Q & A with Jedediah: Election Special!

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Do you think the winners, as well as the losers, will recognize this election for what it is – a restraining order? – Joe, New York

I hope elected Republicans realize that Americans expect them to reject a big-government agenda, and to represent the antithesis of what tax-and-spend Obama allies have championed. I don’t have faith at this point that Obama will abandon his far-left ideology and shift toward the center – or that he will put his arrogance aside and acknowledge that this center-right country doesn’t support his far-left mission.

  • If the Republicans win on November 2, do you think they will be able to stay in the public’s good graces through the next election cycle? – Jeffrey W.

It all depends upon which policies they promote and how aggressively they promote them. The GOP must be true to our founding principles, honor our Constitution, and propose significant spending cuts. They must promote policies that don’t yield “compromise” (in other words, policies that don’t allow the far-left to eat away at our freedoms little by little). They must offer specific, pro-free-market alternatives to cap-and-tax and Obama’s health care law. Of course, most of their attempts will be blocked by President Obama. When that happens, it will be the job of the GOP to let Americans know loudly and clearly what they have put forth, what has been vetoed, and what the economic implications will be.

  • Is it true that Charlie Crist is feverishly digging the hole in which he’ll live from Election Day on? – Horst W.

I think Charlie has already been living in a figurative hole of deceit. I’m not sure he can sink much lower than he has already.

 If you had to pick two 2010 races to watch most closely, which ones would they be? – Dawn, New York

I’m going to go with the Senate races in Nevada and Alaska. Angle’s defeat of far-left Reid would be wonderful. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski – self-proclaimed Republican, but closet lefty – has pulled every trick in the book, and I’ve been a strong supporter of constitutional conservative Joe Miller.

 How confident are you that newly-elected conservatives won’t cave to the machine once in Washington and disappoint us? – Carl G.

I’m hopeful, but not certain by any means. They will have to be tough and unwavering, and we will have to strongly support them. They will likely face enormous pressure from some in the establishment to bend this way or that way. I’ve long said that I want to see proof that people can enter the Washington machine and come out on the other side with their principles intact, having done their very best to deliver what they promised. We shall see!

  • Who do you hope to see as the conservative nominees for the presidential election in 2012? Also, if there is a democratic nominee to run against Obama, who would it be? – Andrew T.

I’m still thinking on that one, but it must be candidates who are in it to win it. Some traits I’ll be looking for: strong conservative principles, a proven (and consistent) conservative voting record, executive experience, gutsiness, a call-it-like-you-see-it approach, and a rejection of business as usual.

At this point, I believe Obama will be the only nominee.

  • What do you think Obama is thinking right now, as it looks like the GOP is set to make big gains in the House and Senate? – Lenny; Miami

I think he’s nervous. This past Saturday, he warned, “And unless each and every one of you turn out, and get your friends to turn out, and get your families to turn out, then we could fall short, and all the progress that we’ve made over the last couple of years can be rolled back.”

In other words, he knows that true conservatives will send his phony hope and change packing.

  • Any last-minute advice to voters? – Liz P.

We are lucky enough to have the power to shift everything in this country with our votes. The momentum is on the side of conservatives, but we must get out there and vote, vote, vote. We must encourage other conservatives to join us. Pick up a friend in the car on your drive to the voting booths and phone some family members. It’s all about voter turnout.

Today’s the day, folks. Time to let our President, Pelosi, and Reid know once and for all that the buck stops here!

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Tom Harrison
12 years ago

Voted last week early. Will be watching tonight with the most interest in many years.

12 years ago

The unfortunate thing is that Obama still has Executive Orders at his disposal, which I cannot find anywhere in the Constitution, nor can I find “Executive Privilege.” He will issue orders to carry out his agenda, just as he has appointed “Czars”, a distinctly Communist Russian term, who have enormous power, but report to no one but Obama and are not voted on or approved by the Congress. They are Cabinet status, but Cabinet members are supposed to be approved by the Senate. Where was Congress when all of this was going on?

12 years ago

Voted early – praying there will not be any funny business with these votes.

12 years ago

Just voted!

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