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Is Hillary Gearing Up For Yet Another Run at President In 2024?

AMAC Exclusive – By Louis J. Senn


Just weeks after new bombshell revelations from the Durham investigation potentially implicating senior aides from her 2016 campaign in criminal wrongdoing, Hillary Clinton resurfaced again in New York to give a suspiciously campaign-sounding speech to state Democrats. After lying largely dormant during the Trump years, Clinton has quietly begun increasing her public appearances in recent months, dropping subtle hints that she may not be as done with politics as some had previously thought. Thus, with the midterms still more than seven months away, it may already be time to ask – after being thoroughly embarrassed and exposed last time around, is Hillary gearing up for another bid for the White House in 2024?

As ordinary Americans continue to face a litany of crises, from skyrocketing gas prices to a raging border crisis, the constant focus of the Beltway as always remains on the next election. An increasing number of voters clearly regard President Biden as unfit for office. So, that means it may be time for the Democratic Party to find a new candidate to put forward for 2024 if they want any chance of maintaining control of the White House.

As these discussions have quietly begun to take place in Democratic circles, Hillary Clinton continues to pop up like some sort of political whack-a-mole game.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Hillary has emerged to try and regain power after many had written her off. Following the turmoil that embroiled her husband’s years in office, many thought Hillary and the Clinton name would be forever stained by the unprecedented number of scandals. Nonetheless, Hillary managed to win a U.S. Senate election, and her career miraculously appeared to be on the upswing.

After a failed presidential run in 2008, she came back as Secretary of State. She then tried another presidential run in 2016 – this time running up against an opponent in Donald Trump who thoroughly exposed Clinton for her corruption. More than just beating her, Donald Trump appeared to have destroyed her political career forever.

Still, there were rumors she might try a rematch against Trump in 2020. But Joe Biden had been dutifully put forward, as it was now his promised turn.

The results, as many Americans have plainly seen, have not been stellar. Perhaps even more alarmingly for Democrats, the party doesn’t appear to have anyone on its bench to swoop in and replace Joe in 2024. Vice President Kamala Harris, who would normally be the favorite to succeed Biden, is even more unpopular than the President, no small feat given Biden’s own dismal poll numbers. Bernie Sanders is likely too old. Even Pete Buttigieg, who was seen as an up and coming star during the 2020 Democratic primary, has now fallen out of favor with Democratic insiders as a presidential hopeful. Thus, incredibly, Clinton may have an opening.

However, the trick in running for office is to want it enough to run but not show the voters just how desperately you want it. Perhaps that is why the Democratic establishment and the mainstream media are so aggressively assuring Americans that Clinton does not want the presidency.

Recently, Clinton was asked if she would consider running again in 2024 and laughed it off quickly. And she has repeatedly insisted that she doesn’t want to run. But her actions in recent months seem to tell a different story.

Take, for example, the before-mentioned speech to the New York State Democrat Convention. For many who watched, they got the distinct impression that she was relaunching and resetting her image as the Democrats begin their frantic search for someone who can replace Biden in 2024. Hillary also took the bizarre step of going on NBC and publicly reading her victory speech that she would have given if she had won the presidency in 2016. Such a move seems either an incredible display of narcissism or a deliberate attempt to convince people that she would still make a good president (or, perhaps more likely, both).

Career politicians like Clinton will generally say anything to get power, so it’s always their actions that demonstrate their true intentions. Clinton may believe that we’re foolish enough to think her “no” will convince us that she’s not interested in running, but you don’t launch two hard-fought campaigns if you’re not fervent about becoming president. It is hard to believe Hillary wouldn’t make the run if she thought she had a chance to win.

Democrats, however, should approach Hillary’s dreams of a comeback with extreme caution. There seems little reason to believe a third try at the presidency would end any less disastrously than the previous two. After all, with the entire Democratic establishment rallying behind Terry McAuliffe in a losing effort against Republican Glenn Youngkin for Virginia Governor, Clinton was conspicuously absent. Although she held a fundraiser for McAuliffe in New York, she was not asked to come campaign for McAuliffe in Virginia, something that even the deeply unpopular current president was asked to do.

In short, while Hillary’s diehard loyalists are likely convinced that she has a chance to finally get over the hump and win the presidency in 2024, no one else currently appears to agree, even most other Democrats. So while Hillary can try to claw her way back from political irrelevancy, she’s likely to find only the same cold shoulder from voters that she felt the last time she asked for power six years ago. 

