In Trump Fact Check, CNN Fact-Checker Leaves Out …the Facts

CNN building jurors Manafort news reporters mediaCNN’s fact-checking unit reached out last week to The Heritage Foundation for analysis of President Donald Trump’s recent comments about the U.S. military’s munitions stockpile at the time he took office.

Bewilderingly, the fact-checker for the cable news pioneer then ignored those facts.

Some 24 hours and multiple emails after the initial request, CNN published its “fact check,” claiming Trump severely exaggerated the sad state of the munitions stockpile when he became president, and also his impact on the rebuild since.

Just one problem: CNN completely omitted the wealth of data provided by a Heritage Foundation defense analyst demonstrating exactly the opposite to be true.

This episode highlights an important question—every reporter is a fact-checker. But what’s the response when someone, especially someone with “fact-checker” in his title, just … gets the fact checks wrong?

Based on research provided to CNN, Col. John “JV” Venable, Heritage’s senior research fellow for defense programs, laid out how the U.S. military was indeed facing a munitions shortage in the waning years of the Obama administration. Venable is a retired Air Force pilot with 25 years of service.

Using publicly available data from U.S. Central Command and the secretary of the Air Force’s Financial Management website, Venable showed that the joint force dropped more than twice as many precision-guided munitions (PGMs)—think “smart bombs,” like the JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition)—in just the last three years of the Obama administration than the Air Force could purchase during the full eight years of President Barack Obama’s tenure.

While Navy numbers were not included in the analysis to CNN, Venable did note that Air Force acquisition of precision-guided munitions dwarfs that of the Navy—analysis the numbers also showed to be true.

According to a 2018 Defense Department Selective Acquisition Report, the service purchased a total of 4,485 JDAM guidance kits during the eight years of the Obama presidency. When added to the 45,198 the Air Force purchased during the same years, the joint force collectively acquired 49,963 precision munitions, while it dropped around 96,000 in just the three years preceding Trump’s inauguration.

Not only was the force dropping far more bombs than it was taking in—the delay between getting munitions from the checkout line to the flight line was also a compounding factor.

“[I]t takes 2-3 years from purchase order to delivery of these munitions,” Venable wrote to CNN, adding that, “Currently the Trump administration is rebuilding the PGM stockpile by purchasing as many munitions as current production capacity allows.”

The bottom line, he wrote, “is that the Obama administration effectively gutted the munitions stockpile.”

Trump’s leadership has reversed that trend markedly, however.

“By the end of fiscal year 2020, the Trump administration will have acquired more than four times the number of GPS-guided munitions than were acquired during the eight years of the Obama administration—years when expenditures [munitions dropped] were very high,” Venable told CNN.

At current rates for the Air Force, the total will come to more than 192,000 munitions by next October.

The evidence is overwhelming: The U.S. military was facing a dwindling precision munitions stockpile as Obama left the White House, and, all bluster aside, Trump has begun to erase it.

Unfortunately, CNN’s piece, which should have evaluated those very numbers, included none of them. Instead, the piece (“Fact check: Trump exaggerates on munitions shortage”) found Trump’s claim to be “a severe exaggeration.”

Despite having Venable’s analysis in hand, the author, Daniel Dale, wrote: “It has never been clear how dire or how unusual the perceived shortage was, since the military does not release comprehensive data about ammunition levels.”

When asked why such important details, which should have markedly changed the outcome of the fact check itself, were omitted, the fact-checker replied: “I very much do not think that JV’s data … was itself even remotely close to assess the extent of the shortage.”

To make matters worse, the piece used vague, data-less commentary from other analysts downplaying any possible munitions shortage, while omitting the numbers-based data from Venable that showed Trump’s comments may have been correct.

He also claimed the numbers irrelevant to the “military’s concern” about specific “possible contingencies.”

Yet, Venable wrote in his analysis: “Estimates for the monthly expenditure of munitions in a war with China or Russia dwarf the 5,000 PGM munitions/month the U.S. endured at the height of the GWOT [Global War on Terror].”

