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Jeffrey Epstein, ICE Raids, “Gaffe King”

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On This Episode of Your AMAC Weekly News:

US Attorney General, William Barr, investigates the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. Also, DHS and ICE conducted the largest, single state, workplace illegal immigration roundup in the nation’s history, while the Trump administration introduced new green card rules and regulations. Finally, Joe Biden’s campaign trail was full of gaffes this past weekend.

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Stephen Lykins

Boo Hoo! Illegal immigrants are, by definition, CRIMINALS! Why should we care more about the children of illegal immigrants than any other criminal?

Todd Taylor

Go after Bill Clinton. I want to see his butt in jail.

Todd Taylor

What does a billionaire get when he engages in such deplorable behavior a noose; and so, should everyone one involved in such debauched, revolting behavior; no one is above the law, not even the rich. I hope his estate is given to those who he victimized as well as to those who fight sex trafficking. The death penalty should be given to all sex offenders!

Todd Taylor

Forget conspiracy, this is a smoke screen to distract the masses. Go after everyone involved with Epstein; use the full force of the law. It’s time to bring down the “high and mighty” who engage in such liberal, disgusting behaviors. We need to kill the porn industry, music that glorifies deviant sexual behavior as well as Hollywood’s and the internet’s exportation of women as sexual props to “entertain” the sick masses. The above are NOT forms of free speech, nor should they be protected.


He was murdered but as usual the democratics ordered the hit so they lie to cover I did not have sex with that woman give me a break we all know better and those helping to cover this need Fired prison


To comment on each segment 1) I said from the beginning that Epstein was murdered. 2) sorry the little girl was separated from her daddy but he broke the law. There are consequences for crimes committed. 3) joe Biden is either following in the footsteps of both Clintons and Obama or he is developing dementia. I think it’s the first.

Stephen Lykins

The public charge rule is nothing more than ENFORCEMENT of law that has been in existence for over 100 years!

Todd Taylor

I believe there is, by many in the liberals, to lower the age of consent. I wonder what type of people are pushing such a sick agenda; possibly people like Epstein.

Gayle adams

Instead of letting ice detainees go, they should have gone to there homes and picked up those kids. They could have all been deported together as a family unit. I wonder how many showed up at there jobs the next day. Also the company’s who knowingly employ illeagles show get a huge fine. Hell there is a company down the street has some working there all the time.

Carl Spletzer

The parents should be charged with child endangerment and or child abuse, The child should be sent back to the country of origin with the criminal parents to face charges and custody arrangements for the child by the country of origins’ legal system.
Had the parents come here legally the child would have been filled with hope and joy instead of fear, uncertainty, and agony. The parents should face the consequences of this in their country of origin.

Todd Taylor

I do believe Epstein was a major contributor to liberal causes.

Todd Taylor

Having raised to beautiful daughters I would like to know where were these girls’ fathers were to protect them? Shame on every absentee father who is not there to look out for their girls. Predators like Epstein look for girls whose fathers are not around.

Todd Taylor

Jeffry Epstein’s remains deserve no marker, dump his ashes at a local dump; a fitting end for such a sick, evil man.

Todd Taylor

Prosecute everyone implicit who had knowledge of such sick criminal behavior and did nothing about it; from the maid, gardener, chief, pilot to guest who attended Epstein’s pedophile island parties.

Todd Taylor

It is time to implement the death penalty on convicted sex offenders.

Howard Osgood

They are not citizens therefore they have no rights. The parents or their representatives brought the children here knowing they would not be housed together therefore when the separation takes place the parents should be arrested for child abuse or reckless endangerment of a juvenile. This nonsense has gone on way too long. At this rate the dems are going, they will destroy this country from within. I love this country and spent my time in the military and vote at every election. Came home in good health with the grace of god. Someone please do something……. I’M just saying.


What prison has the prisoners children staying, serving with them

Todd Taylor

If Ghislaine Maxwell is implicit in Epstein’s sick behavior she needs to be prosecuted and the death penalty needs to be sought.

Todd Taylor