In China, Top U.S. Communist Gushes About “New World Order”

China Chinese spies currency communistAmerican communists have officially dropped the mask, openly joining forces with the most murderous regime in human history while celebrating the barbaric dictatorship´s engineered ascendance to global leadership and eventually domination. In what may be one of the most stunning public revelations by the Communist Party of its totalitarian agenda, the top U.S. communist even celebrated the emergence of a “New World Order” being ushered in by that mass-murdering regime — an autocracy so barbarous that it is right now facing global condemnation for murdering prisoners of conscience and harvesting their body organs on an industrial scale, among other savagery. Meanwhile, the same Communist Party USA (CPUSA) leader describes President Donald Trump as a dangerous authoritarian. Meet CPUSA boss John Bachtell.

In late May and early June, Bachtell and other communist leaders from America and around the world traveled to China at the invitation of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The ostensible reason for the trip was to attend a conference celebrating the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx´s birth in Shenzhen. “Marxism is the world´s most influential body of thought,” Bachtell said in a speech at the summit, apparently unfamiliar with the teaching of Jesus Christ. But from Bachtell´s own writings about the trip, it is clear that the visit was more than just a celebration of a twisted “dead white guy” whose supposed “ideology” produced, among other horrors, the murder of well over 100 million people by their own governments just in the last century — and the enslavement of billions more.

His ramblings at the summit and his sanitized “impressions,” published by Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece People´s World, reveal a deep longing for totalitarianism and a profound hatred of Americans who reject tyranny. Combined with Bachtell´s previous boasting of how his party, long a tentacle of the mass-murdering Soviet Union, uses the Democrat Party to advance its objectives in America, Bachtell´s activities and comments should be cause for alarm. His praise for Beijing and its ongoing, brutal enslavement of 1.4 billion people gives some important insight into the international communist conspiracy, its objectives, and its tactics. And his whitewashing of the barbaric crimes perpetrated by what he describes as China´s “democracy” — mass murder, forced abortions, total censorship, organ harvesting from political and religious prisoners, and more — offers important insight, as well.

Even more alarming than Bachtell´s grotesque glorification of one of the most evil governments in human history is his celebration of its ascendance to play a lead role in the New World Order. “The peaceful rise of China and the decline of U.S. imperialism, the emergence of a multi-polar world, deepening and expanding globalization of production and multilateral trade pacts, and the mass communications and technological revolutions are shaping the emergence of a new global dynamic,” the national chair of the CPUSA gushes in his first public article about his experiences in China. “The world is entering a ´new era´ of global relations driven by China´s peaceful ascendance and the decline of U.S. and Western imperialism. It will affect everything from global economic relations to global politics and the dynamics among communist and workers´ parties.”

Bachtell also parrots Beijing´s talking points about how the regime is working to “build a more just and reasonable new world order.” Part of this New World Order, as The New American has been documenting for many years, involves, as the CPUSA boss put it, “reforming global governance systems established during in the post-WWII era such as the UN Security Council, the IMF, and World Bank.” “It is based on the idea no country can solve problems of development, climate change, peace, poverty, disease, resource allocation, etc. on their own,” Bachtell wrote, using precisely the same rhetoric that globalists from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the shadowy Bilderberg meetings employ to market the destruction of liberty and self-government.

In addition to the quiet takeover of existing “global governance” architecture created by establishment globalists in Washington D.C., London, Paris, and other key capitals, the American communist highlighted another trend that has been documented by this magazine for years: the Chinese regime´s creation of parallel global-governance schemes. Among those specifically touted in Bachtell´s piece are the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as well as the global governance-supporting “BRICS” bringing together the mostly communist and socialist governments ruling Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Also referenced is the World Bank-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which will help finance the United Nations-backed “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) scheme to export Chinese tyranny across Eurasia and beyond under the guise of “trade.”

The praise for China´s communist rulers, even while legislatures and governments worldwide arebusy condemning the regime´s forced organ-harvesting barbarism, would shock the conscience of anyone who knows anything about the regime´s brutal oppression. “China has leapt from an underdeveloped economy to a largely modern one almost overnight,” Bachtell claimed, without noting the tremendous assistance the regime received from billionaire globalists in the United States and other free nations. “A recent Ipsos survey revealed 90 percent of Chinese were satisfied with their country´s path, while only 37 percent of Americans and 11 percent of French said the same.” Bachtell also claimed the regime had brought about a standard of living where “everyone” can enjoy what was ludicrously described as a “moderately prosperous life.”