Louis J. Senn is a lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky, who previously worked for the Trump Administration. 

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8 months ago

Yea thats what we need leading America. A spy? She is the most underhanded overrated pathetic excuse for candidate to run for a position of President. She is a mentally ill psychopathic lunatic.

8 months ago

TRUMP 2024 MAGA God Bless America

8 months ago

355,000,000 Americans in our great country, but we keep coming up with the same old Useful Idiots who only enrich themselves. There must be many more intelligent and hard working people who would make us proud. Where are they?

Mark Williamson
8 months ago

The question should be how can this deplorable woman even consider it. If anything she should be lucky she has not been charged for spying…yet!!

8 months ago

I am still hoping she and stupid Joe will get jail time for their money laundering operation in the Ukraine under Obama.

8 months ago

I hope that She liar decides to run again since it will give the Durham investigation will have nearly 2 more years to dig up even more skeletons out of the Clinton closet and the only way she could overcome losing is to convince the 80 million who allegedly voted for demented Joebama O’Biden to cast their multiple votes for her in 2024.

Cindy Walker
8 months ago

she must like to lose. just go away Hilary, go be a grandma and leave us alone.

Marie Langley
8 months ago

Why can’t she just give up and go away? She just craves the attention and can’t help herself. Go away Hillary!!!! No one wants you for president, EVER!!!!!!!

Susan H McGregor
8 months ago

I hope EVERY adult in USA will read The Shadow Party:by David Horowitz.. it’s about Hillary Clinton and her political relationship withGeorge Soros and Saul Alinsky

8 months ago

I sure hope she’s going to run again. I’m going to really enjoy seeing her get absolutely crushed again. She is such a f****** sore loser that it’s funny.

8 months ago

Stop the insanity. She is a two time loser. Just go home.

8 months ago

Is there any dems below the age of retirement? Omg! This is there best? Haha!

Thomas Dornbrook
8 months ago

The Clinton family must be prosecuted!

8 months ago


8 months ago

When will this b*tch f-ing die?

Bruce A
8 months ago

I can’t believe that Miserable Old Hag is still exposing her Ugly Brand.
Haven’t we had enough ignorance from corrupt democrats? Between Hillary and Cackles the women’s movement has been set back decades. We have some amazing women in our leadership (I don’t include Mayor Pete) capable of solid understanding of the economics etc. to run the country properly.
Drooling Joe has destroyed our economy and standing in the world in just 14 months. We need strong leadership and certainly not someone like crooked Hillary.

gale storm
8 months ago

If Hillary is considering another run for President, she, or he posse must of figured out how to cook the books better this time.

8 months ago

Nah! Hillary will not run again for POTUS again. Even the dumbest Democrat knows she “is persona non grata” to more than just Republicans. Besides, she probably doesn’t have enough brooms in her closet to provide enough campaign transportation!!!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Love it! lol

8 months ago

What a waste, Ops I had better be quiet or I might get the Vince Foster treatment. Both of them belong in prison.

8 months ago
Reply to  Frank

Yes, I heard that the Clintons had several people killed. Scary!

8 months ago

Didn’t she destroy government evidence that was subpoenaed, like the servers she was destroying with a hammer and bleached? Where is the Justice? As far as I am concerned, she belongs in Prison, not the White House. And while she is at it, she can take the corrupt Biden and Harris Schummer & Pelosi et al with her to Prison. Frankly, I am sick of the government corruption. Hard core Prison time is in order for many of them. Our great country does not need these corrupt officials in charge of our Country. They seem to be only looking out for themselves not our Country. How can we trust this government? HC it is strike three and your out!

8 months ago
Reply to  Walter

Our Justice Department is just as corrupt as Steele Dossier Benghazi Killary’s ilk.

8 months ago
Reply to  RedState

Agree. Need to kick them all out and start over with severe penalties for any governmental corruption. I have no confidence in this governmental administration, Congress or the Legal System. I got a feeling I am not alone…There must be a way not to just have another Investigation, hold people accountable, which nothing happens but to have harsh repercussions for violating our Constitution and the American people. I can think of quite a few things to take care of these criminals.

8 months ago

that is a photo of Hill from at least 10 years ago …

8 months ago
Reply to  greg

I would guess more like at least 30 years ago ….

8 months ago
Reply to  greg

Must be more than ten!

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