In other words, the shortage was even more drastic, not less, if tied to a specific conflict with Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran, because the military would need even more munitions to successfully engage in such a conflict.

What this instance illustrates is the importance of unbiased fact-checking, and a pursuit of narrative based on the facts, not the other way around.

I have worked with a wide variety of reporters for nearly a decade, and let me tell you—it’s not mere lip-service to say that the overwhelming majority, whether official “fact-checkers” or not, take their responsibility to uncover and report the truth seriously.

And, they do this despite what some at the highest levels of government today might say.

However, sometimes individuals get the story wrong. When that happens, those involved in helping tell it should correct the record, especially about a topic as vital as the strength of our military.

Indeed, downplaying this facet of the readiness crisis serves only to hurt the military most of all. If the public is not aware of the military’s needs, how can they be expected to support the actions necessary to meet those needs?

Ultimately, it is critical that those tasked with evaluating statements of fact do everything in their power to take all the evidence into account before making statements of fact of their own.

That is the right standard for all of us.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by John Cooper

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Josephine pooley

What is most infuriating about this is that average Joe watches his TV news and hears these lies and half truths portrayed as truth and believes it because the truth is not widely published! This is a big part of what’s wrong in America!


When I used to sell at costly spring shows, I had nightmares every year that I didn’t have enough inventory. So, what would a businessperson do? She’d produce MORE inventory, in case customers lined up at her (my) booth. It was ALWAYS worthwhile having more than I thought I needed.
I can’t imagine our military being short on AMMUNITION! Any amount that former Pres. Obama thought “was enough” apparently WASN’T. And I’ll bet he never lost a minute’s sleep over it. Egads…so glad THAT nightmare is over!

Stephen Russell

Cover up, or deny facts or lies, Dems always LIE


This is the reason I no longer watch ‘mainstream’ media. They all lie!


Democrats have never met a fact that wasn’t an inconvenient truth to them. When a whole party platform is based on corruption, graft, propaganda, deception, coercion, bribery, blackmail, pay to play and for personal profit activism, truth and fact are very much inconvenient.


There’s no explaining this kind of deception and dishonesty except to accept that CNN, and much of the “mainstream media” LIES. OUTRIGHT LIARS. Problem is they know that if they repeat the lie often enough out of the mouths of enough pundit puppets, the pablum eating uneducated public will swallow the lies.

Wayne D Peterkin

CNN lies. We knew that. Not only did Obama gut the munitions stockpile, we all remember the huge number of warplanes that could not fly due to lack of spare parts and warships that could not fully function for the same reason. Anyone who is smart enough to recognize that national defense must be the top priority of the federal government can see why President Trump has been forced to spend what is being spent to rebuild a military capability decimated by his predecessor. Then add that our most serious adversaries, Russia and China, are developing new weapons systems to dominate us meaning we must also. Elect any stinking Democrat and our defense will suffer again.

Phil Nolot

Why are you bewildered ? Do you think Clinton News Network, or MSDNC for that matter, would ever tell the truth concerning President Trump ? They’ve lied so much for so long they no longer know the difference .


You need to post this on Facebook


If the military munitions was so low, what I’d like to know is what was Obamas administration-military spending their money on?

Joe Gill

How can we put pressure on CNN to retract their erroneous story?


Our son was a medic in Afghanistan and when he came back I asked him if they had any shortages while he was there. He said bandages and ammunition. All this took place under the Obama administration.


FAKE NEWS!! The President nailed it!!


FAKE NEWS!! Our dear President Trump called it out for what it was during his campaign and beyond. And it still is FAKE NEWS!!


When the news comes on, we watch Magnum PI reruns. More truth there LOL


Communist News Network has never been about the truth or facts, only supporting the rabid left’s liberal agenda.

Rick J.

Truth and CNN just don’t mix.




FAKE NEWS!! President Trump nailed it. It’s FAKE NEWS!!


You need to post this info on fb. Face book pist a lot of info that is just totally wrong …