And things are only going to get better, Bachtell argued. By 2050, the central planners in Beijing aim to achieve “fully modern, democratic, sustainable socialism,” he crowed, without defining the terms. (In a recent screed attacking President Trump as authoritarian, Bachtell called for a “democratic, sustainable socialist society” for America, too.) “The party says China will eliminate poverty entirely in the next 3-5 years,” he continued. “Most remaining extreme poverty is in rural and remote areas, and many of these communities will be relocated.” Of course, he never mentioned that those “rural” communities are being relocated into Orwellian, totally controlled mega-cities at gun point. “The standard of living is also being raised,” Bachtell continued, while acknowledging that wages are “still low by U.S. standards.”

Even more shocking than the praise for totalitarians who have slaughtered more people than any group of butchers in human history was Bachtell´s whitewashing of Communist Chinese crimes. Not once did the propaganda piece mention the estimated 60 million to 100 million people murdered by the regime, a figure that does not even include the countless millions of unborn babies executed in forced abortions by communist population-control authorities as part of its one-child (now two-child) policy. And instead of highlighting the brutal persecution of Bible-believing Christians, Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, and other religious and cultural minorities in China, Bachtell — perhaps forgetting that outside of China people have free access to information at the click of a mouse — claimed the regime sees “respect for cultural traditions” as a “priority.” Obviously, there was no mention of the cultural genocide taking place in Tibet this moment, or Mao´s destruction of traditional Chinese culture.

The U.S. Communist leader, whose party was for decades a front for the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving the Soviet Union, only outlines very minor concerns with China, presumably included only for strategic purposes anyway. For instance, even though he celebrates the fact that four in five women are slaving away in the workforce away from their children, Bachtell complains that “vestiges” of the “patriarchy” (and traditional family by extension) still exist in China. He also throws in the obligatory but minor criticism of China´s “billionaire class,” without pointing out the fact that virtually all of the billionaires there are rich only by virtue of their relationship with the mass-murdering Communist Party.

As if to illustrate how out of touch Bachtell and his comrades are, he wrote that these “imperfections in Chinese democracy” are freely admitted by the Party, as if the problems with communist tyranny — mass murder, censorship, total deprivation of liberty — were just minor hiccups on the road to utopia. “Its system of participatory and consultative democracy is unique,” Bachtell claimed without a trace of irony. “To summarize, China remains an evolving new democracy.”

Compare all that to Bachtell´s comments on Trump in his May 28 speech in China. “The danger of authoritarianism and fascism has grown in the U.S. and Europe,” he told his fellow communists, many of whom have helped slaughter and oppress millions. “Trump and the so-called ´alt-right,´ or fascists, linked to him pose an unprecedented threat to democracy, peace, and the environment.” So Trump is an unprecedented threat to democracy, and China is a democracy — get it? Good. In another moment of incredible irony, Bachtell, whose party was a puppet of Moscow, while speaking in China, claimed Trump´s presidency was under a “cloud of illegitimacy” amid “evidence of collusion with foreign entities in the 2016 elections.” Seriously.

Earlier this year, Bachtell was also dishonestly demonizing the American president as a tyrant. Among other comments, Bachtell blasted Trump as a “pathological liar” who “distracts, disguises, and divides with lies, hate, and fear.” Condemning the president´s “white supremacist and fascist allies,” the U.S. communist chief said Trump´s “criminal and treasonous acts” threaten to “send Trump, his family, and confederates to prison — where they belong.” A failure of Special Counsel Robert Mueller´s discredited “investigation” into Trump would supposedly take America “another step toward authoritarian rule.”

Apparently, then, in the view of Bachtell and his confederates, massacring innocents by the millions and crushing all individual rights is an example of a “new evolving democracy” with some “imperfections.” Such a “democracy” should even help lead the world, supposedly because poor Chinese slaves impoverished by communism are now slightly less poor due to their own efforts. Meanwhile trying to put one´s nation first and drain the swamp is authoritarian, fascistic, treasonous, and so serious that it should land President Trump and his family in prison. Not mentioned in Bachtell´s speech is the fact that imprisoning, torturing, and slaughtering dissidents is a hallmark of communist regimes everywhere — something that happens with impunity in China to this day.

