Insurance: Obama Saying They Have to Cover Me is a Huge Lie

from Bobbi Carroll – Had insurance thru husbands company. I am type II. No problem with the company we were with. When he left to go to another company we could not afford the cobra premium. Just for me it was $800. a month. He had to be employed for 3 mos before we could get health insrance with new company. In October 2013 we finally had health insurance again. I went for my twice a year check in with my dr and had all the routine tests done. The insurance company claims it was pre-existing and will not cover me. They have sent me a stack of paperwork stating all the reasons why they legally don’t have to cover me. Yet, they keep taking my premium. They said I have to pay them for one year then they will cover me. So Obama saying they have to cover me is a huge lie.

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Howard Wolf
6 years ago

I shall brag on myself somewhat. I knew this president was a fraud from the get-go. I never believed his smiling denials that he wasn’t a socialist. When I saw his unknowingly live mike comments to “Joe the Plumber,” I knew he was a crypt o-socialist masquerading as a traditional Democrat. There are very telling biographies of Barack Hussein Obama out there that should have been read by the American public. What a shame most people didn’t read them! Though I love and respect my fellow Americans, I must say that it was forgivable to vote for him once. To… Read more »

6 years ago

Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi should be put into an 8′ X 8′ cell and forced to live with each other until Obamacare is overturned…

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