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Jane Parker Fruit Cakes Shine the Light on Holiday Traditions

Family vacations at the lake, childhood birthday parties, getting a puppy, and a first date are nostalgic memories held by many people. So, too, are family gatherings at the table, surrounded by love, laughter, and the tradition of delicious foods. Jane Parker Fruit Cakes have been a main staple at family gatherings since the 1930s. When the existence of the iconic brand was threatened, entrepreneurs Alex and Chris Ronacher came to the rescue and saved the cakes for future generations to enjoy.

For decades, Jane Parker Fruit Cakes were popularly sold in the Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company grocery retail stores, better known as A&P. Many Americans sought out the brand for family meals and special occasions. The product was so popular that A&P stores maintained large stacked displays. Over time, the production of the Classic and Dark styles of Jane Parker Fruit Cakes was moved to Canada. As A&P stores began to close, the fruit cakes became harder to find. In 2009, the beloved cakes re-emerged for A&P’s 150th-anniversary celebration. But, by 2015, A&P went bankrupt. Fortunately, thanks to the Ronacher brothers, Jane Parker Fruit Cakes would live on.

The Ronachers initially began purchasing the fruit cakes in bulk to resell on their online candy shop and the fruit cakes were also sold via the Amazon platform, and quickly developed a loyal following. Upon discovering that the company’s original recipes and intellectual properties were up for auction, the duo from New York put in a bid and won. As business partners, the brothers faced hurdles to relaunch the product; including pan redesigns and labeling and marketing challenges. Not only did they successfully relaunch the product, they proudly returned production of the iconic fruit and nut-filled cakes to the USA. The future looks bright for the Ronacher team, as they now work to bring the Spanish Bar Cake back to the market, another iconic A&P product that was thought to be lost forever.

The Jane Parker brand is renowned for its superior taste, flavor, freshness, and authenticity. Historically, cheap imitation products have regrettably given fruit cakes a negative connotation. Jane Parker Fruit Cakes stand head and shoulders above all other brands by using original recipes and a masterful balance of rich and premium quality ingredients. The expert bakers use the maximum fruit to nuts ratio to create moist cakes packed with plump sweet raisins, rich orange peel, glace red cherries, and golden pineapples, tasty pecans, and more. The Dark Fruit Cake, rich in color and texture, delivers the homemade flavors of brown sugar and molasses, reminiscent of scents in Grandma’s kitchen. As part of the brothers’ dedication to delivering the best product possible, the fruit cakes are baked in small batches to maintain freshness and quality control.

Foodies today appreciate the multiple purposes edibles serve, from fulfilling hunger and nutrition requirements to delivering feelings of nostalgia and mouthfuls of pleasure. Jane Parker Fruit Cakes check off all the boxes. No single other dessert is better served for the holidays than a deliciously baked Jane Parker Fruitcake, artfully presented in a ring formation. The fruit cakes are available in decorative collector tins, creating the perfect holiday gift. Additionally, consumers will be pleased to know the cakes meet the highest standards of production and are Kosher Certified. Evoking memories and returning culture and customs to America are essential aspects of the Jane Parker brand. In response to why the brand is so successful, Chris Ronacher shares, “It is a quality product that touches people’s hearts.”

To ensure delivery of this favorite flavor-packed festive course for the holiday season, advance ordering online is recommended. Visit for details and to watch a video of recommendations for cutting and serving your premium American-made Jane Parker Fruit Cake. Or, call 833-JPCAKES (833-572-2537). To view photos on Facebook, visit: and be sure to like our company and posts.

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