Ironically, despite his false insinuations in his anti-Trump screed, in his report from China, Bachtell acknowledges what his comrades already know: “Trump has targeted China and Russia as strategic rivals.” Not only is Trump not cozy with Putin, he is doing right by America in recognizing the threat still posed by Moscow and Beijing. To counter Trump, who is countering Moscow and Beijing, Bachtell throws out that racist trope that “people of color” will unite with his totalitarian movement simply due to the color of their skin. “We´ll counter with the unity of our multi-racial working class, people of color, women, youth, immigrants, the LGBTQ and disabled communities, social and environmental justice and peace organizations, cultural performers, professional athletes — all in alliance with the Democratic Party and other independent electoral formations,” he wrote. There was no mention of countering the mass-murdering Chinese regime and its global totalitarian ambitions.

Despite being so obviously detached from reality, Bachtell´s impressions after his China trip do reveal some key tactics in the communist war on liberty, morality, self-government, and Western Christian civilization. At the top of the list: the man-made global-warming hoax. In the piece, Bachtell boasts that China is “becoming a global leader in the fight against the climate crisis.” Almost incredibly, though, he goes on to note later on that China produces more CO2 — in reality a beneficial gas exhaled by humans and required for plants — than any country in the world. Cognitive dissonance aside, the reason Bachtell and other authoritarians promote the debunked climate-change theory is because demonizing CO2, produced by literally every human activity, provides a pretext to control every human activity.

During his speech at the CPC´s Marx celebrations, Bachtell echoed his belief that the trumped up “climate crisis” would help bring about the global tyranny he seeks. “Only socialism can ultimately restore a harmonious relationship between society and nature and between humans and their labor. And the remarkable experience in China shows a socialist-oriented system makes the transition to sustainability on a massive scale possible,” he said. “Curbing the climate crisis requires global working class solidarity and cooperation of nations regardless of their economic and social system. Countries must learn to share natural resources, redistribute wealth, and re-order their budget priorities to facilitate a transition to sustainability and adaptation.” Interestingly, the list of demands reads like the UN “Agenda 2030,” described by UN officials as a “master plan for humanity” that Beijing boasted of playing a “crucial role” in creating. Sustainability, in short, appears to be a term to camouflage communist goals.

The Communist Chinese regime´s propaganda organs approvingly quoted Bachtell blaming “capitalism” for all the world´s crises, including “ecological and climate catastrophes.” And only a planetary dictatorship run can save humanity and the environment, he suggested. “Only socialism can create harmony between man and nature,” Bachtell was quoted as saying in an interview by the regime-controlled China Global Television Network in a report on the conference celebrating Marx. “This is the way to humanity´s shared future.” Apparently Bachtell has never compared and contrasted the environment in freer countries such as Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, or the United States with the horrifying environmental catastrophes plaguing North Korea, the Soviet Union, and China.

While shedding insight on the CPUSA´s agenda and affinity for tyranny, and its strategy, Bachtell´s impressions also help debunk a dangerous myth that has been propagated even by many naive conservatives — the idea that China has become “capitalist” and embraced “free-market principles.” In reality, it has only sought to harness market forces (total central planning never works) to enrich and empower itself while stealing the research and development of Western corporations. “The [Chinese] economy is roughly 60 percent controlled by publicly-owned enterprises and publicly-controlled enterprises with minority private investment,” Bachtell explained. “The government also directs short and long-term strategic social investment. The state asserts absolute control over armaments, power generation and distribution, oil and petrochemicals, telecommunications, coal, and the aviation and shipping industries.”

Bachtell essentially seeks to create the impression that even though Communist China is still communist, it has managed to create wealth — something no communist regime has ever succeeded in doing amid failed central planning, mass starvation, shortages, and horror. What Bachtell fails to tell his readers, though, is that despite China´s communism, many of the world´s leading “capitalists” and “imperialists” have been supporting and celebrating the rise of Communist China since at least the end of World War II. In fact, U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense George Marshall and other subversive globalists in the upper echelons of the U.S. government betrayed staunch American ally Chiang Kai Shek and directly helped the communists enslave China.

