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Irrational Mayor Reveals How Liberals Think

Supersize sodas are bad for you but marijuana is OK!  –    by  Dan Weber   –  The latest actions by New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg are a great example of how Liberals and those who want the government to control our lives really think. For them, the facts don’t count – the only thing that matters is that we conform to their ideas of what a perfect society should be like.

     First the facts; while the Mayor didn’t approve the smoking of marijuana, by favoring the removal of the laws against possession, he effectively endorsed it. Our medical science has proven that smoking other substances like tobacco has adverse effects on our health. Tobacco contains many chemicals that harm the human body. Some people are affected more than others, but overall tobacco is not healthy.

Marijuana also contains many chemicals that likely are harmful – essentially smoke is not good for our lungs. That is common sense, an element missing from the Liberal thought pattern.

They argue that since we legalized alcohol we should do the same for pot. Again some facts; alcohol is a natural product, occurring in the foods we eat. Some forms of alcohol have been proven to be healthy. Red wine contains substances that are good for our heart. Beer contains food products and both taken in limited quantities are not harmful. While it can be argued drinking small amounts of liquid containing alcohol could lead to alcoholism, limited amounts are not addictive. However, just like tobacco, marijuana becomes addictive. The overwhelming majority of drug addicts began by using marijuana, then progressed to cocaine, heroin and other harmful substances. Another fact the Liberals want to ignore.

Some commentators refer to the government controlling all aspects of our daily lives as the “Nanny State.” The people depend on the government for basic necessities such as food, housing, health care and even income when they are not working. This system has proven to be an effective way for liberal politicians to be elected and stay in power. Recall voters saying they voted for President Obama because he would help them pay for their mortgages!

In return for theses benefits, the people have much of the money they earn taken away in taxes and they lose more and more of their individual freedom. An example of this is Obamacare, where patients lose the right to select their own medical care in return for promises that the government will pay their medical bills when they require it. Or, in the case of Mayor Bloomberg, the government decides which foods we are allowed to eat in return for their guidance in keeping us healthy. After all, they are doing it for our sake since we likely will make mistakes if left to our own judgment.

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens thinks otherwise. Our members feel the traditional methods that worked in the past are the way to go. Yes, our individual decisions may sometimes be wrong. But, any honest evaluation of the results of letting us have freedom to make decisions on our own would show that it is more effective than following government dictates, the warped thinking of equating regulating food with regulating drugs notwithstanding.

P.S. Note for the Mayor: Overall American consumption of added sugars decreased between 1999-2000 and 2007-2008, according to new research involving more than 42,000 people. Intake of added sugars decreased from 100 g/d to 77 g/d, and two-thirds of the decrease was the result of decreased soda consumption.


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Simply proof the time has come for this elected idiot to go.


A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives It the superficiality of being correct


The people of New York have the power every 4 years to elect a mayor who will govern by at least somewhat conservative principles. Yet 9 out of 10 times, they opt for the candidate promising the most freebies by taxing “the other guy”. Almost always Democrat. So New York has the mayor they deserve. If they want a different type of mayor, the people of the city need to make different choices.


Ever since FDR this country has been moving toward socialism. It appears that the current crop of politicians may accomplish completion of this move.

At least Ron Paul wants to get the federal government to balance the budget and keep their noses out of our personal business.

Shovel Ready

All I remember thinking when I heard Bloomberg wants to ban soda is hasn’t he got better things to do than that?


I expected more from AMAC than to censor everything right and left. They claim to represent ALL American seniors, but, I guess they only represent the ones they agree with. The rest of us get muzzled and kicked to the curb.


My only Comment is: The world is about to pay for it’s errors !!!

Raymond L. Benning

I like Ron Paul and his comments for our country.

Charles Colburn

I hate to say this I am 74 & every one over 50 is to blame for what has happend to the USA. WE did not stop what FDR started when he was PRES.what I see now is it is to late to save the USA as we know it. Just look at Congress & see what they have done for themselfs but not for the taxpayers.There is not one member of that body that should reelected in either party.

Sam G.

Hypocrisy. That is the only thing I got out of this article. I would bet the author is completely against the government telling us whether or not we are allowed to drink raw milk, which would be good conservative thinking. But at the same time he wants the government to tell us what other things we are, or are not, allowed to consume.

To the author… Do you want liberty or not?? (i.e. Are you a conservative or a liberal?) If you want some “degree” of liberty, I’m sorry, but that will never happen. That always eventually leads to NO liberty.

It should never be the function of government to force us to consume something, or to prevent us by force from consuming something, based on whether it believes something is, or is not, “healthy” for us. That is each person’s personal responsibility!


Fast food places should have, “Bring your own cup” supersize on the menu. Many places already have you fill your own cup so, if you fill your own in the dining room, you get charged for a supersize, (1 large, 1 small), and you get to use your own cup. It cuts down on paper cup inventory and labor! WIN-WIN!!!

William Patriquin

The Land of The Free is being replaced by oppressive, intrusive governments. ENOUGH!


The camel is getting it’s nose under the tent. Next will be a Big Mac with only one burger.

Joe Lettieri

When they outlaw booze,than you can discuss pot…….until than Im not interested in your hipocrasy

Glenn Shannon

The bottom line is if people want to get high on drugs or get drunk there is nothing that is going to stop them. That was proven when alcohol was outlawed and all it did was cause a lot of crime. If you remember when a teen anything against the law especially alcohol you just had to try.


The proposed law supposedly exempts “diet” soda, but it will include them from a marketing perspective I walk into a NYC McD and say “supersize my DIET cola”; but the cashier will say, “sorry sir, we no longer have supersize cups due to the law. But if you like I can give you two small cups.” [and charge me almost twice the price! ] From a marketing point of view, it is not worth having supersize cups for diet only. Thus, diet IS included. I could go on about stocking the refrigerators in deli’s … Thank you Mayor B. One more reason to be a former New Yorker.


The bottom line is that humans need to think for themselves or give up their freedoms to other humans to do their thinking for them. A sad world will unfold if this sort of feeble mindedness envelops the larger part of the population.


First of all, you can’t call alcohol a natural product and then not say the same for marijuana – it’s a plant for goodness sakes. Alcohol and marijuana are different generational drugs, but they are both drugs. I also spent much of my life working in hospitals and currently work with people at the end of their lives. While I have cared for many people who were ill or injured as a result of alcohol use, I have never cared for someone ill from marijuana use. And, to state that marijuana is a “gateway” drug to harder drugs has just not been proven to be the case. In fact, I’ll bet that every alcoholic alive started out drinking milk. Was the milk a “gateway drug”? Government simply needs to get out of peoples’ lives for what they ingest into their bodies. Amazing that in our society one may choose to… Read more »


Just another example of upside down, sideways, double standards of the ill educated (or lack of) leftist agenda to destroy the moral fiber of this country. If anyone has ever been in the medical field, as my husband and I were; you would know that on the chart of addicting substances, the first at the bottom of the list is cigarettes, marijuana, etc., and it goes on to the top of the list with speed. There are so many new found designer drugs, that you can’t keep up with them. I wish the New York people would put aside their partisan views and think about their state and vote Bloomberg out of office before he destroys the state. They have lost so many millionaires that the state is financially sinking. This is what you get when you allow people to dictate to you in regards to your private choices in… Read more »