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Joe Biden Ramps Up Scare Tactics as Dem Attempts to Federalize Elections Stall in Senate

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In a rare public appearance outside the White House last Tuesday, President Biden delivered an animated, if confused, speech criticizing so-called “anti-voting” laws currently making their way through several Republican-controlled state legislatures. The recent flurry of bombastic rhetoric on “voting rights” from Joe Biden and his Democrat allies has come as left-wing attempts to federalize elections and strip states of their ability to enact election integrity measures have been blocked by Republicans and the few remaining moderate Democrats in the Senate.

 Despite the fact that more Americans voted in 2020 than ever before – and that Democrats took control of the Senate and the White House – Joe Biden claimed in his remarks that “we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

Notably, however, Biden’s speech was lacking in many specifics about how Republican “voter suppression” bills actually suppress votes. Biden instead resorted to broad, largely baseless claims about Republican-sponsored legislation, asserting the existence of a nebulous existential threat to democracy that he, or any other Democrat for that matter, has been unable to explicitly define. Perhaps most telling of all, Biden was unable to explain how either of Democrats’ two voting bills, the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” would do anything to actually rectify the supposed ailments plaguing our democracy.

Conservatives have also rightly pointed out that Biden’s speech this week, along with his repeated attacks on election security laws passed by Republican state legislatures, are a blatant attack on the sovereignty of state governments and the principle of federalism that underpins our system of government. The Constitution specifically and purposely outlines that the states, not the federal government, have control over their own election laws. The federal takeover of elections contemplated by the Democrat legislation is brazenly unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, Democrat legislators in several states have been more than happy to indulge federal encroachment on state election systems. As Joe Biden delivered his demagogic speech, Democrats from Texas were shaking hands and taking selfies in Washington, D.C. after having fled the state in a last-ditch effort to prevent the Republican-controlled legislature from passing new voter security measures.

Democrats have good reason to be concerned about their mission to rewrite election laws. Their flagship voting bill, the For the People Act, known alternatively as H.R. 1 and S. 1, effectively died on the Senate floor late last month after failing to gain the 60 votes necessary to proceed to floor debate. As AMAC Newsline has previously reported, while H.R. 1 faced opposition from Republicans and many state election officials from the beginning, the writing was on the wall once Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) publicly announced that he would vote against the bill.

 But as Joe Biden showed on Tuesday, Republicans should not assume that they’ve seen the last of H.R. 1 . Despite the apparent defeat of the bill, Biden nonetheless insisted that the Senate “must pass the For the People Act” as a “national imperative,” suggesting that Democrats could introduce further iterations of the legislation at some point before the midterm elections next year.

 Thus far, Democrats’ other liberal wish list, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, also known as H.R. 4, has not fared much better than H.R. 1. Although the John Lewis Act lacks some of the dangerous provisions found in the For the People Act, such as universal mail-in voting, mandatory ballot harvesting, and an outright ban on voter ID requirements the basic purpose of the law, namely placing elections almost entirely under control of the federal government, remains the same.

 Among other things, H.R. 4 would require most changes to state or local election laws to undergo an onerous process known as “preclearance,” where the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has final say over all state election laws. Republicans have voiced concerns that, in practice, universal preclearance requirements would allow the highly politicized Department of Justice to unilaterally strike down any and all Republican-sponsored election laws in order to secure Democratic majorities in future elections. Now that H.R. 1 has failed, or at least taken a major hit, H.R. 4 will likely become the next vehicle through which Democrats hope to pass their voting reforms.

 For now, the John Lewis Act has not yet been brought forward for a vote this Congress, as House Democrats have been unable to draft a version of the bill that they believe will pass constitutional muster. But Joe Manchin has already announced that he supports the legislation, and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska supported the version of the bill that passed the House in 2019, meaning that Republicans could be in for a fight if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes H.R. 4 a priority after the August recess.

