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Indoctrinated America: How The Left Influences Education At Every Level

american indoctrination

While many Americans have discovered radical left-wing indoctrination throughout American schools, few are aware of the true extent of the issue. In fact, whether you are in a liberal area or a conservative area, there is just a select minority of schools that are spared from indoctrination efforts. 

Higher education has been largely overtaken by liberal ideologies for decades. For example, Marxist views or theories that the majority of Americans would quickly reject are tested on college campuses, where not just knowledge but also acceptance of said beliefs is often a requirement for success in coursework. But the indoctrination of America extends well beyond simply the materials at college. College itself serves as the culmination of the extensive indoctrination process. It is the point where the most extreme of all left-wing theories can be openly injected into the minds of America’s college students with minimal resistance. This is because the indoctrination of future America occurs incrementally, with radicalization efforts gradually increasing each time students move up a grade level. Under these circumstances, students are unable to properly identify indoctrination attempts because they have become numb to them due to incremental exposure, similar to how a frog is unable to notice when it is being cooked if the water is heated gradually.

High schools are a stepping stone to preparing students for college. Therefore, they also introduce some of the same liberal ideas prevalent on college campuses. Leftists have been able to infiltrate high schools by creating radical new curriculums that Democrats have allowed to be adopted at countless schools. Elements of critical race theory, the 1619 Project, Marxism, and extreme gender beliefs have all managed to make their way into American high schools via class materials, whether subliminal or obvious. These progressive teachings are deceptively provided legitimacy due to their previous adoption at higher educational institutions. This allows for the artificial presence of anti-American ideas at college campuses to be cited as the reason that anti-American ideas must be taught to high schoolers.

With colleges and high schools becoming full of left-wing principles, Americans could only hope that there would be mercy on the minds of elementary students. Sadly, that is not the case. Elementary schools around the country have been infiltrated by liberal beliefs, with children as young as five years old being introduced to gender, sexual, and racial theories. Even though they are clearly age-inappropriate, the viewpoints that originated at colleges have now made their way to the lowest levels of American education. Partners of the Marxist 1619 Project recently went as far as to brag that they have successfully distributed copies of radical materials to over 4,500 K-12 classrooms across America. Specific left-wing indoctrination efforts at elementary schools in every state can be discovered in this searchable database

While the American people need to be informed of efforts to indoctrinate America’s youth, the only way to solve the issue is through legislative action. With that being said, leftists are also aware of this fact and have gone to great lengths in Democrat-controlled areas to enact policies that support their indoctrination attempts. 

In Fairfax, Virginia, the leftist-dominated Fairfax County School Board is set to approve new changes to their Student Rights and Responsibilities guide at their next meeting on May 26th. Included in the updated version of the Fairfax SSR guidebook is the characterization of “malicious misgendering” as a “level 4 offense”. Under the new guidelines, K-12 students could be punished with suspension or expulsion for misgendering another student. It should be noted that other “level 4 offenses” are battery, assault, drug consumption, arson, and theft. 

Democrats have also adopted policies in liberal areas that allow for the implementation of critical race theory and the 1619 Project into their education curriculums. Back in October, California became the first state to require that all public high school students complete a semester of approved “ethnic studies” to graduate. California’s statewide Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum also suggests that capitalism is a “system of oppression” because it fails to promote “equity” and includes other elements of both critical race theory and Marxism. 

California is not the only liberal state facilitating the indoctrination of its children. Democrat-led Illinois adopted new “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading” standards in 2021. These standards essentially require K-12 educators to adopt a policy of uniformity in their classrooms and solely inform students about leftist perspectives and theories. Additionally, in the historically corrupt Democrat stronghold of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools district directly partnered with the 1619 Project to distribute hundreds of copies of the 1619 Project to every public high school in the CPS district. The copies were delivered in 2019 and intended to be utilized “to help reframe the institution of slavery, and how we’re still influenced by it today.”

Last year, Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed A.B. 4454 into law. The radical legislation requires instruction about gender identity and sexual orientation at public New Jersey K-12 schools. As a result, New Jersey schoolchildren in first and second grades have been exposed to age-inappropriate materials. Specifically, according to a lesson plan published by the New Jersey Department of Education, “You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts. You might feel like you’re a girl even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘boy’ parts. And you might not feel like you’re a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both.” Again, the above claims are disturbingly being taught to first and second graders as young as six years old as part of Democrat-enacted requirements in New Jersey.

In a move that seems unfathomable to most Americans, progressives have gone as far as attacking math and proclaiming that mathematical teachings are racist. K-12 schools in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, have supported policies targeting traditional mathematics. Seattle students are now being taught a math curriculum that claims “math dictates economic oppression” and that math is “used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.” Finally, the Oregon Department of Education recently distributed a course titled “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,” which informed teachers about “Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.” The course urged teachers to stop forcing students to raise their hands before speaking. According to the document, “Requiring students to rаise their hаnds before speаking cаn reinforce pаternаlism аnd powerhoаrding, in addition to breaking the process of thinking, leаrning, аnd communicаting.” 

