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Is an Infrastructure Deal Close? What Democrats Want and How They (Don’t) Plan to Pay for it.


Right now, Congressional leaders are debating two legislative paths for the two marquee proposals of the Biden agenda, the America Jobs Plan (infrastructure) and the American Families Plan (healthcare, energy, climate change), as the issues make their way through Congress. Option A involves Democrats passing one massive bill with both proposals without Republican input nor support. Option B involves splitting the legislation into two pieces: the first, which is currently being considered, is a roughly $1 trillion bill that currently has bipartisan support, and the second is a partisan tax hike bill that is currently formulating and will likely drag into fall.

In order to skirt the Senate’s filibuster rules, Democrats can pass partisan legislation using a process called ‘budget reconciliation, which requires a simple majority vote. They used reconciliation to pass the $1.9 trillion COVID spending bill back in March, which also wasn’t paid for and added to the debt. According to the White House, Biden’s Jobs Plan and Family Plan have a price tag of $2.2 trillion and $1.8 trillion, respectively, although a study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business found that the American Families plan will actually cost $900 billion more than what the White House figures.

Truth be told, a lot of the fighting has to do with the definition of infrastructure, which most people would agree means fixing our roads, bridges, railways, highways, seaports, and airports, which in Biden’s American Jobs plan accounts for only $157 billion, or 7%, of the White House’s estimated cost out of $2.2 trillion. Some might argue that infrastructure also means upgrading sewage lines, drinking water systems, and treatment plants, expanding high-speed broadband Internet and electric vehicle charging stations, upgrading the power grid, power plants, and related energy and water infrastructure. If you tally up all that in Biden’s proposal, you get $518 billion, or 24% of the total cost. Democrats would argue that infrastructure is more than that, about a couple trillion more.

The news is minute by minute, but it appears that Option B is being pursued and that a group of bipartisan lawmakers have reached a deal on infrastructure. The timeline going according to Nancy Pelosi, is to pass their bill (or bills) by early July before Congress breaks for the summer and returns in September with two major deadlines left on the agenda. But first, a budget must be passed through both chambers, which could end up proving more difficult than the media is admitting. Then the Congressional scorekeepers must produce an official estimate of the legislation, which many economists feel will not end up covering the cost of the package.

In the coming months, we will see if President Biden is willing to do the right thing and forget about the second part of Option B, which would involve raises taxes on small businesses and individuals to fund unneeded spending on partisan priorities. Senior Republicans believe that making this deal on infrastructure takes the wind out of the Democrat’s sails for a partisan tax hike bill, with moderate Democrats nervous about 2022 already. Stay tuned to AMAC Action for more details as the debate continues to advance on infrastructure and tax hikes.

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Dr. Joseph Voglund
1 year ago

President Biden has one distinction that no other president has had. He has a doppleganger that is a real dummy. He looks just like Jeff Dunham’s puppet, Walter!!! Check it out.

1 year ago

More Tomfoolery…….time for a coop

Silly Sue
1 year ago

The left needs to back away from the BONG!!

1 year ago

Democrats know the citizens won’t favor raising taxes, so they breed inflation while trying to buy vote favoritism from what they believe is a fooled bunch of citizens. And if that doesn’t work, going to war is their next tool in the toolkit to deceive the public. Look how long FDR Democrats got away with it .. all the time blaming the Republicans.

aluminum head
1 year ago

And G.D. why can’t the states pay for their own repairs ?

1 year ago
Reply to  aluminum head

That would mean that the states would have to use their own money, which means budgeting to spend within their means. The states that want the most from federal money funds don’t spend their money correctly because the money is never used properly but is lining someone’s pocket instead. (Think city of Flint water supply, and NYCHA and Mount Vernon, NY as examples) They had the money but didn’t use it for what it was designated for, because of corruption.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  MariaRose

And don’t forget the millions that were sent to New Orleans for years to fix and fortify their levies before Hurricane Katrina hit with such devastation and loss of life. They squandered the federal funds for years and then cried about the inevitable consequences, blaming ‘racist’ George W. Bush for ‘sending’ the hurricane to destroy them because of the amount of melanin in the skin of their citizens.
These people are despicable and they’ll never change.

aluminum head
1 year ago

By 2026, if not sooner, this nation will collapse into civil war. Geo. Soros demands it. Hope he will not live to see it.

