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Jane Fonda – “Murder” Pro-Lifers

Jane Fonda participates in Women’s March along with 750,000 activists protesting Donald J. Trump the day after his Presidential Inauguration in 2017.

How fitting and sickening that Jane Fonda advocated on national television (twice) last week the “murder” of pro-life activists, no smile, no jest, pure vile, pure “Hanoi Jane” at her best. This is the woman who spilled all to the North Vietnamese in 1972, condemned American POWs to death. Now, as if morality still has never swept her, she recommends “murdering” pro-life protestors. Ponder that.

Of course nothing will come of that.  While the Biden Justice Department and bitter Merrick Garland distains and detains, has now decided to intimidate and prosecute genuinely peaceful pro-life protestors, a threat and incitement to murder on national television will come to nothing, count on it.

But what, pray tell, would her patriotic father – the famous Henry Fonda, a WWII veteran and notably “Juror Number 8” in the film “Twelve Angry Men” have to say about that? Remember that film?  Juror Number 8, Fonda’s character, is so concerned about protecting innocence, consumed by the enormity of murder, and the horrific penalty it carries, that he works to convert the jury – and eventually does.

In other words, the ideal in America – the concept that rule of law matters, that Supreme Court decisions and jury decisions are at the very heart of the republic’s survival – was sufficiently important to Fonda, and to the nation, that the mere possibility of getting it wrong should focus us intently.

Now comes self-adulating, never wrong, quick to spout “Hanoi Jane,” in her coiffed hair, glib as she was in 1972, throwing gas on the public fire, recommending to her disoriented, polarized, sadly more violent, under-policed, half-crazy watchers that “murder” is the answer, if you disagree with the Supreme Court.

Miss. Jane, murder of whom? Murder of pro-life protestors? Murder of Supreme Court Justices? Murder of the law? Murder of fellow citizens? And where is the public outrage over the active – watch the clip, no smile, pure vile – advocacy of the killing of fellow Americans.

True to form, this self-worshiping Hollywood nut has not learned a thing since 1972. While she regrets being photographed with communist North Vietnamese soldiers, the ones killing young Americans, even then funded by China and Russia – it is just the photo she regrets, not complicity in their murder.

This is a woman who will leave the planet no less enlightened than she arrived, sure that her immorality is a sign of principle, sure that her glib advocacy for violent death of those she disagrees with is some sort of justice, a disgrace to all the causes she touches, no giving, no grace, no gratitude, all attitude.

She reminds me of an old saw, an old adage that drifts back now and then as the political left gets more aggressive, less interested in what matters, more cocksure with each passing year, as if all the sacrifice that brought this nation to this moment, which makes possible their bold use of the First Amendment, is irrelevant – or of their own making.

The saw it this: “In these days of atheism, it is good to see someone who believes as deeply in herself as Jane Fonda.” If this is what leftism is today, quiet advocacy of power and violence for more power and violence, what better posterchild than Jane Fonda? Here is the know-nothing, hold-over “fellow traveler,” as much a communist sympathizer today as she was fifty years ago.

Here is the perfect symbol of the left, cat out of the bag, a person who cares little for what matters most, life, liberty, and defense of both, just about herself, her hair, floodlights, and the rant. Yes, of course, the Justice Department – and all the world – will care little that “murder” is being pushed.

But what, alas, would Juror Number 8 have to say? What would those American boys who lie in all the military cemeteries that grace this nation and the globe have to say? And what would all those babies who, unlike Fonda, never got the chance to use their God-given First Amendment have to say?

They would have a lot to say, and a lot to her – but they fell, or were deprived of the right, she so glibly abuses. Worse, many fell because of the very attitude and words she now excuses. “Murder,” Hanoi Jane, is not the answer when you disagree with someone, or with your life situation. Ponder that. 

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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30 days ago

Jane Fonda is …. well, she sure knows how to get in the news. For example … insulting US GI’s with her pose on the N Viet Name cannon. But such moves do get her publicity … even more so than a “cat house.”

Robin W Boyd
2 months ago

Henry Fonda was also a liberal minded person, but he was not the hateful jackass that his daughter Jane has been all her life.

Rick Zalman
2 months ago

What do you expect from a traitor,
who called our U.S. troops , war criminals. Liberals have always hated America. Just look at Brittany Griner
who hates the National Anthem being played at sporting events.

2 months ago

Ah, Hanoi Jane. She should be the poster child for the Communist/democratic agenda. If there’s one person that I can think of that doesn’t deserve to live in America, it’s her. What a piece of work. The only encouraging thing is that she will also have to stand before almighty God someday.

2 months ago

My late husband was a Vietnam Veteran *USMC* and I thank God he was not one of those men who suffered and died because of this witch and what she thinks and says. I don’t agree with anything she does and I most certainly would NEVER go to a movie with my hard-earned money to see her in any movie!!
She makes her late father turn in his grave, God rest his soul.
I feel sorry for anyone who thinks like her. They will learn in the end that they are forever WRONG.
God bless America!!! ❤️️????????????

2 months ago

Just old Hanoi Jane proving again she is an idiot. Why would any reasonable person even talk or listen to the Hollywood freak? She is totally disgusting!

2 months ago

Her mother should have had an abortion! ????
She has no contact with the real world.

2 months ago

Join the ( RIGHT ) Fight for love of GOD AND COUNTRY !!!!

jim mcdowell
2 months ago

Fonda makes me sick. She’s a dusgusting traitor.

2 months ago

She should have been exiled back in the 70’s. It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion, but to turn her back on American solders that directly lead to executions is unforgivable!

2 months ago

She is a evil women , who is trying to be part of the crowd. She is another traitor of America and a democrackhead all in one , she also is closer to seeing her maker face to face. So she better make it right with God before its to late.

Dale Single
2 months ago

Treason in time of war that is what firing squads are for!!!

2 months ago

Her mouth needs to be sewed shut. She is a disgrace.

2 months ago

She is a communist, that’s why us Vietnam veterans call her “Hanoi Jane”

2 months ago

She should have han ged fifty years ago. She is stupid evil.

Craig Slavik
2 months ago

Jane Fonda lost any significance during her treason in North Vietnam. I don’t understand why anybody cares what she thinks.

2 months ago

Jane is a useless piece of protoplasm. Her mother should have done the world a favor and had her aborted.

2 months ago

Jane Fonda never had no morales. She’s totally in bed with the movie business!

2 months ago

Jane at 85!!! Hate only hurts the hater!!! I really believe this. Jane after 50 years really doesn’t care who hates her. Her usefulness to the left is the only cause keeping her name out there. Jane looks in a mirror every day and knows who she is and what she has done. Her time is running out and she knows it.Bye, bye. Jane , the right won’t miss you !!!! Ding. Hoy!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Yep. Can pray for her salvation, but I’d never like her.

2 months ago

All Vietnam vets should remember her behavior and condemn her actions which may have caused the death of imprisoned soldiers. Her actions definitely show she has not changed.

2 months ago
Reply to  William

Amen I refuse to watch anything she is in.She is a traitor and was never called to answer for it!

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