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Is Biden Preparing to Purge Conservatives from the Military?

AMAC Exclusive


The memo, issued by the Department of Defense, is titled “Immediate Actions to Counter Extremism in the Department and the Establishment of the Countering Extremism Working Group,” or the CEWG.

Among other things, the memo explains that the CEWG is tasked with updating the definition of “Extremism” so the military can “revise its definition of prohibited extremist activities among uniformed military personnel.” It will also help the Department of Defense review and update screening questions “about current or previous extremist behavior,” and oversee the implementation of a study “on extremist behavior within our Total Force [i.e., the entire military], to include gaining greater fidelity on the scope of the problem.” The CEWG will also be responsible for developing mid-term and long-term recommendations “for continued engagement on this issue.”

In developing these recommendations, the CEWG will pursue “four initial Lines of Effort.” Those lines of effort will empower it to make recommendations on potential changes to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); making it easier to report “extremist” behavior; improving the Department of Defense’s ability to “screen” for extremists, including “continuous vetting for national security positions”; and updating the “education and training” on the issue of “extremism” throughout the entire military. The CEWG will also address “gray areas” in training related to “reading, following, and liking extremist material and content in social media forums and platforms.” Combined with the “continuous vetting” for various positions, this arguably entails monitoring everything any service member says, likes, or even reads on the internet—all for the purpose of addressing “extremism.”

So—what does the Department of Defense mean by all this talk of “extremism”? Are they referring to Islamist extremism? Left-wing extremism? Or something else?

We can make an educated guess as to what the Biden Administration means by “extremism” based on the man who was appointed to lead the CEWG. As Fox News and others have reported, his name is Bishop Garrison. The memo describes him as “Senior Advisor on Human Capital and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

The military is getting its own “equity czar,” in the same way many universities already have. As AMAC Newsline has discussed elsewhere, “equity” in leftist parlance means nothing less than equality of results between different groups—a fundamental tenet of Communism. If group outcomes are not the same, “inequity” remains, and people like Bishop Garrison will be called in to “fix” it, all while blaming it on “extremism.”

But what would Bishop Garrison consider “extreme”? The evidence is frightening.

For example, Garrison tweeted the following about the widely discredited “1619 Project” of the New York Times:

I don’t care what color you are, how you identify, your socio-economic status, or how your family got to this country. Stop what you’re doing & read this & other pieces of the #1619project. These are American stories we all need to hear.

On July 16, 2020, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted that the 1619 Project presented a false view of American history, Garrison tweeted back: “I know this was for an audience of one, but this is pretty silly even for that. It’d be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.” [Emphasis added]

Logically, it seems Garrison believes the numerous scholars who have criticized the basic contentions of the 1619 Project—including eminent historians such as Gordon Wood—are also “dangerous.”

As early as June 2020, at the height of the riots following the death of George Floyd, Garrison was on the record appealing to the national security community “to fight racial injustice.”

And in a tweet thread on July 27, 2019, Garrison wrote the following about President Trump and his supporters (emphasis added):

Silence from our Congressional leaders is complicity. He is only going to get worse from here, & his party and its leadership are watching it happen while doing nothing to stop it. Support for him, a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs. He is dragging a lot of bad actors (misogynist, extremists, other racists) out into the light, normalizing their actions. If you support the President, you support that. There is no room for nuance with this. There is no more “but I’m not like that” talk. Because you’re watching what he says. You’re listening to his careful choice of words. And you’re still willing to follow him and/or not speak out. So yes, you’re very much like that. It’s time we all step up.

In other words, Garrison considers President Trump—and all those who supported him—as racists. He doesn’t accept that there can be legitimate policy disagreement on any of this. “There is no room for nuance with this,” he says. Trump is a racist. Supporting him is tantamount to racism. This is the man who will oversee the purge of “extremists” from the United States military. All of those MAGA-hat wearing troops in the rank-and-file had better watch out.

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Army Blue
7 months ago

Our Military takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States ????????. This Administration is trying to destroy that in an act that can be interpreted to be that of high treason.

7 months ago

The Marxist Communists in government must be held accountable before they start a Stalin/Mao purge of all that disagree with their edicts. They’re already silencing opposition whenever they can – by way of their media friends like Facebook, etc.

Hector Gomez
8 months ago

Should the US find itself involved in another war, it’s likely to be annihilated by real soldiers, not indoctrinated sheep.

8 months ago

Once the military is purged, what’s next?

8 months ago

Unbelievable. I spent many years defending this country from tyranny and now there is a political commissar. Worse, this will filter down through the ranks driving good law abiding Americans from the ranks only to be replaced by foreigners who know nothing about freedom. Welcome to socialism/communism and the end of the USA. Look at history, The Roman empire fell when it began being filled with foreigners within its ranks. No one pays any attention anymore.