Despite many significant issues compounding across the U.S. right now, Americans must continue to focus on education. If the next generation is allowed to be completely indoctrinated by leftist ideologies and teachings, there will be little hope for the future of the country. 

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1 month ago

I taught college courses from 1980-2014. I finally decided to quit when my college Statistics Classes Students required tutors or learning lab referrals. These were the students who were given A’s or B’s in a higher math class (e.g., Trig, Alegebra, Geometry, etc) in High School. These were the students who expected that I give them an A or B for showing up to class.

1 month ago

Wow!! Unbelievable.

1 month ago

SAVE THE U.S.A. arrest and exterminate all demonrats,libturds, commies, and nazis!!!…Its time for another civil war!!!

1 month ago

I feel your passion, but slow your roll. Try voting them out first

1 month ago

Suffice it to say…. demonRat Communists are an existential threat to America. They — and their foul, insane ideas — must be buried in order for America to survive.
When are people going to grow some righteousness and put these vermin down?

29 days ago
Reply to  Becky

All great empires have fallen due to progressive policies; read John Baggett Glubbs treatise.

William J Stringfield
1 month ago

I have been saying for years that things will not get better in this country until we take the educational system back from the liberals!

1 month ago

Data shows 98% of those liberals are registered as Democrats.

Judy K.
1 month ago

The Lord Jesus, from His written word, talked about this evil generation even back in the days He walked this earth. If children aren’t taught that we have ‘hope in ‘this life’ AND the next, they’ll grow up thinking there’s only one purpose to being born; to live their life however they see fit, and that there are no consequences for anyone’s actions; that life just happens and if you’re caught in any trouble, you’re either going to make it…or not. There is no hope outside of Jesus Christ. The kids aren’t learning this, and it’s why there’s so much chaos in this world. When God was the Master and Commander in this country, the whole world knew it. We were feared, but also respected. We’ve been on a serious downward spiral for nearly 60 years. Our children really believe they have no hope or real purpose in this life. So they turn to drugs and alcohol for solace. It’s an endless cycle. It’s up to the adults in the room to step up and tell the Greatest True Story Ever Told! Things are so bad now though, will any even want to hear it? What will our own life’s legacy be pertaining to living for Christ? How will we be remembered when ‘we go the way of the earth’, as the Prophet Joshua termed it?
Pray for the loved one’s and others we know who need to be Saved for eternity.

Judy K.
1 month ago
Reply to  Judy K.

Also pray that the Lord will provide us with those who want answers to help them learn that they can be whole and the great void in their lives filled.

1 month ago

Watched Hannity last night & was talking with Don B & Geraldo R about shooting in Texas school yesterday. Hannity proposes take retired people & have them as guards at every school — and maybe give them free state & Fed taxes for volunteering….Then on FOX news today, it turns out this elementary school had a resource officer at school & he was shot by the 18-year old. Wonder what Hannity will say when he finds this out???? Then to top all things off, today Biden announced he is going to sign an EO that will further hamper police depts………very bad timing & great idea to tie the hands of police a little bit worse.

1 month ago
Reply to  johnh

For some reason the commies in the treason party are dead set against armed school protection. I live in ohio where a program called ‘faster’ was developed to arm willing teachers and train them against these monsters. This has been implemented in areas not dominated by the treason party but has been rabidly rejected in blue areas. Go figure. A cynic might say the commies want more of this in order to eventually seize privately owned items of self defense.

1 month ago
Reply to  Morbious

Utter chaos is one of the Communist means of taking over a society.
So yes, they want more of it.

1 month ago

SAVE THE U.S.A. declare a new civil war against the leftist commies and destroy them!

Robin Boyd
1 month ago

Teachers, more so than anyone, should be moderate thinkers who can easily move a bit left or a bit right as situations require. Progressive’s only want to indoctrinate our youth into Socialist ways of thinking and the extreme Right is often, too religious. While social programs and religion are both worthwhile for society, they should not be taught in public schools. We want our schools to teach unity for American citizens based on the fact that we are all American citizens. Social and religious issues need to be discussed in social and religious venues. That way, we can all have a better opportunity to thrive from education while still able to be individuals in social and religious settings. We all need to be everyday people.

1 month ago
Reply to  Robin Boyd

More and more parents are removing their children from Public Schools so they can attend religious or other private schools or doing home schooling just to get their children away from the lack of actual learning in Public Schools. The Constitution left the education of children to the individual states and that is where it belongs. The parents and educators in the states need to demand that the Federal Government get out of the schools and that the tax monies go directly to the state. It should be clear that rich school districts should not receive more than poorer districts so that all children receive quality education. There are more Conservative States than Liberal ones so you should see a real turn back to quality education where kids are learning the basics of English, History, Science, etc. without these insane and ignorant and immoral programs. In Biology they will learn that there are only 2 sexes and what makes up the body of each. If as adults, someone wants to declare that they are gay or something else, that is fine, but our schools should have nothing to do with influencing young children or indoctrination.

