It’s Time for the GOP to Get a New Playbook & Use Its Powerful Young Bench

The GOP has been outmaneuvered in the message department when they try to convey what they stand for to the general public. It’s no secret that President Obama and his advisers have tapped in to the popular main stream media and skillfully used it to their advantage when it comes to getting their version of the “truth.”

The GOP has been outplayed in this department for the past 4 years. Claims from President Obama and his administration go unchallenged in the popular media and eventually become the “truth” because the GOP has lost the ability to challenge them.

The GOP needs to immediately replace its present leaders who have presided over one failure after another and have allowed their message to be hijacked.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has proved repeatedly he is no match for the negotiating skills of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. His previous pledges of forcing fiscal sanity on this administration have proven to be hollow…He needs to be replaced with someone who has better negotiating skills.

The House has the power of the purse strings and has never used this power to get concessions out of this administration. Get someone in there who is not afraid of using this power to extract concessions from this administration.

Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell has been at the helm for 4 years of concessions, it is time for him to step down and let a fresh face in there.

The Republican Party has many powerful, articulate and younger faces in their stable of talent and should use them to their advantage….NOW. It is not the time to go along to get along & let whoever is next in line to step to the forefront, it is time for bold moves.

But these key changes in leadership should be coupled with a new PR campaign by the Republicans to get their message to the citizens. The GOP needs a designated spokesman who can relate to the vast majority of the middle class Americans and speak their language….not another perceived country club Republican, or plutocrat.

The GOP should have several of its younger, articulate members at the ready, to stand up and answer President Obama the next time he has a one way conversation with the American public.

Of course, the media will most likely not cooperate in helping to level the playing field in the field of ideas, so the Republicans should be ready to buy millions in prime time ads to speak to the public. They should also aggressively get involved in the new political battlefield of ideas in Twitter/Facebook. They are woefully behind the curve in the new media.

The GOP could show its depth by highlighting Senator Marco Rubio, let him be a main spokesman. He is comfortable in the media and can articulately explain complicated issues in a simple way. Senator Rubio also has a star quality about him that can be tapped into and he would be welcomed in popular media venues.

The GOP has many other young articulate spokespersons that can be thrust into the media spotlight to counter the unanswered barrage of information coming from the left. Names like Martinez, Cantor, Cruz, Ayotte, Haley and many others, including Darrell Issa & Rand Paul…The GOP bench is wide and deep…..use it now.

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Ed Farnan is spot on! We need new leadership in the Republican Party, we have the potential in this Congress to make a real difference but without leadership that has some backbone it will be the same old, same old Also, we do need to get up to speed with the new media, i.e. facebook, twitter, etc. and we need a short and long range plan to take back our schools from the Liberals and teach our children the truth about their country’s heritage, teach reasoning/problem solving skills, and see that they are well versed in the real meaning of the Constatution.

As a resident from Wisconsin, my state has 2 good rising stars who are true conservatives: Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. Both are fiscally conservative, Christian pro-lifers who should be tapped by the GOP for the future to run for President or have in a future republican administration’ s cabinet (secretary of state, vice-president, etc).
Middle of the road, centrist candidates doesn’t cut it. Because true conservatives will be disinclined to throw money and support behind candidates who will only sell out their interests later and liberals will vote for the true liberal, not the GOP approximation. We need statesmen who are not afraid to stand up for true conservative principles, not politicians who sell out to the highest bidder.

Scott Walker is also an excellent example of the type of leader we need, being a high profile governor is a huge plus… An articulate spokesman who can handle himself well in the media

The only point I do not agree with is the one about the Republican Party being outmaneuvered in the message department for only the past 4 years. It goes back much further than that, even back before GWB, because of the role of the media in bashing the Republican president in office at the time. The media, or the left, (one and the same) control so much of the air time that no message from the conservative side ever gets through to the uninformed masses who think Oprah and network news are the gospel. I would love to see AMAC flex its muscles, and start backing true conservatives for office. We need to start now!

We should have supported true conservatives decades ago. I’ve had it with these timid, tepid lackluster Republican candidates. Maybe the Republicans just don’t want to represent true conservatism and win elections. I am considering not giving the Republican Party a damn penny until I see some of the desired changes within that party. The Republican Party has become the party of Republi-Cant’s, when, under Reagan, they were the Republi-Cans. Now, all Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama himself, and Diane Feinstein have to do is beller with a loud obnoxious voice and the Republi-cant’s just scatter and run for cover. There are a few who will stand up to these Idi Amin wanabes, but not too many will.

You are essentially correct. The leadership of the Republican Party just wants to “get along” with the Democrats. They do not stand for any conservative principles. As a matter of fact, they are going out of their way to distance themselves from the few conservatives serving in Congress.

Unfortunately, it appears that Reagan was the exception to the rule, not the norm. Remember before he was elected, the Republican Party leadership considered him too much of a cowboy and right wing nut. Only after his election and proof that his policies worked, did the party reluctantly hop on the bandwagon. Once he left office, the party started to fall back into its old ways.

After Gingrich was ousted, the party went full bore back to “go along to get along” with the Democrats and we’ve seen how well that has worked out.

A part of the GOP are big spenders just like the Dems. They just think they can do it better. I truly believe the GOP leaders are of that ilk. To get the conservative message out i.e. the Founders message, we need to by pass the “drive by media” they are dinosaurs any way. Look at their falling rating. We need to reach the young people with our message and Ed Farnan is correct we need to reach them in the new media. FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube and the blogist sphere. We the people cannot wait for the GOP to lead us, we must show them the way. GOP stands for Grand Old Party and that party has gotten moldy. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we have the right to it without Government interference! All they do is interfere.