 Republicans also remain concerned that Democrats are attempting to insert dramatic overhauls to election law as seemingly innocuous provisions in other legislation, thereby passing the same policies in piecemeal fashion. For example, the DISCLOSE Act and the Honest Ads Act, both sponsored by Democrats, contain many of the provisions included in H.R. 1 that would force nonprofit groups and political organizations to reveal the identity of their donors, potentially subjecting them to harassment from liberal activists and violating free speech protections.

 Additionally, while Joe Manchin was the hero of the moment for opposing H.R. 1, he indicated that he is amenable to a slightly altered version of the bill that seemingly includes many of the same sweeping changes outlined in the original text, just with a few minor concessions to Republicans. Unsurprisingly, voices on both sides of the debate were quick to recognize that Manchin’s supposed “compromise” is little more than lip service to actual bipartisan legislation: the New York Times assured its liberal readership that Manchin’s proposal “resembles H.R. 1 in crucial ways,” while Senator Roy Blount (R-MO), dismissed it as a “Stacey Abrams” proposal.

 So far, Republicans have managed to hold the line in stopping Democrat attempts to federalize elections. But as the 2022 midterms approach and fears of a Republican sweep mount, Democrats are only growing more vocal and determined to pass legislation that may help them undermine elections and preserve their majority next November.

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gerald serlin
1 year ago

Biden is trying to assert his independence from his controllers.

Ken Westenkirchner
1 year ago

I think rank

1 year ago

Bumbles Biden is an idiot of unmeasured account! He is so out of touch with what America was founded to be and so are ALL Democrats! They are trashing all that the Constitution stands for and the only obsolete thing in DC is the Democrats and Rhino Republicans! HOW are any of you standing this insanity of this un-president who STOLE an election they could nto win on the Democrats side and says that is okay to do…WHAT? To lie and cheat is the way to win???..In what universe was that ever true? People, if we do not remove the whole of the Democratic party and get someone in that believes in balance governance, we are going to face a communist one!!!!!! WAKE UP!

1 year ago

Since I couldn’t leave a comment on Ferguson’s weekly comment (AMAC) about Texas Democrats leaving Texas to avoid voting– as a Texan I would like to see a list of their names & Districts..so that their voters know they are paying their salaries with their tax dollars for not doing their jobs and give them an opportunity as to whether they should continue to support them by re-electing them. Media won’t publish a list, will AMAC????

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  mjl

Apparently it’s all of the democrats in the Texas House and those names should be on line, even if you have to go one by one to find them. They should receive no salary when they are absent in this way from their jobs nor should any of their “vacation” expenses be paid by the taxpayers.

1 year ago

Counterfeit Joe and his gang continue to show the parallels between Nazi Germany and his regime, this dim wit wants his master’s version of the Enabling Act of 1933.
Joe, why don’t you and you fiends, I meant friends, go to Epstein Island and retire.

1 year ago

The DemonRats are getting nervous. They are beginning to sense that Americans are waking up to the fact that the last POTUS election was grossly unfair, rigged, and unAmerican involving a plethora of voting fraud. But I do believe this … IF THE VOTING PROCESS IS NOT CLEANED UP SO THAT ELECTION RESULTS HONESTLY AND FAIRLY REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS … the future of this Nation’s Constitutional will morph in to a Communist form of governance that will eventually lead to a civil war of some kind.

1 year ago

Hey Joe,
Just go f–k yourself and the marxist handlers(including your wife) that are intent on tearing this country down for their own personal gain at the expense of ALL OTHER AMERICANS!!!!!

1 year ago

Hey Joe: Do me a favor and just shut the hell up!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

I tend to disagree with you except I agree with your frustration about Hidin’ Joe Biden. The more he publicly speaks, the more obvious his incompetence is obvious.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

You know, you can tell a lot about people by looking into their eyes when they are talking. Why are Sleepy Joe’s eyes always closed? He’s lying!

1 year ago

Wanted: The Joe Biden gang for narcotics transportation, human trafficking, child abuse, treason, and a list of federal offenses too long to list here.

