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In The Wake of Scandal, Polls Show the Majority Of Americans Want To Shut Down the IRS

dan-weber‘We need to put the kibosh on plans to put the agency in charge of managing and enforcing Obamacare’ – 

BOHEMIA, NY, June 14 – “The anger over the IRS scandal has reached a boiling point.  In no uncertain terms, the majority of us are so riled that we want the agency abolished,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

He cited several polls, including a massive survey conducted by AMAC among members and visitors to its Web site [], showing the great not-so-silent majority have had enough.  The association’s study attracted 6,000 respondents, 75% of whom voted to get rid of the agency after replacing it with a flat tax or fair tax.  Another 22% opted to abolish the IRS immediately.

Meanwhile, a new Gallup poll showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans think the high-ranking officials at the Internal Revenue Service knew all along that the agency had been targeting conservatives.  It also revealed that half of their 1,529 respondents think the unlawful targeting scandal goes up even higher and included high-ranking administration officials.

“Perhaps we can’t completely eliminate the IRS, but we sure as heck can get rid of the people inside the agency who targeted certain groups. We can also get rid of the special loopholes and insider influenced exemptions that give rise to this kind of corruption.  And, most certainly, we need to make sure to put the kibosh on the administration’s plan to put the agency in charge of managing and enforcing the provisions of Obamacare,” Weber said.

Texas Senator Tom Cruz put the finger on the IRS when he called for it to be shut down.  Cruz made headlines when he said: “We need to abolish the IRS and make the tax code fairer, flatter, and simple enough that taxes fit on a postcard.”  He was reacting to what he called “a manifestation of too much power in the federal government” as exemplified by its attempts to stymie the efforts of conservative groups.

Weber said “the polling results reflect the fact that the American people are just as outraged as Senator Cruz at the expose and want him and his colleagues on the Hill to do something about it.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Victor Torres

Elimination of the IRS and bringing to justice all these people responsible for the scandals would help revive this nation and restore confidence in its government. All the scandals coming out of Washington DC havecaused me not to trust this government with anything.

Kevin Seitz

First, abolish the IRS. Second, round up all of it’s employees. Third, take those IRS employees and send them to Guantanamo bay and lock them up with the other terrorists. Fourth, take Osama bin Obama and lock him up in Guantanamo bay with his fellow muslim terrorists.
That would be a good starting point…

Mrs Shelby J Stogner

I think if we do not get Omba out now we are heading for some big truble. He need to be gotting out of the white house be fore it is to late.and i mean now he is no good I cant for the life of me he is still fooling some of the people and they still want him in office I cant understand that.But there day will come come to.

Patricia C. Powell

The IRS needs to be abolished!Their latest antics and scandal(s) are a good indicator of what is really going on at the federal levels. Please tell me they will not be put in charge of “OBAMACARE” – VERY SCARY!!! AMAC needs to move and move now in that regard.
When will AMAC really tackle the issues surrounding Medicare and our need for good supplemental health insurance. I am most disappointed with AMAC’s lack of a good health care plan for seniors. Our move from AARP was with the hope of better opportunities. So far, no GO! Obamacare lurks around the corner and exactly what is AMAC doing about senior health care needs at affordable and doable rates.

Earle Smith

I originally joined AARP for a 10-year membershipwhen I was first eligible (50/52?). By the end of the 10-years I had become disillusioned with them due to their strong liberal poitics as well as what I felt was a bigger focus on revenue than the best interests of Seniors. I just joined AMAC for a 5-year membership, but I have to say I am disappointed in what I have found outside the political arena. Medicare is our most important concern, and, other than basic education, you provide almost no membership Medicare benefit. Frankly, I just don’t understand why you don’t at least have some key provider recommendations. Maybe you’re in the process of negotiating something… SPEED IT UP! Politics are a reason to choose one organization over another, but the services and benefits are foremost. As a member, I thought there might be a log-in for additional benefits, information, etc.… Read more »

Lynn Mohr

This is a different idea altogether, but here goes anyway. This country is in BIG trouble, and it all starts at the top! Obama is not the man he thought he was, i.e. he does not walk on water! He is just a man, who lies connives and lies some more. When his mistakes come to light, someone else did (or didn’t) do what ever it is that happened! You all know his bigger than life screw up’s, but I will list a few of the bigger ones. To my mind the biggest one happened when he was sworn in the first time. He raised his right hand and swore to GOD to uphold and protect the Constitution of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, so help me GOD. This man is a Muslim, and he has the right to be of any religion he wishes. This is America, after all.… Read more »

Wendell Keith

To Ed Kemena: The only thing you got right was about the Fed. As far as that goes get a book written in 1977, by Lloyd Darland, entitled, The Emperor’s Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars. It shows how the Fed was created and why and also explained the taxes and inflation. Don’t read it if you don’t want to get mad at what government allowed to get started in 1913, and it included lawmakers as well as the top executives of the biggest banks and corporations that were in on the deal. And Ed, the Jews aren’t going to mess with us. We are protecting them. Stow the hatred and get a life.

Danette Hennigar

Is it all possible to ask our representative government to ‘pilot run’ the Fair Tax in volunteer states to see what the outcomes might be? Just a thought….

