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Is Communist China Seeking to Create an Army of Super Soldiers in its Quest for World Domination?


WASHINGTON, DC, July 16 — To what extent will Communist China [CCP] go to achieve world domination?

Apparently, they’ll go to the extreme of creating a race of super-soldiers, human-like beings with special “comic book” powers.

Last year, in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe revealed that: “U.S. intelligence shows that China has even conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities. There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power,”

A new report shows that they are continuing and expanding “experiments in the field of biomedical and genetic engineering that break human ethical boundaries,” according to The Epoch Times.

The news site’s expose’ describes horrific CCP projects worthy of Dr. Frankenstein, including the potential weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus.

It seems that the Wuhan Institute scientist they call the “batwoman” has long been conducting so-called “gain of function” experiments as part of her research on the CCP virus.

The scientific community defines gain-of-function research as the study of “serial passaging of microorganisms to increase their transmissibility, virulence, immunogenicity, and host tropism by applying selective pressure to a culture.” In other words, research on how to make the virus as deadly as possible.

The report notes that “In 2015, Shi, together with her collaborators, published a paper in the journal Nature Medicine on the genetic modification of a SARS-like virus (SARS-CoV) bat coronavirus to allow it to infect humans with greater infectivity.” What purpose, other than germ warfare, can she have for designing a deadlier strain of the virus.

The Communist Chinese are said to be engaged in a variety of projects that might send shivers up one’s spine. In addition to the ability to kill more people via the COVID virus, they apparently have developed methods that would allow male animals to get pregnant; they have also created monkey men and, they have succeeded in producing gene-edited babies.

The reality of germ warfare is scary and real enough. But, if you think the notion of super soldiers is far-fetched, the scientific community points out that there are, indeed, ways of altering human capabilities.

British molecular geneticist Dr Helen O’Neill says that the technology exists. She points out, “genome editing and its combination with assisted reproduction – are becoming routine practices in transgenics and agriculture, it’s just the combination of the two for human use that is seen as unethical at the moment.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been warning of genetic super soldiers. He says that they would be deadlier than nuclear weapons on the battlefield. But is the Russian Federation putting a better foot forward in regard to the issue of genetically enhanced soldiers and hiding a secret super-soldier program of his own?

Perhaps the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeyev, spilled the beans in an interview with TASS, the Russian news agency, when he said, “The most important and interesting project, which was considered by representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Military Medical Academy, is the so-called Genetic Passport of a Serviceman. The project is far-reaching, scientific, fundamental. Its essence is to find such genetic predispositions in military personnel that will allow them to correctly orientate them in military specialties. That is, to make full use of the benefits that a genetic predisposition gives, which is very important. I believe that our military medicine will be able to raise the bar high in this project, there are already serious developments in this area.”

It begs the question: are Sergeyev’s remarks a hint that Russia, too, is engaged in a quest for its own super soldiers?

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5 months ago

We have God on our side and no one can beat Him. Communists don’t believe in God so no wonder they are such horrible people, doing horrible things.

6 months ago

Covid was just a huge scientific experiment to see how we would bend to government control. Step 1: Convince people they are in the midst of a “pandemic” and government is the only answer to “save” us. Step 2: Get as many people as possible to accept a jab that contains human DNA. Jesus is our only salvation. There is no other!

6 months ago
Reply to  Diane

If you cannot get the sheep to accept the toxic jab then use blackmail and intimation tactics; like you cannot get a passport, or you will be banned from restaurants or theaters as the dictator of France is now employing.

6 months ago

What??? They already have them….. DEMOCRATS! Bought and PAID for!

Ed J
6 months ago

The Chinese don’t really need super soldiers. In a hot war, they can simply overwhelm an enemy with numbers as they did with their human wave assaults during the Korean War. The equation is simple. If one side has more people than the other side has bullets, guess who is going to prevail?
If the USA were to nuke and kill 50% of the Chinese, they would still have a population that is twice ours! The fact is that the Chinese do not have to get into a hot war with us since we are already shooting ourselves in the foot (actually BOTH feet) as the Demsheviks pursue and perpetrate their dystopian extreme socialist ideologies against the American people. All the Chinese need to do is sit back and wait for us to implode and collapse internally.
In the meantime, we are becoming more and more dependent on the Chinese for most of the essential goods consumed by Americans. Their grip around the economic throat of America is an increasing stranglehold on our nation. I don’t think most Americans truly have any idea of the extent that the tentacles of the Chinese have invaded our economy and infiltrated to the very core of many of our industries. Even our American flags are made in China!

5 months ago
Reply to  Ed J

I remember when I heard the last place that makes light bulbs in America closed. China makes our light bulbs!?!?!

I was so thrilled when President Trump was working on bring some manufacturing back to the US. I hope more political leaders see the need for that and not making so many jobs unaffordable by unionizing them would be a start. Now that we have so many labor laws to protect employees, unions need to become a thing of the past to make the US a competitor with other countries.

Phil Hammersley
6 months ago

Chi-Coms won’t need super soldiers once they poison ours with COVID or some other concoction. The ones that this doesn’t take out will be sidelined while having their babies or undergoing taxpayer-funded sex change operations. And, of course, the “woke” followers don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings!

6 months ago

This is very disturbing, but Communist countries do not want the same things that Americans do & are fooling with dangerous human experiments that GOD does not want to happen.

6 months ago

Since I couldn’t leave a comment on Ferguson’s weekly comment (AMAC) about Texas Democrats leaving Texas to avoid voting– as a Texan I would like to see a list of their names & that their voters know they are paying their salaries with their tax dollars for not doing their jobs and give them an opportunity as to whether they should continue to support them by re-electing them. Media won’t publish a list, will AMAC????