1 year ago
Reply to  aluminum head

George Soros could be a convincing arch enemy in a James Bond movie … and he wouldn’t have to act ..just act normal.

1 year ago

The Democrat Plan is to have the white Christian middle-class pay for it. That is always their plan, their only plan. The Steal as You Go Plan.

1 year ago

All I care about is getting another stimulus check. It’s too bad the ‘know-it-alls’ in DC don’t care about anyone but themselves. They’re like children fighting on the playground!

Darwin Benedict
1 year ago

This infrastructure bill is a complete SHAM for the Democratic Party to further promote racism in this country so they can attempt to solve the problem. The Dems want to continue to bring/let people cross the southern border so that they can appropriate money to support them so that they can get more illegal votes and destroy our voting system.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

FIX the Grid, hwys,bridges, airports, harbors, sewar lines, Telecomm, Digital Divide, energy

1 year ago

The best deal would be to have no deal. No green New Deal.

1 year ago

Well, I hate to say anything here online but, I can’t help myself! Let me just say that I am a conservative and so line up with most of your ideals here at AMAC. I also believe that most of the Liberal Left should be looped together with some Lawyers, Hollywood stars, and the like! That all being said; the older I get the more disillusioned I become with Politics in general. I backed(with a small donation) Pres Trump in 2020. But, the Republican base absolutely threw him under the bus! He got run over, & everyone just stood back and watched! Then, i get all kinds of snail mail asking for more support & donation to help the Big fight coming up next time!!! not happening! I think i’m getting ready to head for the Wilderness! & wait for God Himself to sort all this evil out!!! I hate being so negative, but this is how i really feel! But, keep up the good work anyway! ttfn

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Warren

Warren, I feel your disappointment in all of this as I too made (4) small donations to the Trump campaign only to watch the Republicans allow Trump to get thrown under the bus on a consistent basis…
I just received yet another RNC letter asking me if I have given up on them & their usual request for a donation. There is not a rat’s ass chance in hell I’ll donate a bloody penny to them with those ( 10 ) RINO’s on board…I WILL NOT support any RINO’s agenda, period…Here we are, a Republican Party with what appears to be ( 2 ) defining agendas rather than acting as one party with ” America First ” being a very good starting point by supporting the Trump initiatives. The RINO’s will NEVER get on board with this & there is a certain element within the Republican Party that still don’t share Trump’s views. It isn’t anything they are saying one way or the other, it is their utter silence that makes it so deafening & it is this element that Trump has had to deal with for ( 4 ) very long years as POTUS…I hold the RNC accountable for their LACK of action. They get NO money from me…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago

I totally agree. Until, or unless, they throw the bums (RINOS) out, I won’t send the official ‘Party’ organizations so much as a wooden nickel. I’ll read the bios of the candidates I choose to support and will donate to their campaigns directly. We have so many good prospects out there. Why waste money supporting anti-Republicans like Mitt Romney, Ben Sass, Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney, et. al who continually thwart our agenda?
The Dems keep their people in line with an iron hand. None would dare to resist the Party line without express permission to assuage their constituents in very limited cases where their vote won’t make a difference in the desired outcome.
The Republicans need a unified message and stick to it. Most of us want the tenets of M*A*G*A, secure borders, orderly, LEGAL immigration, sound monetary policy, strong, mutually beneficial international relationships, energy independence, and justice, liberty and freedom for ALL to pursue their own version of ‘happiness’.
Trump or DeSantis with someone like Kristi Noem for V P in 2024!!!!!!
(I would like to see Pence again as V P, (a fine and decent man), but I’m afraid their are too many that have villified him with undeserved criticism for Jan. 6. He did NOT have the Constitutional power to do what they were demanding of him. I think Trump burned that bridge with his own negative remarks also. He probably wouldn’t accept, even if asked, if Trump is at the top of the ticket.)

1 year ago

I couldn’t of said it better PaulE . There’s a handful of Republicans that have the smarts to know what this cluster x x x x of an infrastructure bill is about . The Republican Party has to stand up, and like PaulE said, walk away . Why can’t they stick together like these so called Democrats? Start doing your job! You work for us ! We pay your salary ! America better wake up, and vote in 22 , or we’re doomed. OK, some of you believe that the last election was rigged. I’ve heard people say, “ why vote, it won’t count ”. That’s exactly what they want you to think! Wake up Republicans, conservatives, tea party, whatever you call yourselves. VOTE 2022 !????????

