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Jeffrey Stamm | National Security’s Nightmare: Narco-Terrorism | EP 167

With over 40 years of law enforcement experience, former DEA Agent Jeffrey Stamm knows exactly what a National security nightmare we are facing with a wide open southern border. At the top of the list is Narco-terrorism, Stamm shares with Rebecca Weber and AMAC’ers the steps that should be taken in order to secure our Nation! “As our commander in chief, not to mention his heads of homeland security and his Department of Justice have abdicated their responsibility for securing the homeland or for achieving justice at the at the Southwest border and on behalf of their people.” We all know George Soros is quietly funding million dollar campaigns to push forward progressive criminal justice reform, but tune in to hear how hard he is working to achieve his goal of a complete transformation of American society.

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Philip Hammersley
6 months ago

“It is a mystery” he says! No, maybe Joey is getting $$$ from the Mexicans just like his $$$ from Red China. Remember, the CCP is in league with the cartels in the drug trade!

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

There’s a politician somewhere being paid off… like they pay off Mexican politicians.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

Exactly! If the cartels own that many Mexican police and government officials, you can bet that they own many US officials as well. All the “no wall” and “open border” people are COMPLICIT in every death by drugs and death imported from Mexico.

6 months ago

When Mr Stamm prefaces his talk with “ with all due respect to the President, DHS, and the Attorney General…”, he lost my respect. Those govt officials are due NO respect!

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago
Reply to  Rosemary

Like when Republicans on the floor refer to Democrats as “my esteemed colleagues”.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  Rosemary


Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
6 months ago

George Sorros needs to be assanated. Or hung as a trator.

anna hubert
6 months ago

Drug problem has been around for ages with each decade getting worse Community leaders were not saying much and politicians even less medical community quiet now there is nowhere to hide from it anymore and we are supposed to be shocked?

6 months ago

Great podcast.

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