand the Biden campaign is in a tailspin. Truth eventually outs. The case for impeaching President Trump now falters.

Mark Twain is famous for lots of reasons. One is quotes like this one: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Joe Biden might have read ore Twain.

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Pete from St Pete
9 months ago

In all his years in the Senate, Joe Biden did not sponsor one piece of significant legislation. He made his name by being a classic “hail fellow well met” politician and a great baby kisser and back patter. Obama selected him for his running mate because he needed a totally malleable white man who would go along with his plan to transform America without any questions. I always thought Joe was a harmless place holder. Little did I realize he is a conniving crook who is so dumb he actually bragged about it in public on television. It makes you… Read more »

R shoemaker
9 months ago

I am so tired of hearing NBC cover this by saying “there is no proof of the accusations”. They should be saying that there is tons of logic evidence but NBC doesn’t think their audience is bright enough to understand it, so they will call it “no proof”. Slanted news reporting is the same as lying!!!

Nancy Lipkins
9 months ago

biden and son are crooks just plain and simple

9 months ago

Excellent article.

Ammunition for President Trump.

Billy Linsley
9 months ago

Why was this not reported fairly by the main stream media? It appears the Bidens are crooks and the main stream media is an enemy of the people.

Marlin P Cayton
9 months ago

Them dem party relies on people being intellectually lazy, uninformed, misinformed…take your pick.

Rick J.
9 months ago

Just think the Bidens are just one of the many crooks in the DC swamp. To be fair, greed, graft and corruption are on both sides sides of the aisle and in every facet of government. Is there a solution to the problem? I doubt it, especially with the inmates running the asylum. However, one can only hope and pray, a real and honest reformer will emerge and start the much needed clean up and reform. Hey everyone is allowed to dream.

General Patton
9 months ago

Now that my corruption has been exposed, I will try to make it look legit. PROSECUTE and put both Bidens in jail. Crooked dishonest hypocritical Demorats

9 months ago

Why are these people just allowed to walk away from illegal things and not be punished?

9 months ago


9 months ago

But, but, but, Hunter says he was doing nothing wrong. Daddy says he was doing nothing wrong, all the liberals in Washington says he was doing nothing wrong. The Fake news says what he was doing was legal, so if he was doing nothing wrong and nothing illegal, WHY DID HE RESIGN? investigate this, it smells to high heaven! Investigate Hillarys foundation too,

Paul W
9 months ago

Chip off the old blockhead.

Jeff Taylor
9 months ago

How much money has Hunter provided Daddy for his campaign?

9 months ago

This will all come to nothing. The fact that the WA elites are not howling for Biden’s head tells us that this goes on ALL THE TIME in Washington and one would be hard pressed to find a family there who has not benefited from their relative’s position in government. What have we heard after the initial report of Chinese spies on Diane Feinstein’s staff, or Charlie Wrangle’s wife nefarious financial dealings through her profit and non profit businesses which ALL had business before old Charlie and if they dropped their dealings with the wife, Charlie’s committee went after them… Read more »

Brenda Blunt
9 months ago

Now that more of the truth has come out, will jail time be taking place? Will Joe Biden withdraw from the race? Will President Trump be allowed to do his job?

9 months ago

All these embedded ticks are crooks, even the R’s. They all have something to hide from the Taxpayers of this Republic!

Stephen Russell
9 months ago

Why wont he resign from Ukraine Co.??
Or maybe wants Chinese breathing down his neck??

9 months ago

That’s a good start! Now we need to get Joe and the other son to resign!

9 months ago

Something Joe said early in his campaign stuck with me. Joe said his son asked him if he knew what he’s doing. Joe said yes. I think he did not!

9 months ago

My wife and co-workers used to ask me why I don’t lie. They said it would keep me out of hot water. It actually gave a great reputation as everybody knew I would tell them the truth.
I always say it is easier to remember the truth, my memory is so bad I can’t remember lies. I didn’t know it was Samuel Clemens, I thought it was Will Rogers. I stand corrected.
And the truth will come out. If anything is done when it arrives remands to be seen.

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