Invest Your Time into Something Other Than Your Investments

invest time investments digital“Robo-investing” – the use of automated digital platforms to create and manage portfolios for investors—has gained substantial traction in recent years. A convenient alternative to consulting human advisors, digital investing has proven to be an efficient wealth management model for millions of investors across America.

Why Would a Consumer Digitally invest?

Digital investing has many advantages to the average consumer, one being ease of access. Receiving financial advice through an automated platform means that users can easily access their portfolio from their computer or smartphone at any time they wish. Consumers may also find themselves more comfortable using an automated financial advisor. Investors who are younger, who have little experience in investing, or who feel that a human advisor may not be objective with their advice, for example, may feel more confident using a digital investing service.

Investing digitally also allows consumers to obtain financial advice much faster than they would by consulting a human advisor. Since these “robo-investing” services are available 24/7, use a well-developed algorithm, and present information to users in an easily digestible format, the consumer saves time while receiving top-notch personalized financial advice.

Consumers receive a higher quality of service through digital investing: the algorithm-based platform gives users more consistent and accurate advice than a human advisor who may be prone to poor judgment, partiality, or simply human error. Digital investing ensures that the advice users receive is accurate and objective every time.

You’re in Control

One of the greatest benefits of digital investing is the user’s ability to personalize their portfolio. The consumer receives efficient and accurate advice on managing their investments while still staying fully informed and in control of their strategy. The “freshness” of the financial advice is also a major draw of going digital. Users get investment advice based on the most current market data, allowing them to receive real-time, personalized feedback. Whereas human advisors may be slower to track constantly-shifting market developments, a digital advisor streamlines this process and brings the user the most up-to-date information.

Online Digital Investing

Rosemark Advisors’ Online Digital Investing service is a convenient way to get started for those who are brand-new to digital wealth management. The service is an easy-to-use online investing program designed to support the user in achieving their financial goals.

Online Digital Investing helps the user set a goal, choose the portfolio that best matches the level of risk they’re comfortable taking, and then managing that profile for the user to help them stay on track in meeting their goal. Users can personalize their portfolio based on which investment style they prefer, and can easily log into their account to check their goal progress at any time. Online Digital Investing also ensures users build a diversified portfolio of custom-picked ETF’s, and automatically rebalances users’ investments when needed to keep them on track.

When users choose which type of personal portfolio they’d like, they have three account options: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and individual taxable accounts. With these selections, many users find the platform useful in helping them save for retirement.

Your Portfolio

Anyone who is a resident of the United States, over the age of 18, and has a valid Social Security number can get started creating their own portfolio with Online Digital Investing today.

Create your portfolio and begin digitally investing here.

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Ivan Berry

So, let’s put all those advisers and handlers out of work. Following the advice of a robot makes one think of a robot wiping one’s hiney. No thanks. Anyway. unless you are knowledgeable in the first place, you wouldn’t know good advice if it bit you where the sun don’t shine.

Lanny Cline

Why is this advertisement disguised as a stand alone information article? I trust a knowledgeable financial adviser far more than the algorithm of someone I don’t know.


What a tremendous disservice to your subscribers and members to recommend the use of robo advisors instead of the real thing. Agreed, we need more real advisors. Especially ones who know anything about investing and don’t just follow their corporate lead. But it’s an eyeball-to-eyeball kind of activity and pointing them to a robotic solution is demeaning, degrading, and certainly makes one wonder who provides you with this advice.

Ed McCloskey

Cleaver of AMAC! It has to bring in money somehow.