Ironically, like Bachtell the communist, more than a few of America´s most infamous “super-capitalists” who have aided and abetted the rise of Communist China have also showered dishonest praise on the regime. Writing in the New York Times in 1973 after a trip to China, for example, establishment billionaire David Rockefeller, a mega-banker and oil heir, celebrated Chairman Mao´s savagery as an example for the world. “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao´s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history,” wrote Rockefeller, who played a leading role in key Deep State institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg. More recently, billionaire globalist and self-styled “god” George Soros, who said on national TV that he felt no guilt for helping Nazis steal Jewish property as a child, called on Beijing to “own” what he touted as the “New World Order.”

Bachtell´s ties to China are deeper than giving a speech at a CPC conference honoring Marx. Earlier this year, in an interview with Communist Chinese propaganda organ and espionage service Xinhua, Bechtell boasted that the CPUSA and the Communist Party of China have forged “fraternal” ties. “And we try to find time to get together and to have bilateral meetings,” he said, adding that a “a higher and closer relationship” was being pursued. “I think China is going forward to influence more and more every aspect of life, not just because of its sheer size and influence in the global economic system, but also because of its focus on uplifting working people and eliminating poverty and providing a basic material standard of living to every person…. I´m sure that there will be plenty of opportunities in the future for us to work together.”

And unfortunately, despite being widely perceived as a fringe and toxic movement, the CPUSA retains tremendous influence. The similarities in rhetoric coming from Bachtell and the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party, for instance, are more than coincidental. In fact, as this magazine reported in 2015, Bachtell boasted that his Marxist-Leninist organization “utilizes” the Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in the United States. Writing in CPUSA mouthpiece People´s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a “radical third party” would become a viable option. However, for now, he argued, fending off what he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of Obama, whom Bachtell and American communists openly backed in both elections — requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a “vehicle.”

After writing that column, in an interview with Gawker, Bachtell boasted of working to get “progressive Democrats” elected at “every level, whether it be city council, state rep, Senate, Presidential.” He also boasted of being “really active in both Obama campaigns.” “Actually I was his precinct captain for his Senate campaign in Illinois,” he said, without noting that Obama´s political career began in the home of a communist terrorist leader funded by the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving Cuba. As this magazine and others have documented, there are multiple communists and socialists within the top levels of the Democratic National Committee. And as researcher Trevor Loudon has shown in his incredibly important book and documentary The Enemies Withineven the U.S. Congress is brimming with known communist agents.

Far from being merely an issue of policy disagreements, the reality is that the international communist movement and its backers seek to enslave humanity and murder resistors. The FBI operative who infiltrated the communist Weather Underground, whose leader helped launch Obama´s political career, said communist bosses in the United States, working with foreign communist regimes, planned to exterminate 25 millions of American counter-revolutionaries who could not be “re-educated.” As such, the associations between the CPUSA and the mass-murdering regime in China ought to be closely monitored. After all, top Chinese generals have openly said they would nuke hundreds of American cities if the U.S. government defended its allies in a confrontation with Beijing. The regime also has countless spies deployed across the United States and the Western world stealing military and economic secrets while terrorizing dissidents and spreading its evil “ideology” among the gullible and naive.

And with billionaires such as extremist George Soros openly calling for Beijing to “own” what he calls the “New World Order” — even while claiming that China has a “better run government” than the United States — it is clear that the problem runs very deep. The entire U.S. government must do all it can to protect American security and liberty from all enemies — both foreign and domestic. Anything less is a violation of the solemn oath to the Constitution sworn by all public officials. With Bachtell openly bragging about his ties to the Chinese regime and boasting of how he uses the Democrat Party to advance the communist agenda, perhaps it is time for a real investigation intoreal collusion with hostile foreign powers.

From - The New American - by Alex Newman

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Brian B
4 years ago

President Trump is the greatest threat to Communist China’s Masterplan in a generation. He has recognized the truth that Communist China is not a trading partner that benefits America, but rather a subversive leach on Capitalism. This fact is not lost on the mainstream media which has become the propaganda machine for the communist-controlled Democratic Party. Communist China might have collapsed under its own failures long ago had not American politicians and business leaders opened its markets to free trade with America. Without realizing it, Americans have propped up this corrupt social experiment. And with several generations of indoctrination, Americans, like stupid cattle, are ignorant of the fact that the wolf is at the door. It’s time to turn off all trade with Communist China and watch this evil system of governance collapse under its own inherent failures.

4 years ago
Reply to  Brian B

Democrat Party has been hijacked by the Communist Party

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