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Iranian People Rising – for Women


Iran is a living hell for women, as well as anyone of Christian, Jewish, or Sunni Muslim faith. As Obama and Biden paid Iran’s radical Islamic Mullahs $400 million in pre-nuclear blackmail money, Iran pushed terror, harassed, tortured, and killed women by the millions. Iran’s people have had it. The powder keg is exploding.

Last week, Iran’s regime tortured and killed another woman – this one 22-year-old Mahsa Amini – for “showing too much hair” under her “loose” scarf. Public outrage boiled over. Nationwide protests are erupting, the greatest hope for reform, if not genuine regime change, in years.

Already, protests have taken the north, destroyed at least one military base, spreading across cities. Iranians know what few Americans do: Millions of Iranian women suffer physical, emotional, psychological, and life-ending abuse at the hands of Iran’s government annually – the same leaders Biden wants to refinance.

The Iranian people know better. They know their government is the world’s top terrorist, know it has killed thousands in a day, no one safe from regime violence, their lives of no value. That is why they are finally in full revolt.

This uprising appears different. How different is unclear, but implications are serious.

First, this popular uprising, unlike others in recent years, is widespread and growing. If it reaches fever pitch nationally, concern for public safety overtaken by outrage, all bets are off. 

If a genuine popular revolution is to occur in Iran, it will coalesce around such an event. Whether this is the event, whether more cities ignite, remains to be seen. That said, the Iranian government seems to have been taken by surprise, is struggling to respond.

Second, this should be the death knell for further US or European negotiations with this despotic, arguably demonic Islamic theocracy. Any further talk of a “nuclear deal,” lifting of sanctions, further indulgence, indifference, or appeasement of Iran should end, as a moral imperative.

Third, US pressure should be exerted for the Iranian people, public statements of moral condemnation, introduction of UN resolutions, elevated sanctions, and coordination with Iran’s top trade partners – China, UAE, India, Turkey, Brazil, and Germany – to isolate the regime. If not now, when? If not led by the US, then by whom?

Fourth, even as Iran’s brutal inhumanity is condemned, China will be watching. Count on it. While China is Iran’s top trading partner, and flouts ever human right in the name of communism, atheism, and “Democratic Socialism,” they are also observant and practical.

Watching Iran’s population rise against an oppressive regime’s unapologetic brutality, specifically to support human rights, women, self-determination, faith, and basic liberty, where else? If a nation oppressed can – in an instant – explode, fire rage, population rise, where next?

China is brutal, but not ignorant of power politics, not unaware that they are also an unapologetic oppressor, their economy in retrograde, political rights shunted, debt inordinately high, “mortgage boycotts” smoldering. If things can change fast in Iran, China is not immune.

Add meltdown of China’s new ally Russia, implosion of Russia’s conventional military, trade relations, and credibility – plus Western and regional pushback against China’s own bellicose behavior. The world is speaking up for Taiwan, China’s aim of dominance contested.

All this adds to a possible “perfect storm,” internal loss of control by Iran’s radical Islamic regime, Western interest in ending Iran’s nuclear ambitions and terrorist run, weakness of Iranian allies Russia and China, hesitation by China to follow too closely Iran’s example.

Where this ends, like so much of history in the making, is the stuff of crystal balls and countless unknowns. But what is known is new, powerful, and overdue – Iran has, for too long, suppressed women, harassed, detained, tortured, and killed them for nonconformity. Iranians are sick of it.

Like Communism, radical Islamic theocracy is objectively intolerable, illegitimate from the point of view of liberty-loving individuals, and has a limited shelf life.

To borrow from Churchill’s description of history at another juncture, this may not be the end, nor even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning. From here, we will see. The Iranian people are, for now, rising against Iran’s brutality toward women. Godspeed.

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Michael J
2 months ago

Back when the Shah of Iran was in power, their society was hard to distinguish it from western culture. Sharia law was not the oppressive rule of the day and they didn’t cut off hands as in the past. All that came to an end when the U.S. embassy was captured, the Shah deposed and hostages were taken. It does matter who’s in power and evil ideology is always oppressive. The zealots running our country have no clue what real rights are, they think freedom can be bought. These idiots think they can just send palettes of money to buy peace but real freedom is paid for with blood.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

Hurry Joe. Grab a handful of taxpayer dollars and help protect your El Komeanies ,or Ally Tollies or whatever u call them. Heres hoping the people overthrow the present Iranian Govt. You guards should be tortured a sslow death. Kyle L.

2 months ago

Even 6 months ago who would have believed that the women of Iran would have had a public hijab burning? The times they are a changing…

2 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

Most people living under repressive regimes long to be free. It’s just that most don’t have the means to achieve their goal of freedom. It’s extremely rare to find someone in such countries that actually desires to remain essentially a prisoner of the state and live in fear their entire lives. Do you honestly think the millions of Iranians that suddenly found themselves trapped in their own country after the Ayatollah Khomeini returned and plunged Iran into a theocratic dictatorship wanted the life they have been forced to endure since 1979?

2 months ago

Could have gotten this done back in 2011, but the musIim-in-cheeef 0bama helped quash it.

2 months ago

It’s great to see the Iranians standing up for their women. It doesn’t surprise me that Biden doesn’t seem to have a problem with their “government.” If he had his way, we would be just as oppressed. In reality, that’s where we’re heading if we don’t continue to push back and vote out this evil regime.

2 months ago

The Biden administration will do nothing to signal any meaningful support to the Iranians protesting in the streets this time. Just as Obama ignored the Iranian people protesting against the Iranian government when he was POTUS. In the end, when the Mullahs see no meaningful support or advocacy coming from the West, they will unleash the military to brutally quell the protests and execute any leaders of the movement they can round up. As RBC himself points out “Like Communism, radical Islamic theocracy is objectively intolerable, illegitimate from the point of view of liberty-loving individuals.”

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Our de facto president will be quiet as a miss mousie,our press is mute and not even a whisper will come from our brave feminist fighters It goes all the way back to Carter

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