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

We have to vote so overwhelmingly they can’t overcome the legitimate outcome with their fraudulant practices. They had expected to win with the tactics they had put in place in 2016 and were dumbfounded when Trump won with such a large margin they weren’t prepared to overcome it. They weren’t going to let that EVER happen again so they started formulating their plans for 2020 right after the 2016 election.
We have to be vigilant and diligent BEFORE and during the election. It will be too late after the fact. They started working on their techniques even before the primary in 2020 so all their contingencies would be in place and ready to go to achieve their desired result in Nov.
I don’t understand why the U S Marshals weren’t called in the moment our Republican observors were thrown out and/or prevented from observing. I don’t understand why we didn’t bring counter lawsuits to all their bogus machinations in the courts and with the Secs. of State and legislatures in the spring of 2020. Trump predicted for months they were going to pull this off and yet he/we did NOTHING to stop it before the fact. If we don’t anticipate their duplicity and counter it at every turn, we will never win a national election again.
H R 1 and S 1, the ‘corrupt politicians’ acts, are not dead. Pelosi and Schumer have vowed to pass them by hook or by crook before the 2022 election. They’re flooding the country with literally millions of illegal aliens (Democrap voters) as fast as they can tranport them to EVERY locality around the country. The busses are filled around the clock every single day. Our Republican Congressmen are being excluded from observing the operation. They just watch from outside as the empty busses enter the compounds and leave, fully loaded, to destinations unknown in the interior of the country. Since they’ve already broken the law by entering the counry illegally, it won’t matter to them at all to break another law by voting illegally, and even multiple times, with the encouragement and blessing of the Democrap Party and the assurance by them that no one will face prosecution or any repercussions at all for doing so.
The Democraps aren’t even trying to hide their intentions. They are gleefully doing it right out in the open before our very eyes. The Republican ‘Party’ response is just as it has always been, ‘Ho hum. It won’t affect me, or my district. We’ll get’em next time.’
If we can’t restore sanity back to the country by 2022, there won’t be an opportunity for a next time.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago

I forgot to mention, the illegals, and everyone else who is not eligible to vote, are being automatically registered at the DMV and other govt. agencies, often with multiple registrations through every agency they interact with. With indiscriminate mail-in ballots being distributed to EVERY registration, there will be hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots to be collected and voted by hoardes of Soros/Dem operatives to ensure the Dem outcome is achieved.

1 year ago

If the five RINOs that participated in the farce known as the Infrastructure Deal were smart, they would immediately walk away from it. I’ve read what is in the bill and there is more bad than good. Biden already tipped the Democrats’ hand and is only using them so he can say both bills will have had bi-partisan support and thus the resulting damage to the country was “bi-partisan”. A free pass for the Democrat destruction to come.

Once again, the RINOs prove the Republican party is the stupid party for not realizing, once again, that they were being played all along. What kind of pathetic fools couldn’t have seen this bait and switch by the Democrats coming a 100 miles away? I listened to some of these RINOs over the weekend and they are desperate to salvage this thing, no matter what. So again, my best advice is we walk away from the bad deal on the table rather than help facilitate the Democrat smear of the Republican party in 2022 and 2024 and the destruction of the country. Think people!

While I understand we have a lot of folks on our side that still believe in bi-partisanship, but the Democrat party of today is not the party of our parents or grandparents. Today the Democrat party is the Socialist party in all things but name. Socialism and capitalism are not compatible governing ideologies. Capitalism builds people up over time and socialism tears people down over time. There is no middle ground of common values.

Last edited 1 year ago by PaulE
Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

A brilliant piece as usual. This is a set-up to pass the second bill through reconciliation. Our RINOs will get them their 60 + votes to demonstrate our ‘bi-partisanship’ for the first, less ‘distasteful’ bill. Then, they’ll just pass the rest of it with 50 + 1 through reconciliation thereby getting everything they wanted in the first place. Can our RINOs really be that stupid/gullible or do they secretly want the whole package but don’t want the blowback for actually voting for it?

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