Q & A with Jedediah: June 2011 Edition

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

  •  What do you think will be the most important issues for 2012 GOP candidates to tackle? – Alan K.

Bringing down the unemployment rate and advocating pro-growth economic policies will be a top priority. Putting America on a real path toward energy independence is critical.

Our debt is horrifying. As revealed by The Foundry this week, “ … the national debt averages $31,871 for each American—nearly two-thirds of the median household income of $50,255.” 2012 conservative candidates must offer clear solutions, and must be willing to take on both the Left and business-as-usual Republicans in the name of upholding those solutions.

  •  I believe that in this presidential election cycle, much more so than in 2008, many are awake with respect to games being played by the mainstream media. Would you agree? – Donald F.

The results of a very interesting Rasmussen poll were revealed on June 22: “ … 67% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that most reporters, when covering a political campaign, try to help the candidate they want to win. Only 21% think most reporters put the emphasis instead on trying to offer unbiased coverage.” In addition, “Forty-eight percent (48%) also believe that most reporters would hide any damaging information they learned to help the candidate they wanted to win” and “A plurality (46%) of voters continues to feel that the average reporter is more liberal than they are.”

According to Rasmussen, the results aren’t much different from those revealed in November of 2008. The difference, in my opinion, is that many more individuals in new media are now speaking their minds, holding the mainstream media accountable, calling out misleading reporting, fact-checking errors, and letting it be known that the days of mainstream media-orchestrated outcomes are over.

  •  Is there a date by which Sarah Palin would be best served to announce and commit to a 2012 candidacy in order to galvanize all needed resources to assure success? – Juan L.

Announcing and committing are two separate things. She will first need to make the decision as to whether or not she is going to run—to personally commit—so that work can begin behind the scenes in terms of preparation, planning, etc. My guess is that she’s in the midst of that difficult decision right now. As far as the announcement, she has plenty of time for that. If she heads in that direction, only she can know when the timing is truly right.

  •  What can Herman Cain do to differentiate himself from the other confirmed or potential GOP candidates? – Josh B.

One of the things that makes Herman Cain unique is that he’s not a politician, but a businessman. In my opinion, that comes across very clearly in his interviews and speeches. His experience as the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and President of the National Restaurant Association brings an interesting perspective to the table.

  •  What is your take on this whole John Ziegler $100,000 dollar bet that Sarah Palin can’t win in 2012? – Christopher H.

It’s absurd. I have seen time and again a desperation on the part of some to define Sarah Palin as unelectable before she has even declared herself a candidate. It’s silly, but it’s nothing new. Plenty of folks lined up to deem her unelectable in her race against Stein for mayor and Murkowski for governor. Interesting how that all worked out, ha?

  •  What did you think of the president’s speech about Afghanistan on Wednesday night? – Kayla C.

It was a political speech geared toward appeasing his anti-war base. Consider it part of his campaign for re-election. Mike Brownfield provided great commentary at The Foundry: “While U.S. troops have achieved successes in the region, their sacrifices could be squandered under a hasty withdrawal that is calculated for political gain, not for victory on the battlefield.”

In terms of the bigger picture, our president’s approach to matters of national security—his reasoning for our military’s involvement in some areas and not others—remains unclear and inconsistent.

  •  Have you heard about talks of a new stimulus plan? Are they kidding us with more spending? – Anthony K.

It’s astounding. President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus was a failure, stimulating nothing but the growth of our debt. According to The Foundry’s analysis of The CBO’s 2011 Long-Term Budget Outlook, “Debt reaches 101 percent of GDP by 2021—two years earlier than last year’s outlook reported—and would, if markets permitted it, shatter the 200 percent mark in 2037.” In addition, “Total spending remains well above its historical average of 20.3 percent, rising to nearly 26 percent of GDP by the end of the decade; it surges to 33.9 percent by 2035, climbing inexorably higher after that.”

Real solutions don’t involve more government spending. They include cutting tax rates, significantly reducing spending, deregulation, expanding domestic drilling and exploration, and embracing pro-free market alternatives to Obama’s crippling health care law.

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9 years ago

There are so many more diemnsions to Phil Anschutz, that one article wouldn’t even be enough. Thanks for the info Nate, it’s very important

irvin crews
9 years ago

the few things sarah palin has proven about herself is, if it gets a little tough she;ll quit, she looks cute, she can get foolish people to give her money on the premise she’ electable to higher office, she can give stupid answers to average questions. she can point her finger at others while ignoring what is going on in her own family. if this is the best we have to offer, god help us, we’ll need him.

Jon Wolff
9 years ago

How about JOBS instead of protecting tax breaks for the super rich.
Quit dismanteling education, it is the future of our country!
I will never vote republican again until the party of NO adresses this.

9 years ago

Would you kindly inform us of just how many permits have been allowed for drilling by the current administration since there seems to be some misconception that there are no explorations or practical attempts being made to provide fuel within the US boundaries?

9 years ago

I think it is interesting that 67% of likely voters don’t believe that there is even coverage of politicians during election cycles. Is there any data to back that up?

9 years ago

I have to ask why, if jobs and debt are the most important issues, so much energy is going in to abortion fights and other sideline issues. Do you have an opinion on that?

Adele Meny
9 years ago

I have just been informed of the AMAC inc. organization. I do not like to be pessimistic, but somehow Obama has managed to become a leader??? that is going to be dificult to get rid of. I wish you well in this undertaking.

9 years ago

The Republicans offer nothing new except the same old “trickle-down” that put us in the 1980 recession. We need to get rid of the illegal immigrants that are draining our resources, not to mention our jobs. The illegals that came in before, now had children and they don’t pick fruits and vegetables-they are taking jobs that should be going to unemployed Americans like me and the other 10%!

bill kase
9 years ago

I keep hearing about George Soros the bankroller of Liberalism. Any way to know who & what he is.?

Thomas Filipi
9 years ago

Also, to put our debt into perspective (trillions are so hard to comprehend) consider this: in a few days, our nation will celebrate its 235th birthday; if we immediately cease to add to the debt (ignoring interest) and start paying it down at the rate of $2000 per SECOND, it will take nearly 250 years to balance the books!

Thomas Filipi
9 years ago

Great column. As far as Ziegler’s bet is concerned, he should be informed that the proper word to use for Sarah is “ineluctable.”

9 years ago

I wish our leaders thaught the way you do. God Bless

Len Bliss
9 years ago

Nice of Obama to use our Strategic Reserve oil to lower the price of gasoline 10-15 cents per gallon (according to reports). Repeal the $0.45 tax on gasoline that is used to subsidize corn ethanol producers for the last 30 years. Allow our companies here to drill domestically and eliminate imports. Being Texan I know that our petroleum can double in 30 days if we just pump faster. Most wells are paced to last a certain number of years. Like Palin did in Alaska, force companies to proceed to tap identified resources or lose their lease rights. Companies must either proceed to produce product within 5 years, or face a tribunal selected by Congress, to present reason why they need more time.
Stop all subsidies to corn lobby to make ethanol. It is so inefficient that the EROEI, energy returned on energy invested is 1.70 ratio,. versus 7.0+ for sugar cane.

Jim Hussey
9 years ago

Brilliance again.

9 years ago

Excellent article. It’s a shame that conservatives have to be the watchdogs over what is happening with our debt. I fear that we are playing into the left’s hands in having to be the ones to proclaim that “the sky if falling.” However, as more of middle America is educated to the reality of our spending issues and the potential of impending bankruptcy, the less I’m concerned about being perceived as chicken little.

9 years ago

Great column, Jedediah!

9 years ago

Jedediah is one of my favorite pundits! I love her commentary!

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