Mrs. Annette Gauthier
1 year ago

This attempt to federalize election laws is clearly illegal. Why is there any debate? The Constitution clearly outlines that each state’s legislatures are the only bodies that can outline election laws.

PTSD thx Joey
1 year ago

NO I DIDNT ENJOY reading about Dung for brains – he is just like the EVIL kings in the O.T.
The whole system is rotten – Then good Ol Tucker exposing the AFBase in TX bringing illegals into the USA. Whats next with these commie creeps????
This ADMIN is breaking the LAW left and right – WHO said you could just OPEN the border and ‘let the Sewers flow??? huh. It was not voted on – we had no say on this.
Obviously they do as they please and piss on the U.S. – there will be a reckoning Joey, legs up!!
Why would any SSvc guy take one for this A.H.

1 year ago
Reply to  PTSD thx Joey

This is one reason that the Covid is again on the rise. Many of the border invaders are Covid positive.

1 year ago

Joe Biden should be occupying a federal prison cell, not the White House.

B Janetzke
1 year ago

Why do you have to show an ID to use a Senior Pass at a National Park, when it is not proper to show an ID to vote?

1 year ago
Reply to  B Janetzke

Excellent point. Not realizing it, American citizens are now suffering the administration of a Hidin’ Joe Biden!

1 year ago

The last Presidential election was a scam and fraud. 75M of us are not wrong. Biden for the People HR 1 is only a means to keep these illegal politicians in office and pad the DEM Socialists with more of these scum. In addition to a Valid ID I would recommend a valid W2 be presented for voting. I like many others do not want people who do not pay taxes telling us how we are to spent our tax contributions any longer-do you? Biden and his corrupt group should be run out of office better yet out of our Great Country. They are all traitors. By the way, I have read and my sister and brother live in Sarasota and said the crowds for the President Trump rally was huge. I heard 25-30K of people were there to support President Trump and in not so great of weather. What did Biden ever have 100 people? I believe Biden is not our legal President! I am for legal voting not corrupt traitors like Biden.

Mrs. Annette Gauthier
1 year ago
Reply to  Walter

I do not agree. I am retired and no longer have taxes to pay because of lowered income. Just because I don’t pay taxes, I should not be prevented from having a say in how tax monies are spent. Tax monies still affect me.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago

Yes. You are right. Many of us who are retired no longer pay US income tax. That doesn’t mean we have to give up our right to vote.

1 year ago

I am 83 and still have to pay taxes and I certainly am not rich.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

Democrats need to stand down and back off. Need to leave America’s alone and ALLOW them to live their lives without interference from them.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Once again, the ” executive branch ” i.e. potus attempting to federalize the elections in all (50) states. Hitler, Nazi Germany comes to mind…
Whilst the potus made a special flight to Philadelphia to push the utter madness of H.R.1, did he accept Doug Mastriano’s invitation to discuss the rampant PA voter fraud while in the area? I think not…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

The democrats are the devil party and they will start killing anybody that gets in there way . The one thing they forgot is people love America and they will fight back even if it means war . The people of America wake up before we lose it .Don’t let the democrats fool you they don’t care about you all they care about is money and power.

1 year ago
Reply to  Willie

Why the hell is the FBI and the CIA on the DemonRats side.

Gregg H Lambert
1 year ago

don’t get this john lewis canonization – whatever good he did was fouled by his politics. good riddance to bad rubbish

1 year ago

If anyone thinks the dems are going to let 2022 be a free and fair election,
I have a bridge I’d like to sell you !! Whats coming will not be pleasant !!!
You can blame the republicans who refused to stand up and question the
2020 election irregularities. Don’t know if they changed the results, but
without asking you never find out the truth

Gregg H Lambert
1 year ago
Reply to  Rick

been saying the same thing – 2022 is likely to be slimier than 2020

Steven Meisels
1 year ago

Need to be very careful during these times..

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