Ruth A Lance
6 months ago
Reply to  mjl

Good idea.

David Urschel
6 months ago

In my opinion no countries in the world should trade with China. They released a deadly viral attack on the world. The Chinese leaders should all be in World court and convicted of mass murder. Any country in the world that has debt with China should be forgiven of that debt due to the cost to the world to defend against this Chinese declaration of war on the World. The United States should cancel any trade with China. Bring our medication production from China. It does not make sense to buy medication from any country the has declared war against you. The current leaders in the United States are traitors and need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. China Joe is the biggest traitor of them all and the only way the democrats (marxist socialist party)could win the last election was to cheat to win and will do all they can for self enrichment at the cost of this great Country. Social media companies based in the United States that helped the so called democrats to win this election should also be prosecuted and disbanded and pay trillions in fines and the leaders also tried for treason.

Ed J
6 months ago
Reply to  David Urschel

Reelect President Trump in 2024 and we can get that ball rolling to deal with the traitors! MAGA!!!

6 months ago

If you don’t know Jesus you better except him as lord and savior. God is getting ready to send him to get the church all the signs are in . The Bible tells you what to look for and things that you can see. Biden has sold his spirit to the devil and will cause America to be destroyed.The only way out is for Biden and Harris to die or be killed they will be in hell one day with pelosi.Help us lord GOD.

6 months ago

Have you ever seen the movie “Universal Soldier?” Experiments done on military personnel.

6 months ago

Why not! Hitler fed all his armed forces drugs and thought he would rule the world. Don’t think the commies are going to. Maybe luck would be if the Chinese forces were fed Fentanal (spelling?)

6 months ago

The Chinese Communist Party has no morality, and no God to hold them back from unleashing a Pandora’s Box of evil on the world. What they’re doing could easily be the beginning of the end. . . welcoming in the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. They must be stopped, and they must also be punished!
Thanks to all those who are sounding the warnings. I just hope that it’s not the Last Trumpet.

Ed J
6 months ago
Reply to  Roger

Due to upcoming inflation (compliments of the Demsheviks), all the lemmings of the Demshevik Party will be sold the idea that there are actually eight horsemen of the Apocalypse (increasing to ten next year). The sad part is that all these folks will come to actually believe this drivel, and worse yet, rapidly fashion their lives around this sage and wonderful “fact!”
These are also the same brilliant folks who truly aver and believe that you can actually drive your car from the Left Coast to Hawaii. Gee, I guess we will have to formally name this new route the AquaBahn, or as it is known colloquially, the H2O Highway!

6 months ago

Probably….they tried to eliminate as many people as they could by releasing a biochemical weapon called Covid 19 which actually was an act of war and every country in the world should have been bombing them out of existence

6 months ago

Would not suprise anyone except joebama,commie harris and the not so bright democrats in congress.
The useless corrupt politicians are to busy selling out America to even notice china’s actions.
The perfect democrat slogan “you cant fix stupid” !

6 months ago

Bio weapons and super chinks. That’s the biteme commies!

Ed J
6 months ago
Reply to  CPOBill

Let’s just hope that America is the first and only nation to invent “fire and forget” bullets for our infantry personnel to use in a shooting war with China. It would make the sniper’s motto of “One Shot, One Kill” apply to our entire military. Such an American development would impart true justice to the equation for freedom in the world.

Ed J
6 months ago
Reply to  Ed J

P.S. An ancillary benefit of “fire and forget” bullets would be that it would also eliminate a lot of vermin in the world, en passant.

Rhonda M Holub
6 months ago

I’m more disturbed about subtle and not so subtle media threats toward the American people by the White House occupants: he has quoted a verse from the Koran that calls for jihad (Christians wouldn’t get it); made reference to creating extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization (i.e. Arizona, Georgia so far), citizens would need F-15s and M-1 tanks to overthrow the government; and the other day, made reference to civil disturbance (sic reference, censored if use actual word) in 2022? Hello?

edgar fletcher
6 months ago

Wow……while America is feminizing our military China is supersizing it’s soldiers. We are in deep schizen

Stephen Russell
6 months ago

Sci Fic comes alive via China, scary very 666

6 months ago

Of course, I’m sure that our American Left cares not a whit about this. Anything that attacks so-called American “white supremacy” is considered a noble undertaking. We have our traitorous media and academia to thank for this

Rhonda M Holub
6 months ago
Reply to  Tom

… ; along with thanking our government representatives and DOJ!

6 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Too many spineless/apathetic/downright spoiled Americans to expect a turnaround. However, sooner or later we will be forced into fighting or fleeing!!

Ed J
6 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Gee, let’s see how fixation on race is being interpreted by different groups:
Brown: you are holding me down!
Black: you are holding me back!
Yellow: you always favor the other fellow!
Red: you instill in me dread!
White: just an average American working hard and just trying to get ahead!
Every group needs to take race out of the equation. Everyone needs to get off the affirmative action bandwagon, cut their self-perceived and self-imposed chains of “professional victimhood,” take charge of their own lives on all levels, and through education, hard work and perseverance move toward realizing the American dream.
Each individual is personally responsible for his/her own achievements and success. Yes, some will have it easier than others, but everyone can improve his/her place in life if only he/she is willing to make the effort. As a nation, we should all reject and categorically not tolerate the “poor little me” mentality, because to do otherwise serves simply to further enable such dysfunctional behavior.

Pete from St Pete
6 months ago

Isn’t that what the much advertised recruiting campaign of the US “Army of One” was all about? Each individual soldier (with high tech augmentation) would be able to perform seemingly super human feats on the battlefield. The Chinese are just copying us except the Communist government will not want to give that kind of power to individuals, but to highly interdependent units that won’t be a threat to overthrow the government.

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