8 months ago

At the heated pace this Anti-American traitorous Dictatorship is moving, my thoughts on ‘Obama’-nation being the Antichrist is seemingly a reality. He’s the one who started ‘Changing’ America during his terms as Lord of Sodom and Gomorrah renewed. I just know he’s behind all this spiritual destruction of our nation. He detests Israel. There was a photo OP with he and Prime Minister Netanyahu that showed the disdained look on his face at their meeting in the White House. The Prime Minister is a remarkable man and very intuitive, so I’m pretty sure he knows who he’s been dealing with. There’s a passage in the King James Bible that mentions the nation just before it is fitted for the besson of destruction from the Lord will become an ‘abomination.’ Also states, ‘She sits a Queen, that no nation dare even think to touch her or raise a war against her.’ She thinks she is above reproach.
What we are seeing happening is a plan that’s been in the making for many years….they’ve covered all the bases so it doesn’t matter that what they’re doing seems crazy or insane to us. They don’t care because they made sure they would have all the power and authority to throw down this nation. None of it is really just about this nation though, it’s about getting God out of their earshot and eyesight. Tear down Memorials and Monuments reflecting our past mistakes and God given blessed moments in time. I pray that we who look to Him and trust in Him will not have to suffer too much, especially in the way of pain and anguish, but I know that whatever we must go through that He in His mercy will bring us through whether to the time of the Rapture or if He decides to give us one more chance and bring us back to Him. Dear Holy Father, please protect your people Israel and shake with fear to their core, those who wish to wipe Israel off the Planet. In Jesus Holy name, Amen.

8 months ago
Reply to  Judy

No …he could not have enough liberals to make up a army ….really come on now ….how many liberals are willing to fight for this country or bare the hardships of being in the military

8 months ago
Reply to  Terri

I’m sorry but I don’t see how your reply relates to my comment.

8 months ago

This Garrison person is doing the usual Democrat thing…. projecting. He blames President Trump for being an “extremist” when HE is fhe one who fits that description.

8 months ago

He will destroy our military. Our leadership is squishy and mentally impaired. When all patriots are removed from our military and the remainder are in skirts, the country goes down. Only takes one, to use an EMP over our heads and we will be frozen In our tracks, except, of course, those traitor slugs in the DC underground bunkers.

8 months ago

Impeach Biden!! Recall ALL
Democrats in the House of Representatives!!

Lee starr
8 months ago

F that traitor

8 months ago

This is very scary.

8 months ago

It’s funny. Between this and the way they sought to silence President Trump I have to say that I’ve never realized how much they fear us. Next time we gain power we should probably put that to good use.

8 months ago

This country is one step from hell. I believe they found the step.

Bob L.
8 months ago

The illegitimate current regime fears a coup if they continue their overthrow of this Constitutional Republic. That’s why high-ranking officers are quietly being fired first and why the fence was put up around the Capitol grounds after January 6th. I think by the end of this Summer, people who speak out against what the radical socialists are doing will begin to be detained and conservative media will be shut down. .

8 months ago

Biden is smart or whom ever is pulling his strings…. they don’t want to end up in front of a firing squad

Steven Huskey
8 months ago

How else will he be able to use the military against U.S. citizens. It just seems to be a step toward replacing law enforcement with soldiers.

Mike Bares
8 months ago

I can’t understand how this administration can walk away from all the millions of Americans that voted for President Trump. Now we’re all racists ? How did Obama win the presidency? I think a lot of caucasian folks voted for him in the two elections he won. We have to show up at the voting booths in the next 2 elections. This nonsense has got to stop. Now they’re going to question the military’s political views? If they’re for MAGA, they’re racist? Who the —— is running this country? Don’t they get it ? 1/2 the country voted red! God help us if America doesn’t take back the House, Senate, and the Presidency . It seems like they’re making people racists by implementing all this rhetoric. Sad times ????

Gary Brooks
8 months ago
Reply to  Mike Bares

Mike, It appears the designs of the left is to diminish our Republic. Not sure how we would fare in any election based on 2020. All I know is prayer and making a stand whenever and wherever is the best we can do. Speaking out and uniting against this onslaught of anti constitutional people is the order of the day. It will not be easy, but together we can defeat them with the wisdom and understanding of what our Founders intended for a free people and put to shame only by the Grace of God this tide of tyranny and anarchy. In the shops, in the marketplace, in the fields on the highways speak out loud and clear that this Republic does not belong to these marxist, left wing people. As you have well stated, “millions of Americans”. We are not alone and God knows what is needed.

8 months ago

Here is a novel idea, purge America from the communist,failed lying hypocrite democrat party and useless joebama and hapless harris!
These scum are against the Real American Citizens and are out to destroy them!

Rudy Sachs
8 months ago

Thank you AMAC for showing the truth of what is really happening.

8 months ago
Reply to  Rudy Sachs

Rudy- I’m with your thinking.
We the People need more honest, Pro- America outlets like AMAC to oppose the mainstream propaganda of hating Our Country!

Ron Howard
7 months ago
Reply to  Rudy Sachs

I am an AMAC member and supporter, and I suggest that all AMAC members subscribe to Epoch Times for a full multi-daily run of articles and interviews in your email box for Conservatives. Epoch Times had a trial subscription for $1. I am not sure if that is still available, but check it out. I have found them to be the best and most thorough news source with many emails per day.

8 months ago

This is so preposterous it is almost comical. Does Joe Biden know that he is being made to look like an idiot? He is just going along and the majority of the nation is just bewildered and befuddled. He is a puppet and actually thinks he is doing good, if he thinks at all. Does he just stay in the basement and dream this stuff up or is someone just feeding it to him and he is saying, “well done.”
Clueless and dangerous. Democrats, with common sense, need to stand up and stand against this stupid, ridiculous extremism on the left, or we are doomed. They are the extremists.

Steven Huskey
8 months ago
Reply to  Squiddle

He’s probably so mentally diminished that he doesn’t see it.

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