This article is unfortunately one year too late. The time to choose a bold, truly fiscally conservative path for the Republican Party, in order to have a chance to undo much, if not all the damage done to the country by the last four years of Obama, was in the time leading up the Republican primaries. Now it’s unfortunately too late. Instead the party leadership opted to push, once again and very hard, a moderate who they claimed was “the only viable candidate that can defeat Obama in November”. Well we all know how well that worked out. The Obama campaign, with ample assist from the mainstream media who idolize him, carpet bombed Romney 24 by 7, forced Romney off message and kept him on the defensive with a series of manufactured nonsense like the “war on women” and “getting millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share”. Standard socialist… Read more »

It has come to the point that I cannot support the Republication leaders (HA) any longer. I have not been giving millions like some people buying support, but my hundreds have stopped. If the Reps will not hear us then it may be time to retire them and get a third party. We have had good luck with local Tea Party people who, like us, respect each other and try to make good changes. It may take a couple of pres elections to get rolling good, but anything good is worth fighting for. The others will soon see the higher taxes, high medical, and no representation, and may wakeup and join us. It is time now to support only those who are really conservative.

i agree, we need a third party, i’d be happy to vote for a tea party or libertarian party candidate. rand paul would be my choice & any tea party man or woman. we need big change. i quit declaring myself as republican after this last election. independant from now on. they just couldn’t stand up to the dems. or the liberal media. they all went in hiding, just as they’re doing now..

i am sorry but the T.P. has done as much harm as good. the senate needs to be left alone by the TP. the senate would be 49 or 50 rep. if they had not interfered. the house is good.

I hear little to nothing from the Young Republicans organizationn. Perhaps they could effectively craft a message addressing what big government is doing to their generation?

You would think it would be a simple thing for some of these young Republican groups to articulate a message like that, but so far very little has been done.

good they need to use all the computer media

I think its time we abandon the gop and have a conservative 3rd party. Whemn the gop put bonehead back in charge it sounds like we will lose our weapons now along with taxes Then the gop will give up there bible noo the gop needs replaceing. Bachmann stood up against bonehead but you know how they treat you when you have a opion diffrent from them

The country is in a downward spiral. Every working person will feel it from higher taxes, fees, lack of income, security, and health insurance. When you have no money in your check book or the Bank, you turn to the Government, or to stealing and doing illegal things to survive. When you cannot pay for something, like food, housing, car, clothing, transportation, heat, you turn to the Government for help. The Government cannot and will not be able to provide a life style where you cannot grow and prosper. Where is the stimulus for new jobs and technology? Washington and Congress will be the next victims for hate, lust, crime, stealing and lying. How it will be done. With guns, knives, bats, murders, house break-ins, people’s bare hands, bad drugs, other weapons, and crimes that are unspeakable. When you lose the little or whatever meaningful you had, and are working… Read more »

Boehner and the rest of the belt way Republicans are doing their best to neuralize the tea party republicans that have
been sent to congress in the 2010 election. If they keep it up it might be that the Tea party will revolt and become a third party. The people will speak

I don’t believe we can blame only a few people (republicians) for the mess we are in. Every one needs to pay more attention what is going on. We need to act quickly before we find we have lost all our freedom. Obama is out to ruin the United States and if every one doesn’t act, it will be a lost cause. Such as so many people not bothering to vote.

I agree with you, Joan.

I sent this to John Boehner: COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT – DEBT, DEFICITS AND SPENDING When talking about the high level of spending, deficits, and expense reductions, it needs to be made very clear that for every $1.00 that we spend, more than 40 cents is borrowed by the U.S. Government and paid for later by our children and grandchildren. This major problem needs to be discussed at every opportunity. I think people glaze over when politicians talk about spending levels of $3.8 trillion, a deficit of $1.1 trillion and total debt of $16.3 trillion. Instead, talking about how much our children and grandchildren would pay for every dollar spent would bring it closer to home and would make reductions in Medicare, SS, Medicaid and all other areas more acceptable. I suggest the following comment be made at every chance you get: America borrows 40 cents for every dollar our government spends.… Read more »

Agreed. Boehner is a good guy, but lacking in negotiating and communicating skills. We need people like Rubio who is not afraid to exercise a strong backbone and stand up to the Dems lies and spin. If the GOP doesn’t soon get with it, many of us will abandon them and go with something like the Constitution Party.

Why don’t we all copy it and send it to the RNC, maybe a flood will get their attention.

The Republicans have been out mauvered but not just the last 4 years but
a slow manuever to infiltrated our colleges. High schools and elementary schools
for the last 50 years. Today 90% of graduating students are good socialists who will
only listen to the mainstream media controlled by their forerunners

I dare say we need to take our educational system back, not worry just about Twitter.
Nevertheless it may be too ltate.

MSG (Ret) Ronnie WHite

Mario – I agree with you completely! And it is probably to late!

Go the the bullpen, new pitchers are needed. Old guys have worn out their welcome. Either we get new players or will have to have a new team. This existing team needs some trades or new guys from the farm leagues.(could not resist the baseball analogies). This team is likely to strike out more often than not. Time to replace them.

Could not agree more. We see loss after loss with the same cast of characters. Time to go to the bullpen as these
bumbling pitchers cant get it over the plate. (couldnt resist the baseball analogy!)

I agree with you wholeheartedly but Boehner was reelected, looks like we are staying on the same old path. I am going to print this and send it to our local republican party, see what feedback I get.

Why not send it to the RNC?