Q & A with Jedediah: Welcome!

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

AMAC recently offered me a wonderful opportunity to devote two of my four monthly columns to addressing your questions.  So, welcome to “Q & A with Jedediah.”

Feel free to contact me here, and I will select a handful of questions to answer.  What should you ask?  Well, that’s up to you!  Due to limited space, I won’t be able to respond to them all, but I will choose those that seem most popular.  Please include your name and city/state as you would like them to appear, as I will place them beside your question.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Like I always say, let the games begin.

You seem kind of young to be writing at AMAC. Why did you decide to write for them?Mike; Orlando, FL

I actually found out about AMAC from my dad, who became a member last year.  I was intrigued by the organization’s self-proclaimed conservative values, so I decided to request an interview with the President to find out if they actually stood for what they say they stand for.  I spoke with Dan Weber on several occasions regarding policy and AMAC’s stand on the issues, and I discovered that he has a passion for getting the country back on track that I admire.

A short time after, I was invited to lend my opinion commentary to AMAC’s website and print magazine, in much the same way that I contribute to Human Events, The Daily Caller, and other publications.  I accepted, but warned the AMAC team that I tend to be a tad sarcastic (okay, I may be downplaying that a bit) and that I like to explore a wide range of topics, some more cultural than political.  They were one hundred percent supportive.

Also, I have to admit that I bear a special reverence for the older community, an admiration for their resilience, strength, and sense of priorities.  To be honest, I’ve been hanging out with my grandma’s friends since I’m about five, mostly because they’re a hilarious group of Italian ladies from Brooklyn who taught me right from the start that it’s always best to call it like you see it.  I learned some of my greatest life lessons over their pasta marinara—like why it’s important to work hard, tell the truth, and eat at least one loaf of bread a day.  I also learned that a little Neapolitan woman shouting Italian curse words and running after her husband in the kitchen with a wooden spoon is quite entertaining.

If you could say one thing to President Obama, what would it be?—John; Rochester, NY

I would remind him that the most important job of the President of the United States is to protect and defend this country.  Last I checked, that shouldn’t include kowtowing to dictators, crippling our economy, and trying to look like a rock star to the rest of the world by apologizing for our every move.

No offense, but you sort of popped up out of nowhere. Where did you come from and what do you plan to do next?—Michelle; Dallas, TX

No offense taken.  I sort of did pop up out of nowhere.

I’ve done a lot of things over the years.  I’ve worked in academia, tested out the corporate world, and at one point even decided to take on acting jobs that would allow me to explore female societal roles so that I could write about them from a new, up-close perspective.  I began my political journey in March of 2009.

As far as what’s next, I can’t really say.  I began a book about a month ago and I’m looking forward to a late summer finish.  Other than that, I plan to keep writing and to make my grandmother and her friends proud by calling it like I see it.  I may even surprise everyone and learn how to cook something.  Not likely, but you never know.

You write a lot about feminism and NOW. Why is that so important to you?Marie; Queens, NY

It troubles me that young women often grow up thinking that if they are pro-life, they are anti-woman.  They are indoctrinated to believe that to be a feminist, you must safeguard the abortion industry because abortion has been paraded around by the Left as the supreme manifestation of women’s rights.  It’s important for people to know that many of our founding feminists—like “mother of feminism,” Mary Wollstonecraft—were pro-life.

I’m not here to tell people whether they should be pro-life or not.  What I am saying is that an organization like NOW that discards and rebukes a whole segment of the female population by virtue of them being pro-life, is a disgrace to the women’s movement.

Email your questions to Jedediah here

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10 years ago

Good grief, Mata. Give it up. What we are talking about is end of life cilusenong or advanced care planning. Living wills and durable powers of attorney and advance directives are all part and parcel of the same thing, and, collectively, are a VERY SMALL component of what goes into end of life cilusenong, which is mostly about the decision whether to continue with active treatment or to go with supportive care and all the various considerations pro and con which apply to each and what each entails, in the context of the individual patient’s disease. In the course of doing all of this, living wills and durable powers of attorney come up, but it isn’t the function of the physician to actually draft these; it’s simply important to bring them up do you have them? Do they need to be modified in the context of the advanced care planning which we are now doing? But, again, this part of the process is only a very small component, and the much larger component (explaining active treatment options versus supportive care options) is something which can only be done by the patient’s physician.Once, just once, I would like to see you acknowledge that the person with whom you debate these things actually does have a valid point of view.Your entire discussion about whether or not tax cuts pay for themselves (and they most certainly do NOT, as shown in the very study you yourself cited) was stubbornly pertinacious. That’s what triggered the whatever. – LW/HBReply

10 years ago

Thank you so for sharing this uufsel information. I agree on many of the points of interest you are featuring. Some ideas may require some further review, but I can certainly see where you stand.

12 years ago

we have car and home insurance with allstate and auto owners. if we join will we get the 10% discounts?

12 years ago

A 10% cut in spending is something of a start, but we need something better than an incremental approach. Let’s stop all unconstitutional spending and we won’t have to talk about a flat tax or national sales tax (current proposed rate of 23% – more than many taxpaying Americans pay right now).

If the federal government is not authorized to do something, we should demand it cease and desist its stealing from us to do those things, regardless of how noble they may appear to be. If we get a 10% reduction great, but keep demanding elimination of all unconstitutional spending.

Demanding a 10% reduction now and getting it, will put us in a position where our opponents will fault when we come back for deeper cuts,saying, “You said you wanted a 10% cut and we gave it to you, now you say want more.”

Principle: ask/demand what you want, take what you can when you can, and never stop until you succeed. The demand should never change. If you watch successful efforts in the political arena, that is exactly how they work.

walter r. marsh
12 years ago

currently with aarp Rx and medicare supplement, both via united health. what hsppens if i tear up my aarp card and join your organization? both of the Rx and supplement billings are aarp billings.

Carol W.
12 years ago

This may not matter much to your readers, but I think the oil gush disaster is the most important hing right now. Where’s the military?
They should be monitoring the BP ships, and putting more pressure on all the parties to get it fixed. The oil WILL get into the Gulf Stream- it Will head down Florida’s coast like a freight train, through the keys, destroying the reefs, all life, and then up close to the East Coast- all the way to Maine, then across the Atlantic, over to Britian- that’s what brings them their balmy weather. Why isn’t anyone talking about this aspect? It will happen, and get much worse. I was born on West Coast, and spent 16 years on East Coast of Florida- live in WA now, and it’sbarely on the radar here, (Seattle Times, Etc.) This is so important!

12 years ago

Thanks to Mr. Obama and his Administration, whenever we hear of a spiraling downward stock market or anything else they get on the airwaves to discuss, I find myself questioning their motives. This is such a sad statement of where the President has taken us in a year and a half. Mistrust abounds due in large part to his words and deeds.

James Ambrose
12 years ago

In my opinion te obama administrarion is by far the most corrupt and contemptable in history. any elected official and president in particular who deliberately mis-represents a law either state or federal for the purpose of stiring up discontent or for political gain should be brought up on charges is this possible as it pertains to obama and his remarks on the Arizona immigration law

James Ambrose
12 years ago

In my opinion te obama administrarion is by far the most corrupt and contemptable in history. any elected official and president in particular who deliberately mis-represents a law either state or federal for the purpose of stiring up discontent or for olitical gain should be brought up on charges is this possible as it pertains to obama and his remarks on the Airizona immigration law

Leslie Burks
12 years ago

Is there, at this time, enough damage done to the country by Obama that he could be brought up on treason or traitor, or spy charges?

12 years ago

Jedadiah, I appreciate your candor, as well as your positions.

12 years ago

Love it!

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