Danette Hennigar

One reason that I am fully supporting the Fair Tax is that ‘cheaters’ in the current system will not be able to ‘cheat’ the system anymore. It doesn’t get more FAIR than that!

ed kemena

the federal reserve is an illegal organization , that is owned by elite families , such as the rockefellers ,rothschilds , goldman sachs , warburgs , etc. – it is the cause of the demise of our republic ,and the only person to bring this fact out publically , was cong. ron paul , who won the iowa debates , that were blocked out by the R.N.C. and the controlled media , that are owned by zionist jews ,that hate real christians , and worship saten , through their holy book , the talmud .

Malcolm Daigle

These criminal Democrats steal voting machines at election time to print fake ballots, they use the IRS to target people they don’t like, they take the 5th Amendment to hide information that should be public information, they steal our tax money to give to their friends, they commit crime after crime after crime, and never go to jail? If you are a Conservative and give money to Conservative organizations, you are playing with fire. These Chicago criminals are not going anywhere. They have all the anti-white racists on their team. That’s the key to this whole criminal scenario; its not only anti-conservative, it’s anti-white. If you are white, the Boogeyman from the IRS has you on their list.

Van Hamlin

From the volume of responses, it is easy top see we all dislike the IRS. Taxes are basically an add-on to the Constitution, so the entire mechanism isn’t perfect and needs updating. Realistically, some form of the IRS will be with us, no matter what system we use. Those who wish to avoid tax like our current system or prefer the fair tax, which is pretty much a national sales tax. Those who actually have a sense of fairness and desire for everyone to pay the same rate of taxes like a flat tax system. This system make everyone pay the same percentage of their income in taxes and eliminates any means of reducing the gross income these taxes are calculated on, such as Capital gains and “standard deductions.” One plan shifts the tax burden to the consumer while the other shifts the burden to those who earn the most… Read more »


One of the reasons this will go nowhere is the sad fact that just as many republians as democrats are filthy, lying thieves. With a fair or flat tax, these people would not be able to steal from us the way they do. We’ve been beating this dead horse for a half-century now and nothing has been done. Our country is far too divided between the nuts on the left and the nuts on the right to fix any of our problems. The people in the middle, who would be willing to work together and cooperate and compromise, are far too silent on everything. The radicals on both sides have joined forces (so to speak) with the extremists on both sides. Ergo, we accomplish nothing year after year and election after election. Sadly, I have noticed a move towards extreme measure in our party and among conservatives over the past… Read more »

John E Coleman

My Dear fellow Citizens ,

You ? >>> I mean YOU ALL , can Piss & Moan all you want !

It is time to stop being Pissed on and DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE FLOW !

WHAT IF ?? IT were 1776 ? Any Idea’s ??????????????????????

E. Gerald Courtney 5585 TRAILWINDS DR 315 FORT MYERS FL 33907

Jerry comments: There is more than enough talk about so many things that are taking place within our corrupt government. All of whcih are on target. Maybe it is finally a sign of action? But, what we need and must have is a leader! We NEED DO-ERS! Who and where is such a person? Where is that one who will inspire us sheep of the pasture to FOLLOW? For entirely too long we have allowed a body known as the IRS to wield the long arm of the law — THIS MUST STOP! IF THOSE OF US WHO ARE OPPOSED TO WHAT GOES ON IN THIS DEMOCRAT HIERARCHY are serious, we MUST be willing to stand behind words! As a Navy Veteran of WWll, (age 90) I want to live long enough to seen a peaceful uprising to restore AMERICA to the greatest country it has always been. In my… Read more »

Mike Bailey

I have contacted my representatives with a request as follows;

Dear Senator or Representative,

Please sponsor legislation to eliminate the IRS. We do not need this part of government to pay our taxes. We need a fair tax collected at point of sale of all goods. This would eliminate all exemptions and government kickbacks to big business. We need to government to get out of our business and work on things that help our citizens, rather than punish or control them. Life is too short to deal with this every year.

Thanks for your consideration of this request.

The only thing that will force congress to act is direct public pressure. They will do anything if they think it will result in votes. Let them know what you want or shut-up and sit down.

kris littlefield

All the tax programs are just a way for the government to part us from our money, Medicare, Social Security, Obama care, Obama care has nothing to do with making insurance accessible or affordable for everyone, because people and business’s are opting out already, ready to pay the tax penalty instead. We need to stop it…..


Isn’t there a process of referendum by the people that forces an election on a particular issue, such as if the people demanded an election to settle the matter of how we choose to fund government. It would have to be done in every state and coordinated by someone.


I sent this to my Senators and Congressman three weeks ago. I am glad to find that it may be gaining traction, but I will not hold my breath. Too many cowards in the Senate and Congress.

“In the midst of the unfolding scandal rocking the IRS, let us seize the opportunity to abolish the IRS and replace it with a National Sales, Fair, or Flat Tax. Dismantling the IRS would remove the temptation to wield it as a tool of intimidation, by whichever party is in power, against whomever they perceive as a threat.

Another benefit of getting rid of the IRS would be the immediate reduction in the Federal workforce. The savings could be applied to the National debt.

This opportunity to radically overhaul our tax system must not be squandered.”

C. J. Waters

I do not understand why so many people refuse to look at the facts, and think a bit. When the income tax was first passed it was a “Flat Tax”. Look at what it has become. We are losing what is left of our freedom because of this scourge. We need the Fair Tax. I want drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, welfare queens, and illegal aliens to help pay our nation’s expenses. If we get the Flat Tax, those people will go right on failing to file the tax returns just like they do now. If we had the Fair Tax, every time anyone in the country went walking out of Walmart or whatever store they shop at, they would see right there on the receipt how much they paid in federal taxes. When people see that, week after week, more and more of them will say, “We need a smaller… Read more »