Keep IRS Out of Obamacare: DeMint on Greta

Heritage President Jim DeMint discusses the need to keep the IRS out of implementing Obamacare on the cusp of the White House’s IRS scandal on Fox News’ ‘On the Record w/Greta Van Susteren.’

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Ernest K. Raynor
9 years ago

Please post a list legislators and other key officials that we may contact about abolishing Obama care. We need addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. We need to bombard them with anti Obama care messages.
Thank you kindly,

9 years ago

I am so disappointed with the Republican party for the last 8 years. At what point will we get a LEADER for the party so we can at least have a chance of getting a LEADER in the White House which we need desparately. Just imagine someone that would take responsibility for there actions. Maybe we could get this country back on track.

9 years ago

if obomacare was all we had to worry about from the white house, guess that would be managable but with

unconstitutional attempts at gun control,the IRS fiasco ( gee, cant imagine who asked for that) and being already

overrun with illegal aliens and now all their relations–it does make the head swim. Looks like we need a revolution

soon or we will be a socialist country run by a president who apparently wants us all to become muslims. No thanks!!

this country has been the greatest, hope it pulls itself up and back on the right track and i hope we dont wait until this president is gone as it may be to late by then.

9 years ago

I went to a sponsored talk on medicare because no one really understands that it is a system for the haves to control the have nots by elitism. Those in the congress and their friends such as the unions of the party presently in office and their unsubtle tactics of vote buying will have a Cadillac Plan. This plan is over $10K per person to administer and is tax paid of subsidized by the left for their anointed ways. The rest of use middle class will pick up the tab for the Cadillac Plans as well as for the over 30 million new immigrants, legal and illegal and citizens who are unable to pay for their own medical cost.

The more I heard, the more that vision of a large penis appeared to me and I knew for certain I did not want to let it get behind me or stop in front of it because it was a left handed rectal tool designed to grab a wallet and simultaneously insert itself in your body forever so that you and the masses could share misery on a equal basis and keep the elite left in office forever…..This is a scheme that needs to be stopped and all who perpared it and participated in it’s illegal passage should be kicked out of office and sent to jail, it is communism 101, the plan is simply unrealistic and unaffordable.

Whenever the government wants to give you anything, make sure you cover every orifice on your body……axiom

barbara morea
9 years ago
Reply to  ONTIME

What a great writing to describe this horrible state this administration has brought us to in the past four and a half years. I feel sick every day when I read the news. Sometimes I have to take a break for two or three days and not watch or read the news. I get so emotionally upset. Thank you for your writing. It’s uplifting to know that I’m not alone and maybe there are enough of us to bring us back from the brink. I imagine our postings are being monitored at this very moment. So we should get ready for an audit or some other way that they can harass us for speaking the truth.

peter ferretti
9 years ago

Impeach Obama and solve all our problems at once!

barbara morea
9 years ago
Reply to  peter ferretti

The problem is that we don’t have enough reps up there in Washington with the nuts to impeach him.

peter ferretti
9 years ago

If the HOUSE OF REPS. could attempt to impeach Nixon and Clinton for just being stupid , what do you need to do with Obama who may have violated our CONSTITUTION @ 18 times and International Law at least twice? I guess REPUBS. just need to talk ,talk and do nothing!

barbara morea
9 years ago
Reply to  peter ferretti

Exactly! They get something started and after a few weeks it seems to disappear. I’m still waiting for answers regarding Fast and Furious. He’s like the Teflon Don (Gotti). But eventually Gotti was caught.

Russell Martin
9 years ago

The IRS. The new GUSTAPO.

Dennis Young
9 years ago

Keeping the IRS out of Obamacare won’t be a problem if they do what needs to be done and completely cancel, eliminate, kill, do away with, put in the trash can, or otherwise eliminate Obamacare as a whole. No matter what the chief justice was coerced into saying, Obamacare is unconstitutional, therefore, illegal. Kill it before we the people have to start drastically exercising our Second Amendment rights to throw off this regimes tyranny.

9 years ago

This was something I complained about right from the start; that the IRS was going to be in charge of b.o.-care. They laughed, but I kept telling people they should be afraid and now they know why. Both b.o.-care and the IRS need to go away quietly.

9 years ago

It is a shame people don’t wake up. How can they not know what Obama has in store for all Americans. He has corrupted the colleges till most of them thinks he is right. They pay all that money for education and come out corrupted. If they think he is going to help them, they have a big surprise coming.
Obama care needs to be dumped and the IRS right along with it.

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