Q & A with Jedediah: Feminism, Palin, Conservative Leaders, and Arizona

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

Why are you a feminist and why do you feel a need for it in today’s society, when women are at least as equal as men?—Dan; Palm Beach, FL

In the same way that I have immense respect for our Founding Fathers, I strongly admire those I consider to be our Founding Mothers. Suffragists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton paved the way for women of my generation to have the opportunities that are afforded to us. Their courage and commitment should serve as examples to young women of what can be achieved when you put your heart, soul, and mind to something.

To me, feminism means encouraging young girls to pursue education, to be true to their convictions, and to stand up for themselves and their values. It means an appreciation for how far women have come. My vision of feminism is contrary to the angry, man-hating, abortion-happy feminism of many on the Left. It is my honor to salute the suffragists who made it possible for me to do everything I’ve done and will continue to do.

When you write, what topics seem to make people respond the most, be it in a good or a bad way? Why do you think that is?—Kelly; Astoria, NY

Hands down, Sarah Palin. It’s actually quite hilarious. When I write a column about Palin, people seem to crawl out from every nook and cranny of the universe. The Palin-related hate mail is always quite intense. It typically has nothing to do with the column I’ve written, provides no factual or sensible retorts, spews a bunch of media talking points, and ends with something ridiculous like making fun of my name or the names of Palin’s kids. However, let me say that the positive mail I receive on my Palin articles is also like no other. Her supporters should never be underestimated, as they have an incredible allegiance to the values and anti-elitism she represents.

I think that Sarah Palin is a really unique figure, and that’s why she stirs up such powerful reactions. She’s a strong, unapologetically-conservative woman who isn’t about to abandon her principles. Not only that, but she isn’t part of the Washington establishment and doesn’t play by their rules. The Left—and many on the Right—don’t quite know what to do with that, with someone whose popularity stems from her connection with the heart of America, not from buying and selling favors in D.C. Of course, the fact that she couldn’t care less about what the media has to say about her surely drives some on the Left insane.

What leading conservative figures today do you admire and why?—Alyson; Chicago, IL

There are many. I’m so grateful to Representative Paul Ryan for the leading role he played in fighting Obama’s health care monstrosity. He has done such a fantastic job of exposing the truth behind our President’s rhetoric and repeatedly setting the record straight on the costs and effects of Obama’s policies. I have a lot of respect for Sarah Palin’s adherence to her values, regardless of what the media—or any of us—have to say about them. Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, among other talk radio hosts, do an amazing job every day of standing up for the founding principles of our country and disclosing the deceit and hypocrisy behind many of the policies coming down the pike. Michelle Malkin’s investigative work is first-class. There are many others who also fight the good fight to preserve what makes America exceptional.

What is your stand on immigration and why? What’s your opinion of the current mess going on in Arizona?—Joe; Los Angeles, CA

I fully support legal immigration. I believe that the United States has been enriched by the productivity and accomplishments of those who have entered our country legally from around the world in an effort to start businesses and better their lives and those of their families. I do not, however, support illegal immigration, as it blatantly disregards the laws of our country. I find illegal immigration to be a slap in the face to the legal immigrants who have worked so hard to get here and have respected our laws in the process.

I wrote about the situation in Arizona earlier this week. Arizona is doing nothing more than enforcing existing federal law. The state legislature has done what the federal government has neglected to do. The violence and crime in Arizona is completely out of control. In addition, schools, hospitals, and jails are burdened with outrageous costs as a result of the enormous illegal alien population. Barack Obama’s commentary on the law serves to prove one thing—he hasn’t read it. Despite his incorrect assessment, the law explicitly prohibits racial profiling. Kris Kobach notes in The New York Times that “ . . . the Arizona law actually reduces the likelihood of race-based harassment by compelling police officers to contact the federal government as soon as is practicable when they suspect a person is an illegal alien, as opposed to letting them make arrests on their own assessment.” Under the new law, race and/or nationality do not qualify as a sole reason for asking an individual to verify his or her legal status. Officers may only inquire as to someone’s status if they have “reasonable suspicion” to do so after they have already had lawful contact with that person.

I commend Arizona for having the guts to take a stand in the name of protecting its citizens. It seems to me that our President, many on the Left, and some RINOs need to look up the word illegal and become familiar with its definition. While they’re at it, they should check out personal responsibility and free market.

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12 years ago

If you don’t see your ridiculous statements about feminism and Sarah Palin, I can not help you. I have no respect for any feminist. It is a rejection of society and in today’s world their is no need for it except for the hatred of Men. And that is exactly what the so called founding Mothers had as well.

12 years ago

Ignoring the law on illegal immigration is like serving alcohol to teens and allowing people to shoot each other without legal consequences. It makes a joke out of law makers and enforcers which is sad. Why should anyone follow the laws of the country when the federal gvmt ignores it own laws?

12 years ago

I fully support Arizona for standing up to their prob. If the feds had done their job, Arizona wouldn’t have to do this. The same goes for Cal. , they should stand up also, but we know they won’t cause the hispanics will tear the state apart. I’m from Mo. and I would like my state to do the same, everywhere the illegals have moved into the crime rate has skyrocketed! If your here legalily, then more power to you, if not go back and make your own country a better place to live!!

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