1 month ago

Conservatives in the middle to upper middle income ranges have turned a blind eye to this for decades and yes this has taken the commies fifty years to complete. Old school teachers had to be retired out before far left loony birds could take their place. Ive known precious few boomers who dared to challenge their kids on any subject let alone choice of college and major. We boomers were asleep at the switch as our kids were changed into pod people. Why? Unlike our parents generation we felt entitled to fun after working hard. Another component was the ubiquity of hs sports. Between classes, homework and practicing little time was left for that relic of the fifties, family sit down dinner. While we dozed the termites were busy.

1 month ago

this began when dems and rinos took the ten commandments and the Bible out of schools and replaced them with Marxism and the ACLU. Prayer brings solutions! you should have seen 1950’s America! you’d never believe how great it was.

1 month ago
Reply to  tika

However this started long before the 50’s.

Richard C..
1 month ago

It started right after WWII and really kicked into gear somewhere around the early sixties and the Vietnam War.

1 month ago

It started in the 30’s with the immigration of a group of Bolsheviks to the US. They began with Gramsci’s work, that Saul Alensky would eventually publish as “Rules for Radicals.” Clower and Pivens made additional rules public in the 50’s. Everything that you see happening with the Socialist Party is right from the rule books!
    They began with the universities in the late 30’s, specifically the schools of law, journalism and education. The student demonstrations in the 1960’s convinced them they were successful. LBJ and his followers established the Dept. of Education and the infiltration of the secondary schools began. Clinton extended the effort to primary schools and Obama to kindergarten and pre-school. 
    The founders of America were very concerned about education. During President Jefferson’s term, the land between the Appalachians and the Rockies was surveyed to townships and sections. A section was designated in every township for the school. All but a corner was to be sold and the proceeds used to build a school. 
    Townships competed for the best teachers. Counties built Normal schools to train teaches. This system built the best (#1) school system in the world. It remained #1 in the world until the start of the Dept. of Education! We are now around 17th.
    If America is going to survive we need to eliminate the Dept. of Education. Give control of education back to the townships (now more likely school districts). We did it once, we can do it again. Make America #1.  

David Millikan
1 month ago

Why do you think they keep DUMBING DOWN AMERICA.? So they can have POWER and CONTROL over you.
The DUMBER you are the MORE they CONTROL you because they know you CAN’T THINK for yourself or ASK Questions which is exactly what they want.
WHY DO YOU THINK THEY KEEP LOWERING STANDARDS TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL. That started September 1978 when Peanut Carter CREATED the Department of DUHMACATION (education). THE VERY BEGINNING of DUMBING DOWN AMERICA. Cannot tell you how many school books LIE like DICTATOR Beijing biden.
In short, you don’t question anything they say or do but you OBEY. Just look at the ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL MASK and VACCINE MANDATES. Did DICTATOR Beijing biden and COMMUNIST harris wear theirs under their COMMUNIST MANDATES? NO. Only in front of News cameras playing politics. Just like they always do.
They talk about SLAVES and their BS when they are making YOU INTO THEIR SLAVES.
Same thing applies for Education.
So there it is. Think about it. Do your homework and see for yourself.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

That started September 1978 when Peanut Carter CREATED the Department of DUHMACATION (education).

Some clarification:

  1. DOE is actually a separation from Health, Education & Welfare (HEW), which, itself was created in 1953 from the now-defunct Federal Security Agency (1939). Point is, it has been around for a while;
  2. Peanut had started talking about separating education from Health/Welfare in late 1978 because he felt that it was too inclusive;
  3. Signed into law in late 1979;
  4. Started operating as a stand-along agency in late spring 1980

‘Education’ wasn’t originally a concern of government, but it became more and more thanks to the industrialists (Rothchilds and Rockerfellers) who wanted ‘competent’ (more like ‘compliant’) workers so they didn’t have to spend a lot of their own money to help get their wards (more like ‘slaves’) up to speed on how to make more money for their masters.

They would have had liked to keep their ‘tools’ in training pants for year-round education so that they would have been ready by sixth grade, but their parents needed them to do summer work, so that’s why ‘summer vacation’ happened. It was originally thought that the compromise would then make them ready by age 14 (eighth grade).

By the turn of the 20th Century, people’s attitudes were changing in that they didn’t want their kids working dangerous jobs (the farmers wanted them instead, I guess…) and secondary education became normal.

To truncate this, people started looking at schools as a way to get even more compliant workers, thinking workers make for problem workers… As they added more garbage to the schools, real knowledge gets shoved off to the side.

People like to dog-pile on ‘government schools’, however, I can attest that it happens in private education, the only reason why private education seems to do ‘better’ is because they can throw out ‘problems’ and jam them back into the ‘government school’ system, who can’t deny them…

I went to Catholic school because the parish priest gave my parents a subsidy to send us there. We didn’t belong there (we were considered the ‘unwashed’ among the ‘prim and proper’). The nuns tried get me out (I spoke my mind), but the parish priest denied their request – the ‘good sisters’ got me back, they told the public high school (where most students went after eighth grade) that I was dumber than a box of rocks, I went into the lowest tier of educational tracks for every subject – I basically was plugged into classes where I was bored out of my skull…but ‘special classes’ make money for them…so ‘stay stupid goddammit’!

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